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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: House


A Burn (Axwell Full Version) (5:38)
B Burn (Axwell Remode) (6:32)


Cat No: BURN 122
Released: 2004


Wackdaddies, The

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: House

A Walk In The Park (Part One)

A A Walk In The Park (Roman's Rave In The Park)
B1 A Walk In The Park (Wackdaddies Original)
B2 A Walk In The Park (Roman's One Step Guitar Mix)

Under The Counter

Cat No: UTC 014
Released: 2000


Armand Van Helden

Format: CD Album
Genre: House


1 Mother Earth (9:50)
2 The Boogie Monster (7:06)
3 Business As Usual (Interlude) (2:06)
4 Psychic Bounty Killaz (7:44)
5 Rock Da Spot (5:29)
6 U Don't Know Me (8:06)
7 Alienz (7:52)
8 Summertime (3:56)
9 Yeast (Interlude) (0:16)
10 Necessary Evil (4:26)
11 Entra Mi Casa (7:26)
12 Flowerz (9:38)


Cat No: 3984 29643-2
Released: 1999


DJ Spinna

Format: CD Double Album
Genre: House

The DJ Spinna Collection Part 1 - All Mixed Up

Spinna's Mix
1-01 DJ Spinna Intro
1-02 Terranova Chase The Blues (Domecracker Remix)
1-03 Ronny Jordan Brighter Days
1-04 Les Nubians Makeda (DJ Spinna And Ticklah Mix)
1-05 Shakkazombie I Got Style (No Doubt) 2
1-06 Attica Blues The Man
1-07 Guiro Solevision
1-08 Angela Johnson Ordinary Things
1-09 De La Soul Stakes Is High
1-10 Nightmares On Wax Les Nuits
1-11 Urban Species Woman
1-12 Moke Powercut
1-13 Tek 9 Seven Days
1-14 Cooly's Hot Box Make Me Happy
1-15 Rae & Christian All I Ask
1-16 Mark De Clive-Lowe Day By Day
1-17 Cosmo Vitelli Science Affliction
1-18 Runaways Finders Kreepers
1-19 Freddy Fresh It's About The Groove
1-20 Shirley Bassey & DJ Spinna Spinning Wheel
1-21 The Wiseguys Start The Commotion
1-22 Kojak You Can't Stop It
1-23 4 Hero Star Chasers
2-01 Lynden David Hall Sleeping With Victor
2-02 Les Nubians Makeda (DJ Spinna And Ticklah Mix)
2-03 Urban Species Woman
2-04 Cooly's Hot Box Make Me Happy
2-05 Shakkazombie I Got Style (No Doubt) 2
2-06 Rae & Christian All I Ask
2-07 Mark De Clive-Lowe Day By Day
2-08 Cosmo Vitelli Science Affliction
2-09 Runaways Finders Kreepers
2-10 Shirley Bassey & DJ Spinna Spinning Wheel
2-11 Kojak You Can't Stop It
2-12 Terranova Chase The Blues (Domecracker Mix)

Urban Theory

Cat No: URB CD 05
Released: 2001



Format: CD Album
Genre: House

Club Classics - Universal Stories Of Dance (CD ONLY!!!)

CD-1 Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks Cool & Dry
CD-2 Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks Shout
CD-3 Phuture Acid Trax
CD-4 Sweet Exorcist Test Four
CD-5 Liaisons D Future FJP
CD-6 Laurent X Machines
CD-7 Rhythim Is Rhythim Nude Photo
CD-8 Nightmares On Wax Dextrous
CD-9 Rhythim Is Rhythim It Is What It Is
CD-10 Annette Dream 17
CD-11 Adonis No Way Back
CD-12 Phuture Slam
CD-13 Mr. Fingers Can U Feel It

