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Roxy Music

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

For Your Pleasure - no sleeve

A1 Do The Strand (4:00)
A2 Beauty Queen (4:35)
A3 Strictly Confidential (3:42)
A4 Editions Of You (3:40)
A5 In Every Dream Home A Heartache (4:25)
B1 The Bogus Man (9:22)
B2 Grey Lagoons (4:11)
B3 For Your Pleasure (6:58)

Island Records

Cat No: ILPS 9232


Danny Wilson

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Rock

The Dundee Demo's

A1 Mary's Prayer (Paul Staveley O'Duffy Remix)
A2 Steam Trains To The Milky Way (Original Demo)
B1 Broken China (Original Demo)
B2 Monkey's Shiny Day (Original Demo)


Cat No: VS 934-10
Released: 1988


The Icicle Works

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Rock

High Time

A1 High Time (3:32)
A2 Broken Hearted Fool (3:46)
B1 Private Revolution (Live) (4:24)
B2 Travelling Chest (Live) (4:00)

Beggars Banquet

Cat No: BEG 203T
Released: 1987



Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Rock

Eyes Of A Stranger

A Eyes Of A Stranger (4:35)
B Queen Of The Reich (4:21)


Cat No: MT 65
Released: 1988



Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Rock

All Night Long

A All Night Long
B Weiss Heim


Cat No: POSP 104
Released: 1980


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Mothers Milk

A1 Good Time Boys (4:51)
A2 Higher Ground (3:15)
A3 Subway To Venus (4:17)
A4 Magic Johnson (2:47)
A5 Nobody Weird Like Me (3:45)
A6 Knock Me Down (4:35)
B1 Taste The Pain (4:20)
B2 Stone Cold Bush (2:58)
B3 Fire (2:20)
B4 Pretty Little Ditty (re-release version) (3:07)
B5 Punk Rock Classic (1:37)
B6 Sexy Mexican Maid (3:40)
B7 Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky (5:08)

EMI America

Cat No: 509996 98172 12
Released: 2009



Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Rock

Live And Let Live

A1 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
A2 You've Got A Cold
A3 Honeymoon With A B Troop
A4 Art For Art's Sake
A5 People In Love
B1 Wall Street Shuffle
B2 Ship's Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They?)
B3 I'm Mandy Fly Me
B4 Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
C1 Good Morning Judge
C2 Feel The Benefit
C3 The Things We Do For Love
D1 Waterfall
D2 I'm Not In Love
D3 Modern Man Blues


Cat No: 6641 698
Released: 1977


Baby Birkin

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Rock

Jane B

A1 Jane B
Strings - Russell Senior
A2 Jane X
B Jane B (Rasmus Mix)
Remix - Rasmus

Dishy Recordings

Cat No: Dishy 32
Released: 1988


Mike & The Mechanics

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Living Years

A1 Nobody's Perfect (4:48)
A2 In The Living Years (5:32)
A3 Seeing Is Believing (3:13)
A4 Nobody Knows (4:24)
A5 Poor Boy Down (4:33)
B1 Blame (5:24)
B2 Don't (5:45)
B3 Black & Blue (3:27)
B4 Beautiful Day (3:39)
B5 Why Me (6:26)


Cat No: 256 004-1
Released: 1988


The Clash

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Rock

Black Market Clash

A1 Capital Radio One (2:09)
A2 The Prisoner (3:00)
A3 Pressure Drop (3:30)
A4 Cheat (2:06)
A5 City Of The Dead (2:26)
A6 Time Is Tight (4:05)
B1 Bankrobber / Robber Dub (6:16)
B2 Armagideon Time (3:50)
B3 Justice Tonight / Kick It Over (7:00)


Cat No: 4E 36846
Released: 1980


The Pretenders

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

The Singles

A1 The Pretenders Stop Your Sobbing (2:38)
A2 The Pretenders Kid (3:05)
A3 The Pretenders Brass In Pocket (3:04)
A4 The Pretenders Talk Of The Town (3:12)
A5 The Pretenders I Go To Sleep (2:55)
A6 The Pretenders Day After Day (4:01)
A7 The Pretenders Message Of Love (3:24)
A8 The Pretenders Back On The Chain Gang (3:50)
B1 The Pretenders Middle Of The Road (4:12)
B2 The Pretenders 2000 Miles (3:38)
B3 The Pretenders Show Me (4:07)
B4 The Pretenders Thin Line Between Love And Hate (3:39)
B5 The Pretenders Don't Get Me Wrong (3:48)
B6 The Pretenders Hymn To Her (4:28)
B7 The Pretenders My Baby (4:07)
B8 UB40 I Got You Babe (3:11)

