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Junkie XL

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Catch Up To My Step (Promo 2)

A Catch Up To My Step (Boss@nova Remix) (6:44)
Remix - Bossanova
B1 Catch Up To My Step (Minimalistix Electro Remix) (5:10)
Remix - Minimalistix
B2 Catch Up To My Step (Frank T Electro Wave Remix) (5:49)
Remix - Frank T. Wallace

Roadrunner Records

Cat No: RR PROMO 707
Released: 2003



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Big Mouth

A Big Mouth (Beat Box Mix) (5:07)
B1 Freaks Come Out At Night (4:45)
B2 Big Mouth (Acapella Mix) (2:51)


Cat No: JIVE T 92
Released: 1985


Cabaret Voltaire

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Here To Go (Live Drum Jacknife Remix By Adrian Sherwood)

A Here To Go (Live Drum Remix) (5:41)
B Here To Go (Eleven Eleven Mix) (11:11)


Cat No: 12RX 6166
Released: 1987


Time Zone & John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

World Destruction

A World Destruction (5:34)
B World Destruction (6:27)


Cat No: VS 743-12
Released: 1984


Holly Valance

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

State Of Mind

A State Of Mind (Vertigo Remix) (6:57)
Producer [Additional Production], Remix - Vertigo (7)
B State Of Mind (Extended Original Mix) (5:14)
C State Of Mind (Felix Da Housecat Mix) (7:26)
Producer [Additional Production], Remix - Felix Da Housecat
D State Of Mind (Vertigo Dub Mix) (6:57)
Producer [Additional Production], Remix - Vertigo (7)

London Records

Cat No: PR 04350
Released: 2003



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Kill Ken

A Kill Ken (Crashforce Remix)
Remix - Crashforce
B1 Kill Ken (Original)
B2 Kill KIen (Electro)


Cat No: BOX 009-6
Released: 1997



Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Electro

Radio-Aktivität New sealed 180g vinyl

A1 Geigerzähler (1:04)
A2 Radioaktivität (6:44)
A3 Radioland (5:53)
A4 Ätherwellen (4:53)
A5 Sendepause (0:15)
A6 Nachrichten (1:31)
B1 Die Stimme Der Energie (0:54)
B2 Antenne (3:45)
B3 Radio Sterne (3:38)
B4 Uran (1:24)
B5 Transistor (2:15)
B6 Ohm Sweet Ohm (5:40)

Parlophone ‎

Cat No: 50999 6 99587 1 7
Released: 2014


Egyptian Lover

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Seduced (Remix) / Belly Dance

A1 Seduced (Remix)
A2 Seduced (Instrumental)
B Belly Dance (Long Version)

Egyptian Empire Records

Cat No: DMSR-00842
Released: 2017


Egyptian Lover

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

I Need A Freak / My House On The Nile

A I Need A Freak (4:52)
B My House On The Nile (Long Version) (10:27)

Egyptian Empire Records

Cat No: DMSR-00841
Released: 2017


Brass Construction

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Walkin' The Line

A Walkin' The Line (4:53)
B1 Forever Love (4:20)
B2 No Communication (4:09)

Capitol Records

Cat No: 12CL 292
Released: 1983


Rockers Revenge

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

The Harder They Come

A The Harder They Come (11:20)
B1 Sunshine Party Time (Rap)
B2 The Harder They Come (Instrumental)


Cat No: LONX 18
Released: 1983


Beth Orton

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Electro


A Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix Vocal) (5:49)
B Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix Instrumental) (5:49)
C Anywhere (Adrian Sherwood's Off Me Rocker Version) (5:09)
D Anywhere (Adrian Sherwood's Off Me Head Cut) (4:37)


Cat No: HVN 12512P
Released: 2002


Reggie Griffin & Technofunk

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Mirda Rock

A Mirda Rock (7:30)
B Mirda Rock (Instrumental) (7:30)

Sugar Hill

Cat No: SHL 121
Released: 1982



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

Feline Woman

A Feline Woman
B1 Astra
B2 Kalpna

Wiiija Records

Cat No: WIJ 099
Released: 1999



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electro

CR2 Classics - Electro

A1 Spencer Parker Open Your Eyes (Luke Dzierzek Remix) (7:06)
A2 Onionz Burnin' (Chris Lake Remix) (8:08)
B1 Superbass Go To Pieces (Danny Freakazoid's Electro Remix) (7:01)
B2 Random House Project Freakin' Me (Jon Gurd Remix) (7:11)

Cr2 Records

Cat No: 12C2C002
Released: 2007


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Information on the Electro genre

Electro (electro-funk, dance or electro-boogie) is a genre of electronic music directly influenced by the use of TR-808 and funk records. Records in the genre typically have electronic sounds and some vocals are delivered in a deadpan, mechanical manner, often through a vocoder or other electronic distortion.

From its origins, the definition of the electro sound is the use of drum machines as the rhythmic base of a track; however as the style has evolved, and with the advent of computer usage in electronic music, the use of drum machines has become less and less practical and widespread. Electro drum patterns tend to be electronic emulations of breakbeats, with kick drums, and usually a snare or clap accenting the downbeat. The difference between electro drumbeats and breakbeats (or breaks) is that electro tends to be more mechanical, while breakbeats tend to have more of a human-like feel, like that of a live drummer. The definition however is somewhat ambiguous in nature due to the various use of the term.

Staccato, percussive drumbeats tend to dominate electro; with beats once mostly provided by the Roland TR-808 drum machine, the advent of computers in electronic music has outdated this old school method and are now used by the majority of electro producers the world over. The TR-808, created in 1980, has an immediately recognizable sound, and through the use of samples remains somewhat popular in electro and other genres to the present day. Other electro instrumentation is generally all-electronic, favoring analog synthesis, bass lines, sequenced or arpeggiated synthetic riffs, and atonal sound effects all created with synthesizers. Heavy use of effects such as reverbs, delays, chorus or phasers along with eerie synthetic ensemble strings or pad sounds emphasize the common science fiction or futuristic theme of the lyrics and/or music. Most electro is instrumental, but a common element is vocals processed through a vocoder. Additionally, speech synthesis may be used to create robotic or mechanical lyrical content. Some earlier electro features rapping, but that lyrical style has become less popular in the genre from the 1990s onward.