D-ROM Limited

Cat No: D-ROM 14
Released: 2002



Format: CD Double Album
Genre: House

Clubber's Guide To... Ibiza - Summer 2001

Beach Life
1-1 Roger Sanchez Another Chance (Original Mix) (5:37)
1-2 Static Revenger Happy People (Original Mix) (4:08)
1-3 Kings Of Tomorrow & Julie McKnight Finally (Original Mix) (4:16)
1-4 Mojolators & Camilla Hamblin Drifting (Original Mix) (3:39)
1-5 Raven Maize The Real Life (Club Mix) (4:14)
1-6 Full Intention & Shena I'll Be Waiting (Original Mix) (4:18)
1-7 Lil' Devious Come Home (Vocal Mix) (3:39)
1-8 Gypsymen Babarabatiri (Original Mix) (3:14)
1-9 Santos 3-2-1 Fire (Santos Acrobatic Motorball Mix) (2:55)
1-10 The Goodfellas (2) Soul Heaven (Dave Clarke Remix) (3:48)
1-11 G-Club & Banda Sonora Guitarra G (Original Mix) (4:31)
1-12 Warren Clarke & Kathy Brown Over You (CF's Main Frame Dub) (3:25)
1-13 Yug You Don't Really Love Me (Original Mix) (2:55)
1-14 Kidstuff Alright (Original Mix) (4:23)
1-15 David James A Permanent State (4:38)
1-16 Smokin' Jo Yan U (4:38)
1-17 J Majik & Kathy Brown Love Is Not A Game (Hydrogen Rockers Remix) (2:26)
1-18 Luzon The Baguio Track (Circulation Mix) (3:43)
1-19 Corvin Dalek PornoGround (Mr Sam's Acid Pornstar Remix) (2:26)
1-20 Brother Brown & Frank'ee Star Catching Girl (Brother Brown's Rock Bottom) (4:28)
Night Life
2-1 Members Of Mayday 10 In 01 (Original Mix) (3:39)
2-2 Tall Paul & INXS Precious Heart (Original Mix) (3:17)
2-3 Fatboy Slim Star 69 (Timo Maas Remix) (4:00)
2-4 Schiller Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiesto Remix) (3:32)
2-5 Riva Stringer (3:31)
2-6 Slusnik Luna Sun (Original Mix) (3:59)
2-7 Warrior Voodoo (Club Mix) (3:17)
2-8 Hi-Gate De-Tune (Earplugs) (3:31)
2-9 Cosmic Gate Fire Wire (Club Mix) (3:47)
2-10 Big Fat Discogogofiesta (Techmix) (3:31)
2-11 Lexos The Key (3:59)
2-12 TDR Squelch (Fellatio Profunda Mix) (2:48)
2-13 Origin Rage (3:03)
2-14 BT Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix) (4:41)
2-15 Animated Container No 2 (Ian Wilkie's Virtual Dog Dub) (1:52)
2-16 La Rissa I Do Both Jay & Jane (Praha Remix) (3:48)
2-17 Oliver Lieb Lightspeed (3:59)
2-18 Xstasia Sweetness (Moogwai Remix) (3:02)
2-19 Freefall Skydive (I Feel Wonderful) (John Johnson Vocal Remix) (6:05)
2-20 Junk Project Composure (Solar Stone Mix) (4:31)

