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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Digital FX 316

A Digital (Original Mix)
B Digital (Armand Van Helden's Speed Garage Mix)
Remix - Armand Van Helden


Cat No: FX 316, 570 005-1
Released: 1997


Deep Blue

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Helicopter (Remix 1)

X The Helicopter Tune (Rufige Kru Remix)
Y Fantasy #2 (JMJ & Richie Remix)

Moving Shadow

Cat No: SHADOW 41R1
Released: 1994


Unknown Artist

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Private & Confidential

A Untitled
AA1 Untitled
AA2 Untitled

Not On Label

Cat No: ONE



Format: CD Album
Genre: Drum & Bass

Hold Your Colour

1 Prelude (0:53)
2 Slam (5:45)
3 Plasticworld (6:22)
4 Fasten Your Seatbelt (6:38)
5 Through The Loop (6:14)
6 Sounds Of Life (5:21)
7 Girl In The Fire (4:54)
8 Tarantula (5:31)
9 Out Here (6:07)
10 Hold Your Colour (5:29)
11 The Terminal (5:42)
12 Streamline (5:24)
13 Another Planet (7:38)
14 Still Grey (7:52)

Breakbeat Kaos

Cat No: bbk002cd
Released: 2005
Out Of Stock

Sneaker Pimps

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Tesko Suicide

A1 Tesko Suicide (Hunch Mix)
Mixed By - Chris Tate , Line Of Flight
A2 Tesko Suicide (Line Of Flight Mix)
Producer, Remix - Line Of Flight
B Tesko Suicide (AquaSky Mix)
Producer - Line Of Flight Remix - Aquasky

Clean Up Records

Cat No: CUP017
Released: 1996



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Venom / Flite Control

A Venom
B Flite Control

Mix & Blen'

Cat No: MNB 004
Released: 1997


Blame & Artemis

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Revival / Silver Dawn

A Blame Revival
AA Artemis Silver Dawn


Cat No: EARTH12002
Released: 2000


Origin Unknown

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Valley Of The Shadows / Truly One (The Original Mixes)

A Valley Of The Shadows (4:29)
AA Truly One (6:09)

RAM Records

Cat No: RAMM 16R
Released: 1998


DJ Zinc

Format: CD Album
Genre: Drum & Bass

Beats By Design EP

1 Contact Lost (6:33)
2 Toothbrush (Remix) (4:24)
3 Disappear (5:18)
4 Process (3:22)
5 Local Motion (5:16)
6 Pink Panther (Remix) (2:46)
7 Time Is Running Out (Danny Breaks 'Time Ran Out' Mix) (5:04)
8 Stretched (4:19)
9 Illusion (4:44)
10 Assemble (3:56)
11 Break The Loop (4:42)
12 138 Trek (5:07)

True Playaz

Cat No: TPR1 2025 CD
Released: 2000


DJ Hype

Format: CD Double Album
Genre: Drum & Bass

Jungle Massive Presents 21st Century Breakbeat

CD1-01 Adam F Brand New Funk
CD1-02 Shy FX Bambarta
CD1-03 Q Project Champion Sound
CD1-04 DJ Zinc Ska
CD1-05 Un-cut Midnight
CD1-06 Moving Fusion Turbulence
CD1-07 Hatiras Spaced Invader
CD1-08 Brockie & Ed Solo Represent
CD1-09 Bad Company The Nine
CD1-10 E-Z Rollers Tough At The Top
CD1-11 Roni Size 26 Bass
CD1-12 Pascal P-Funk 2000
CD1-13 DJ Hype True Playaz Style
CD1-14 Total Science Dub Plate
CD1-15 Bad Company The Pulse
CD1-16 Mampi Swift The One
CD1-17 Roni Size / Reprazent Brown Paper Bag
CD1-18 Ed Rush & Optical Pac Man
CD1-19 Dillinja Nasty Ways
CD1-20 Andy C & Shimon Body Rock
CD2-01 Ram Trilogy Titan
CD2-02 Bad Company Planet Dust
CD2-03 DJ Zinc Casino Royale Remix
CD2-04 DJ Die Clear Shyz
CD2-05 Ed Rush & Optical Watermelon
CD2-06 J Majik Love Is Not A Game
CD2-07 Jonny L Piper
CD2-08 Pascal Serious Sounds VIP
CD2-09 Ray Keith Terrordrome 2002
CD2-10 Roni Size Snap Shot
CD2-11 Swoopes Firin' Time
CD2-12 DJ Zinc 138 Trek
CD2-13 Etienne De Crécy Scratched
CD2-14 Hi Grade The Jug
CD2-15 Rennie Pilgrem & B.L.I.M. Eskimo
CD2-16 Shut Up & Dance No Doubt
CD2-17 Reservoir Dogs Buddah Finger
CD2-18 Naughty Pussy Trak
CD2-19 Spek Smell The Coffee
CD2-20 Zed Bias Jigga Up (Ring The Alarm)