Real Records

Cat No: WX135
Released: 1987
Out Of Stock

The Jam

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

In The City

A1 Art School (2:01)
A2 I've Changed My Address (3:31)
A3 Slow Down (2:38)
A4 I Got By In Time (2:07)
A5 Away From The Numbers (4:03)
A6 Batman Theme (1:30)
B1 In The City (2:18)
B2 Sounds From The Street (3:13)
B3 Non-Stop Dancing (2:27)
B4 Time For Truth (3:09)
B5 Takin' My Love (2:16)
B6 Bricks And Mortar (2:34)


Cat No: SPELP 27
Released: 1983
Out Of Stock

Transvision Vamp

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Rock

Baby I Don't Care

A Baby I Don't Care (Abigail's Party Mix) (5:45)
B1 Sex Kick (Demo Version) (5:33)
B2 Time For Change (3:34)
B3 Strings Of My Heart (3:12)

MCA Records

Cat No: TVVT 6
Released: 1989


Beatles, The

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Rock

Help! / I'm Down


Cat No: R 5305



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Back In Black new sealed 180g vinyl

A1 Hells Bells (5:09)
A2 Shoot To Thrill (5:14)
A3 What Do You Do For Money Honey (3:33)
A4 Givin The Dog A Bone (3:30)
A5 Let Me Put My Love Into You (4:12)
B1 Back In Black (4:13)
B2 You Shook Me All Night Long (3:28)
B3 Have A Drink On Me (3:57)
B4 Shake A Leg (4:03)
B5 Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (4:12)


Cat No: 5107651
Released: 2009


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Information on the Rock genre

Rock music is a genre of popular music that entered the mainstream in the 1950s. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country music and also drew on folk music, jazz and classical music. The sound of rock often revolves around the electric guitar, a back beat laid down by a rhythm section of electric bass guitar, drums, and keyboard instruments such as Hammond organ, piano, or, since the 1970s, synthesizers. Along with the guitar or keyboards, saxophone and blues-style harmonica are sometimes used as soloing instruments. In its "purest form", it "has three chords, a strong, insistent back beat, and a catchy melody."

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, rock music developed different subgenres. When it was blended with folk music it created folk rock, with blues to create blues-rock and with jazz, to create jazz-rock fusion. In the 1970s, rock incorporated influences from soul, funk, and Latin music. Also in the 1970s, rock developed a number of subgenres, such as soft rock, glam rock, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and punk rock. Rock subgenres that emerged in the 1980s included new wave, hardcore punk and alternative rock. In the 1990s, rock subgenres included grunge, Britpop, indie rock, and nu metal.

Some of the many rock genres

# 1 Background (1950s-early 1960s)

* 1.1 Rock and roll
* 1.2 The "in-between years"
* 1.3 Surf music

# 2 Golden Age (1963-1974)

* 2.1 The British Invasion
* 2.2 Garage rock
* 2.3 Pop rock
* 2.4 Blues-rock
* 2.5 Folk rock
* 2.6 Psychedelic rock
* 2.7 Roots rock
* 2.8 Progressive rock
* 2.9 Glam rock
* 2.10 Soft rock, hard rock and early heavy metal
* 2.11 Christian rock

# 3 Punk and its aftermath (mid-1970s to the 1980s)

* 3.1 Punk rock
* 3.2 New wave
* 3.3 Post-punk
* 3.4 New waves and genres in heavy metal
* 3.5 Heartland rock
* 3.6 The emergence of alternative rock

# 4 Alternative goes mainstream (the 1990s)

* 4.1 Grunge
* 4.2 Britpop
* 4.3 Post-grunge
* 4.4 Pop punk
* 4.5 Indie rock
* 4.6 Alternative metal, rap rock and nu metal
* 4.7 Post-Britpop

# 5 The new millenium (the 2000s)

* 5.1 Emo
* 5.2 Garage rock/Post-punk revival
* 5.3 Metalcore and contemporary heavy metal
* 5.4 Digital electronic rock