Ministry Of Sound

Cat No: MOSCD18
Released: 2001


Danny Rampling & David Morales

Format: CD Double Album
Genre: House

UK*USA - Rampling & Morales

1-01 Michael Procter 3010 Intro: The Door (1:49)
1-02 Basement Jaxx Bingo Bango (4:27)
1-03 Awa Band Timba (Full Intention Club Mix) (5:12)
1-04 Tommy Marcus Supalove (4:28)
1-05 OnePhatDeeva Bad Habit (4:57)
1-06a Nostalgia Dancin' (Main Vocal Mix) (4:43)
1-06b Alex J Body & Soul (Acappella)
1-07a DJ Romain & Danny Krivit Philly Groove (6:42)
1-07b Aaron-Carl My House (The Word Mix) (Acappella)
1-07c Thaisoul Journey Into The Light (Acappella)
1-08 Sabrynaah Pope Black Man (Alliance DC Vocal Strutt Mix) (5:43)
1-09 Danny Tenaglia & Giorgio Moroder From Here To Eternity (Danny Tenaglia's Extended Club Mix) (5:59)
1-10 Angel Moraes Everybody's Feeling (5:29)
1-11 C & M Productions True House (Eddie's "Spirit Filled" Remix) (5:53)
1-12 Blackbone Roots (6:31)
1-13 Masters At Work Ekabo (Afro House Mix) (4:30)
1-14 DJ Chus & David Penn Sunshine (Mediterranean Vocal Mix) (5:49)
1-15a Harry & Alex So Lonely (Demo Mix) (5:43)
1-15b T-Total Do It All Night (Acappella)
2-01 D*Note D*Votion '99 (Classic Club Mix) (7:03)
2-02 Bobby D'Ambrosio Here I Am (David Morales' Club Mix) (7:07)
2-03 Jasper Street Co. Smile (6:21)
2-04 Milk & Sugar Higher & Higher (7:51)
2-05 Johnny Corporate Sunday Shoutin' (4:34)
2-06 Lehner & Biebl Sunshine EP (House Mix) (3:17)
2-07 Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby (Madison Babe From Outta Space Remix) (5:34)
2-08 Halo My Sound (2:47)
2-09 Limos The Night (Goes On) (Raya Extended Vocal) (8:06)
2-10 Soul Vision Don't Stop (4:11)
2-11 Kenny Bobien Reach (6:17)
2-12 Benji Candelario Learn To Give (Eric Kupper 12" Mix) (8:52)


Cat No: REACT CD 183
Released: 2000


Tori Amos

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: House

Professional Widow

A Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix)
B1 Hey Jupiter (The Dakota Version - Radio Edit)
B2 Talula (B.T.'s Synethasia Mix)

EastWest Records GmbH

Cat No: 7567-85493-0
Released: 1996


H2O & Billie

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: House

Satisfied (Take Me Higher)

A1 Take Me Higher (7:43)
A2 Take Me Higher (Slo Moshun's Tribal Splash) (6:50)
B1 Satisfied (Take Me Higher) (NY Vocal) (6:50)
B2 Satisfied (Take Me Higher) (Liquid Vocal) (6:50)
B3 Satisfied (Take Me Higher) (Radio Edit) (4:10)

(supplied by Decman)

Club Buzz

Cat No: CBUZ 01


KLF, The

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: House

3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.)

A 3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.)
AA 3 A.M. Eternal (Guns Of Mu Mu)

KLF Communications

Cat No: KLF 005
Released: 1991



Format: CD Single
Genre: House

Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

1 Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Radio Edit) (3:42)
2 Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Original Mix) (5:05)
3 Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Acoustique Mix) (3:14)
4 Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Roy's Universal Soldiers Mix) (5:10)
Video Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Video) (3:40)

Sound Of Barclay

Cat No: 587 758-2
Released: 2000


Super Discount & Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville)

Format: CD Single
Genre: House

Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! = The Boss Has Gone Mad! (Remixes)

1 Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! = The Boss Has Gone Mad! (Radio Edit) (3:46)
2 Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! = The Boss Has Gone Mad! (Live Dub - By EDC & The Solid Crew) (7:13)
3 Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! = The Boss Has Gone Mad! (Love From San Francisco Mix) (7:41)
4 Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! = The Boss Has Gone Mad! (Zdar Wars Mix) (8:10)
5 Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! = The Boss Has Gone Mad! (Peace From Chicago Mix) (9:13)


Cat No: DIF 004 CD
Released: 1997


Sneaker Pimps

Format: CD Single
Genre: House

6 Underground (Rewired)

1 6 Underground (Two Lone Swordsmen Vocal Mix) (5:47)
2 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper's Dub) (4:28)
3 6 Underground (Two Lone Swordsmen Instrumental Mix) (8:19)
4 6 Underground (Fila Brazillia's Samba) (3:56)

Clean Up Records

Cat No: CUP023CDM
Released: 1996


Daft Punk

Format: CD Album
Genre: House


1 Daftendirekt (2:44)
2 Wdpk 83.7 Fm (0:28)
3 Revolution 909 (5:26)
4 Da Funk (5:28)
5 Phœnix (4:55)
6 Fresh (4:03)
7 Around The World (7:07)
8 Rollin' & Scratchin' (7:26)
9 Teachers (2:52)
10 High Fidelity (6:00)
11 Rock'n Roll (7:32)
12 Oh Yeah (2:00)
13 Burnin' (6:53)
14 Indo Silver Club (4:32)
15 Alive (5:15)
16 Funk Ad (0:50)


