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Herb Alpert

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic


SIDE A Diamonds (Cool Summer Mix) (6:16)
SIDE B1 Diamonds (Dance Mix) (6:45)
SIDE B2 Rocket To The Moon (3:52)


Cat No: USAF 605
Released: 1987


Bocca Juniors

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Balearic


A Raise

DJ History

Cat No: DJH002-7
Released: 2009


A Man Called Adam

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Barefoot In The Head

A Barefoot In The Head (4:05)
B So Good, So Right (Remix) (5:00)

Big Life

Cat No: BLR 28
Released: 1990



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Feel It (The Remixes)

A1 Feel It (I Remix) (6:19)
Remix - Flying Posse, The
A2 Feel It (Paradise Garage Version) (6:33)
Remix - Mr. Marvin
B1 Feel It (Minimal Remix) (7:08)
Remix - Funk Master Sweat
B2 Feel It (K.M.A.P.H. Mix) (6:05)
Featuring - Carlotta Remix - Dave Lee , Mixmaster Mac.

Flying International

Cat No: FIN 014 R


Cry Sisco!

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Afro Dizzi Act

A1 Afro Dizzi Act (6:05)
AA1 Afro Dizzi Act (Kool Kaz Bah Mix) (6:02)
AA2 Ki Ton Ko (4:05)

Escape Records

Cat No: AWOLT1
Released: 1988


Electribe 101

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Talking With Myself

This Side Talking With Myself (Frankie Knuckles Mix) (7:50)
That Side Talking With Myself (7:00)


Cat No: MERX 316
Released: 1990


Simple Minds

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Promised You A Miracle

A Promised You A Miracle (4:49)
B1 Theme For Great Cities (5:50)
B2 Seeing Out The Angel (Instrumental) (6:32)


Cat No: VS 488-12
Released: 1982



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Balearica 17

A1 Voyage I Love You Dancer
A2 Vasco Rossi Una Splendida Giornata (Instrumental)
B1 Fonda Rae Heobah (Instrumental)
B2 Michael Cretu Flying To Heaven


Balearica Records

Cat No: BLC017
Released: 2014


Cola Boy

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

7 Ways To Love

A 7 Ways To Love (Straight To The Cola Boy Head) (5:08)
B1 7 Ways To Love (I Pour The Cola) (5:32)
B2 7 Ways To Love (Original Mix) (5:57)


Cat No: 614 526
Released: 1991


Phil Collins

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

In The Air Tonight (88' Remix) And (Extended Version)

A In The Air Tonight (Extended Version)
B1 In The Air Tonight ('88 Remix)
B2 I Missed Again


Cat No: VST 102
Released: 1988
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Balearic

The Sunset Sessions Vol #3 Part 1

A1 The Swan & The Lake Soft Brainfreeze
A2 Daniel Savio & Reino Nordin & DJ Herkules Wee Hours
A3 Mathieu Boogaerts Avant Que Je M'Ennuie
B1 Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi Dangerous
B2 Bell-Towers Love Chain Reaction (PSB Tribute)
C1 HSB (3) Welcome To The Beach
C2 Bongo Ent. Foto Feita Do Avia~O
C3 Horsebeach June
D1 Andras Fox & Oscar Key Sung Looking Back
D2 Gaussian Curve Impossible Island

Music For Dreams

Cat No: ZZZV15029
Released: 2015
Out Of Stock

Sydney Youngblood

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

If Only I Could

A If Only I Could (Extended Version) (6:30)
B1 If Only I Could (Pacha Garden Mix) (6:35)
B2 If Only I Could (Instrumental) (5:10)


Cat No: YRT 34
Released: 1989


A Man Called Adam

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

Barefoot In The Head

A Barefoot In The Head (8:30)
B1 Barefoot In The Head (Instrumental) (6:32)
B2 Barefoot In The Head (Radio Edit) (4:47)

Big Life

Cat No: BLR 28T
Released: 1990
Out Of Stock

Bruce Hornsby And The Range

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic

The Way It Is

A The Way It Is (4:55)
B1 The Red Plains (4:59)
B2 The Wild Frontier (4:01)


Cat No: PT 49806
Released: 1986
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Balearic


A Jibaro (English Version)
B1 Jibaro (Spanish Version)
B2 The Future (Edition 2)


Cat No: FFRX 9
Released: 1988


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Information on the Balearic genre

Balearic Beat or Balearic House is an eclectic blend of DJ'd dance music that originally emerged in the mid-1980s. It later became the name of a more specific style of electronic dance music that was popular into the mid-1990s. Balearic Beat was named for its popularity among European nightclub and beach rave patrons on the Balearic island of Ibiza (Spain), a popular tourist destination. Some dance music compilations referred to it as "the sound of Ibiza," even though many other, more aggressive and upbeat forms of dance music could be heard on the island.


UK disc jockeys Trevor Fung, Paul Oakenfold, and Danny Rampling are commonly credited with having "discovered" Balearic Beat in 1987 while on holiday in Ibiza. Reportedly, they were introduced to the music at Amnesia, an Ibizan nightclub, by DJ Alfredo from Argentina, who had a residency there. DJ Alfredo, whose birth name is Alfredo Fiorito, played an eclectic mix of dance music whose style encompassed the indie hypno grooves of the Woodentops, the mystic rock of the Waterboys, early house, Europop, and oddities from the likes of Peter Gabriel and Chris Rea. After visiting other clubs on the island where similar music was being played, including Pacha and Ku, Oakenfold and his friend Trevor Fung returned to London, where they unsuccessfully tried to establish a nightclub called the Funhouse in the Balearic style. Returning to Ibiza during the summer of 1987, Oakenfold rented a villa where he hosted a number of his DJ friends, including Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker, and Nicky Holloway. Returning to London after the summer, Oakenfold reintroduced the Balearic style at a South London nightspot called the Project Club. The club initially attracted those who had visited Ibiza and who were familiar with the Balearic concept. Fueled by their use of Ecstasy and an emerging fashion style based on baggy clothes and bright colors, these Ibiza veterans were responsible for propagating the Balearic subculture within the evolving UK rave scene. In 1988, Oakenfold established a second outlet for Balearic Beat, a Monday night event called Spectrum, which is credited with exposing the Balearic concept to a wider audience. It was 1988 when Balearic Beat was first noticed in the U.S., according to Dance Music Report magazine.