Warner Dance

Cat No: WSMCD070
Released: 2002


LTJ Bukem

Format: CD Album
Genre: Drum & Bass

Earth Volume One

1 Poets Of Thought The Rhyme Goes On (5:50)
2 Appaloosa Travelling (6:25)
3 Subject 13 Faith (6:59)
4 PHD & Funky Technicians Above And Beyond (8:16)
5 Poets Of Thought Samba With J.C. (5:50)
6 Blame Revival (7:23)
7 Pablo Do What You Gotta Do (9:16)
8 Poets Of Thought Jamming The Session (4:05)
9 LTJ Bukem Moodswings (9:25)
10 Doc Scott Tokyo Dawn (7:39)


Cat No: EARTHCD001
Released: 1996
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Drum & Bass

Grooverider's Hardstep Selection Vol. II - (DISC 2 ONLY)

C1 DJ Nut Nut Special Dedication
C2 Undercover Agent Oh Gosh (Splash Remix)
C3 Sound Of The Future The Lighter (Remix)
C4 J Majik Your Sound
D1 MA2 Hearing Is Believing (Remix)
D2 Dillinja The Angels Fell
D3 Smokey Joe Shining (Remix)
D4 Dextrous Hot Flame

Kickin Records

Cat No: KICK LP 24
Released: 1995
Out Of Stock

Afro Kid

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Chronic 20

A Stomper


Cat No: CHR-020
Released: 2002


Da Lick Crew

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Control / Space Pads

A Control (Remix) (6:17)
B Space Pads (5:52)

Da Lick

Cat No: DALICK 05
Released: 1997



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

(Slip & Slide) Suicide

A1 (Slip & Slide) Suicide - Kosheen Extended Mix (5:55)
A2 (Slip & Slide) Suicide - Kosheen Hip Hop Mix (3:29)
B (Slip & Slide) Suicide - Decoder & Substance Mix (6:03)

Moksha Recordings

Released: 2001


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Information on the Drum & Bass genre

Drum and bass (commonly abbreviated to D&B or DnB) is a type of electronic dance music which emerged in the mid 1990s. The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats (typically between 160–190 bpm, occasional variation is noted in older compositions), with heavy bass, sub-bass lines, and occasional infra-bass lines. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the United Kingdom rave scene of the very early 1990s. Over the first decade of its existence, the incorporation of elements from various musical genres led to many permutations in its overall style.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a growing nightclub culture gave birth to a new electronic music style called Rave music, which combined regular beats alongside broken, syncopated beats, strong basslines and a faster tempo than that of house music. By 1991, musical tracks made up of only "broken" beats began to be known as "jungle", branching off into a separate musical genre (circa 1991-1992) popular at raves and on pirate radio in urban Britain.

These tracks often combined ragga vocal tracks with broken beats and bass lines. By 1994 jungle began to gain mainstream popularity and fans of the music (known as junglists) became a recognizable part of British youth subculture. After being further developed, the sound took on a very urban, raggamuffin sound, incorporating dancehall ragga-style MC chants, dub basslines, but also increasingly complex, high tempo rapid fire breakbeat percussion. At this time jungle began to be associated with criminals and criminal activity and perhaps as a reaction or perhaps independently of this, producers began to draw away from the ragga style and create what they labeled drum and bass. There is no clear point at which jungle became drum and bass, though most jungle producers continue to produce what they call drum and bass.

As the music style became more polished and sophisticated, it began to shift from pirate to commercial radio and gain widespread acceptance (circa 1995-1997). It also began to split into recognizable subgenres such as jump-up. As a lighter sound of drum and bass began to win over the musical mainstream, many producers continued to work on the other end of the spectrum. This resulted in a series of releases offering a dark, technical sound which drew more influence from techno music and the soundscapes of science fiction and anime films, this subgenre became known as techstep (circa 1997-1998).

Towards the turn of the millennium, the UK garage sound emerged and quickly eclipsed drum and bass in popularity. Drawing a key part of its inspiration from drum and bass, it was commonly believed that UK garage was a replacement of the genre and statements were made to the effect that "drum and bass is dead". However, consistent development of the genre proved otherwise. The appearance of the liquid funk and other subgenres brought a wave of new artists with new ideas and techniques, supporting continual evolution of the genre. Drum and bass is perhaps not well-known as a genre, but makes frequent, unrecognized appearances in the mainstream such as in television commercials, as well as being a major influence for other musical styles and some of its artists (notably Goldie).