Cat No: CDV 2821
Released: 1997


Keith Nunnally

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: House

Seasons Of Love

A Seasons Of Love (House Remix) (7:02)
B1 Seasons Of Love (Extended Mix) (7:42)
B2 Seasons Of Love (Instrumental Mix) (5:07)

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: W 0034 T
Released: 1991


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Information on the House genre

House is a style of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized in mid-1980s discothèques catering to the African-American, Latino American, and gay communities; first in Chicago, then in Detroit, New York City, New Jersey, and Miami. It eventually reached Europe before becoming infused in mainstream pop and dance music worldwide.

House is strongly influenced by elements of soul- and funk-infused varieties of disco. House generally mimics disco's percussion, especially the use of a prominent bass drum on every beat, but may feature a prominent synthesizer bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, funk and pop samples, and reverb- or delay-enhanced vocals.

House is a descendant of disco, which blended soul, R&B, funk, with celebratory messages about dancing, love, and sexuality, all underpinned with repetitive arrangements and a steady bass drum beat. Some disco songs incorporated sounds produced with synthesizers and drum machines, and some compositions were entirely electronic; examples include Giorgio Moroder late 1970s productions such as Donna Summer's hit single "I Feel Love" from 1977, and several early 1980s disco-pop productions by the Hi-NRG group Lime.

House was also influenced by mixing and editing techniques earlier explored by disco DJs, producers, and audio engineers like Walter Gibbons, Tom Moulton, Jim Burgess, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, M & M and others who produced longer, more repetitive and percussive arrangements of existing disco recordings. Early house producers like Frankie Knuckles created similar compositions from scratch, using samplers, synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines.

The hypnotic electronic dance song "On and On", produced in 1984 by Chicago DJ Jesse Saunders and co-written by Vince Lawrence, had elements that became staples of the early house sound, such as the 303 bass synthesizer and minimal vocals. It is sometimes cited as the 'first house record', although other examples from the same time period, such as J.M. Silk's "Music is the Key" (1985) have also been cited.

The term may have its origin from a Chicago nightclub called the The Warehouse which existed from 1977 to 1982. The Warehouse was patronized primarily by gay black and Latino men, who came to dance to disco music played by the club's resident DJ, Frankie Knuckles. Although Knuckles left the club in 1982 and it was renamed Music Box, the term "house", short for Warehouse, is said to have become popular among Chicagoans as being synonymous with Knuckles' musical selections as a DJ before becoming associated with his own dance music productions, even though those didn't begin until well after the closure of The Warehouse. In the Channel 4 documentary Pump Up The Volume, Knuckles remarks that the first time he heard the term "house music" was upon seeing "we play house music" on a sign in the window of a bar on Chicago's South Side. One of the people in the car with him joked, "you know, that's the kind of music you play down at the Warehouse!". South-Side Chicago DJ Leonard "Remix" Rroy, in self-published statements, claims he put such a sign in a tavern window because it was where he played music that one might find in one's home; in his case, it referred to his mother's soul & disco records, which he worked into his sets.

Chip E.'s 1985 recording "It's House" may also have helped to define this new form of electronic music. However, Chip E. himself lends credence to the Knuckles association, claiming the name came from methods of labelling records at the Importes Etc. record store, where he worked in the early 1980s: bins of music that DJ Knuckles played at the Warehouse nightclub was labelled in the store "As Heard At The Warehouse", which was shortened to simply "House". Patrons later asked for new music for the bins, which Chip E. implies was a demand the shop tried to meet by stocking newer local club hits.

Larry Heard, aka "Mr. Fingers", claims that the term "house" reflected the fact that many early DJs created music in their own homes, using synthesizers and drum machines, including the Roland TR-808, TR-909, and the TB 303 Bassline synthesizer-sequencer. These synthesizers were used to create a house subgenre called acid house.