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Pop Will Eat Itself

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Box Frenzy

A1 Grebo Guru (3:56)
A2 Beaver Patrol (3:08)
A3 Let's Get Ugly (4:00)
A4 U.B.L.U.D. (3:49)
A5 Inside You (2:37)
A6 Evelyn (3:16)
B1 There Is No Love Between Us Anymore (3:55)
B2 She's Surreal (4:08)
B3 Intergalactic Love Mission (3:53)
B4 Love Missile F1-11 (4:10)
B5 Hit The Hi-Tech Groove (5:10)
B6 Razorblade Kisses (1:49)

Chapter 22

Cat No: CHAP LP 18
Released: 1987


The Farm

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Groovy Train

A Groovy Train (6:05)
B1 Groovy Train (The Bootle Mix) (3:54)
B2 Groovy Train (Jumped At 3.30 AM Mix) (3:51)

Produce Records

Cat No: milk 102T
Released: 1990


Pop Will Eat Itself

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Def.Con One

A Def.Con One (12" Version) (4:40)
B1 Inside.You (2:38)
B2 She's.Surreal (4:20)
B3 Hit.The.Hi.Tech.Groove (5:01)

Chapter 22

Cat No: PWEI 12001
Released: 1988


Mouse On Mars

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance


A1 Bib (Single Edit) (4:24)
A2 Schlecktron (5:04)
B1 Bib (6:03)
B2 Bib (Lomo Mix) (7:49)

Too Pure

Cat No: PURE 45
Released: 1995


Farm, The

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Groovy Train (Terry Farley Mix)

A Groovy Train (Terry Farley Mix)
B Groovy Train (The Rocky & Diesel Mix)

Produce Records

Cat No: milk 102R
Released: 1990


The Indians

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Kaivaiya EP

Join Together
Think Twice
James A Junkie
Dancing Days


Cat No: CAZAX1


Flowered Up & Saint Etienne & The Rockingbirds

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

The Fred EP

A1 Saint Etienne I'm Too Sexy (5:08)
B1 Flowered Up Don't Talk Just Kiss (4:30)
B2 The Rockingbirds Deeply Dippy (3:38)


Cat No: HVN 1912
Released: 1992


Jesus Jones

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Real, Real, Real

A Real, Real, Real (Phil Harding "Luxury" 12" Mix ("Raw" 12" Mix - Rhythm (2))) (7:00)
B1 Real, Real, Real (Ben Chapman "Spaced" 12" Mix ("Raw" 12" Mix - Rhythm (3))) (5:04)
B2 Barry D. Next To Cleanliness (3:13)


Cat No: 12 FOOD X 24
Released: 1990


The Impossibles

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance


A1 Delphis (Original Version)
A2 Delphis (Terry Farley & Pete Heller Remix)
B1 Delphis (Fluke Remix)
B2 Delphis (Inner Space Mix)


Cat No: DELPH 112
Released: 1991



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Unexplained EP

A1 Getting Through (4:18)
A2 Far From Me (3:12)
B1 The Same (3:54)
B2 Search And Destroy (3:50)


Cat No: 12SGE 2026
Released: 1992



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Hell's Party

A1 Hell's Party (Original Club Mix)
A2 Hell's Party (Herbie's Remix)
A3 Hell's Party (Disco Ital Mix)
B1 Hell's Party (Bump Club Mix)
B2 Hell's Party (Bump House Dub)
B3 Hell's Party (Bump Dub)

6 x 6 Records

Cat No: SIXT 001
Released: 1992


The Soup Dragons

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

I'm Free / Backwards Dog Remixes

A I'm Free (Terry Farley Boys Own Remix) (5:38)
AA Backwards Dog (Remix) (6:08)

Raw TV Products

Cat No: RTV 9R
Released: 1990


The Soup Dragons

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance

Mother Universe

A Mother Universe (7:30)
B1 Dream-E-4-Ever (Live) (5:35)
B2 Softly (Live) (4:16)

Big Life

Cat No: BLR 30T
Released: 1990


Happy Mondays

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Indie Dance

Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches - inc download code

A1 Kinky Afro
A2 God's Cop
A3 Donovan
A4 Grandbag's Funeral
A5 Loose Fit
B1 Dennis And Lois
B2 Bob's Yer Uncle
B3 Step On
B4 Holiday
B5 Harmony

Warner Music

Cat No: 0825646162062
Released: 2015
Out Of Stock

Dirty Harry

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Indie Dance


A Eye (Blumpy's Radio Mix)
Remix - Blumpy
B Eye (Youth Mix)
Remix - Youth


Dirty World Records

Cat No: DWRD 001
Released: 2000


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Information on the Indie Dance genre

Indie Dance was a music scene that developed in Manchester, England, towards the end of the 1980s and into the early 1990s. The music that emerged from the scene mixed indie rock, psychedelic rock and dance music. Artists associated with the scene included The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, 808 State, James, The Charlatans, A Guy Called Gerald and other notable bands. At that time, The Ha├žienda nightclub was a major catalyst for the distinctive musical ethos in the city that was called the Second Summer of Love.

Although the Madchester scene cannot really be said to have started before the autumn of 1988 (the term "Madchester" was not coined until a year after that by Philip Shotton who directed many music videos for Factory Records), many of its most significant bands and artists were around on the local scene before then.

The Stone Roses were formed in 1984 by singer Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire, who had grown up on the same street in Timperley, a leafy suburban town to the south of Manchester. They had been in bands together since 1979, when they were both 16, but the Stone Roses was the first to release a record, "So Young", in 1985. The line-up was completed by Alan "Reni" Wren on drums and, from 1987, Gary "Mani" Mounfield on bass.

Happy Mondays were formed in Salford in 1985. The members between then and the break-up of the band in 1992 were Shaun Ryder, his brother Paul, Mark "Bez" Berry, Paul Davis, Mark Day and Gary Whelan. They were signed to Factory Records, supposedly after Ha├žienda DJ Mike Pickering saw them at a Battle of the Bands contest in which they came last (the winners being, Manchester band, The Brigade.). They released two singles - "45", produced by Pickering in 1985, and "Freaky Dancin'", produced by New Order's Bernard Sumner in 1986 - before putting out an album produced by John Cale and bearing the snappy title Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) in 1987.

Inspiral Carpets were formed in Oldham, Greater Manchester in 1986. The line-up was Clint Boon (organ), Stephen Holt (vocals - Tom Hingley would not join up until the beginning of 1989), Graham Lambert (guitar), Martyn Walsh (bass) and Craig Gill (drums). They released a flexi-disc a year later, and in 1988 the Planecrash EP (on their own Cow Records) brought them to the attention of John Peel.

James were formed in 1981 by Paul Gilbertson and Jim Glennie (after whom the band was named), recruiting Drama student Tim Booth on vocals and Gavan Whelan on drums (Gilbertson and Whelan were to leave the band before it attained commercial success). They released their first EP, Jimone on Factory Records in 1983, and attracted critical enthusiasm, as well as the patronage of Morrissey. However, sales of their two albums for Sire Records, Stutter in 1986 and Strip-mine in 1988, were disappointing and, at the time Madchester hit, the band was using t-shirt sales to fund its own releases through Rough Trade Records. Madchester helped bring them their belated commercial success and the single "Sit Down" became one of the most popular anthems of the era.

808 State were formed in 1988 by the owner of the Eastern Bloc Records shop on Oldham Street, Martin Price, together with Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson. The three put together an innovative live acid house set, performing at various venues around town, and releasing an acclaimed and influential album Newbuild on Price's own label. Simpson left soon after the release of Newbuild, but went on to record as A Guy Called Gerald.