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The Diceman

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Supervisor Error

A Supervisor Error (6:34)
AA1 V2-00 Backup (4:04)
AA2 Bad Data From Disc (3:27)


Cat No: VTT 002
Released: 1992


As One

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Planetary Folklore (Album Sampler)

A1 The Path Of Most Resistance (6:29)
B1 Another Modal Morning (2:10)
B2 Away From All Of This (4:54)

Mo Wax

Cat No: MW083DJ
Released: 1997



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Techno

Warehouse Wax Volume One

A1 U.NIK Lethal (6:22)
A2 Atomix Back To The Future (4:23)
A3 P.S.I. Psikotic (5:07)
B1 Marine Boy Small Town Killer (4:45)
B2 The Doors Of Perception Outrage (5:53)
B3 Dimension 5 Utopia (7:00)

Perception Records

Cat No: UNI LP 1
Released: 1991


Fabio & Grooverider & Excel D

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno


A Rage
B1 Rotation
B2 Totall Recall

Dance D'Vision Discs

Cat No: UNI 4
Released: 1990


Trip Hazard

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Analog Retention / Army Of Shadows

A Analog Retention (6:41)
AA Army Of Shadows (6:53)

Stay Up Forever

Cat No: S.U.F. 21:000 m.g.
Released: 1995



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno


A >Nightlife
B1 Channel 11
B2 Hardwired

Rabbit City Records

Cat No: 045
Released: 1998


Mark Finnie

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno


A1 Drum Runner
A2 Blunted Vision
AA1 Silvery Shear
AA2 Fire Cooler

Bellboy Records

Cat No: BL025
Released: 1997


Y Traxx

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Kiss The Sound

A1 Kiss The Sound
A2 Native Acid
B1 Mystery Land
B2 Trance Piano

Clockwork Recordings

Cat No: CW 004
Released: 1995


Good Groove

Format: Coloured Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Drummatic Tales Vol.1

A Impacts And Beats (13:28)
B1 L.O.E. (9:06)
B2 Clap Attack (6:52)

Disko B

Cat No: db 18
Released: 1994


The Nova Dream Sequence

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Interpretations: Seven / Ten / Fourteen

A Dream 14
AA1 Dream 10
AA2 Dream 7

Compost Records

Cat No: COMPOST 223-1
Released: 2006



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Techno

Paroxysm Vol. 1

A1 DJ Massive Massive Overload
A2 Desiya & Melissa Yiannakou 2 Hearts
A3 Underground Resistance Adrenalin
A4 Alpha 3-7 & Sam Streete & D Stuart Let Me Tell You
A5 DCB-A Acid Bitch
B1 Desiya & Melissa Yiannakou Comin' On Strong
B2 DJ Massive Point Of Intensity
B3 Alpha 3-7 Too Positive
B4 A.Z.T. Choice Of A New Generation
B5 Desiya Try Again
B6 Alpha 3-7 Baboo


Cat No: MKTLP1
Released: 1991



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

Monkeylooker E.P.

A1 Monkeylooker
A2 Under Your Skin
B1 Positive Distortion
B2 Stars And Stripes

Kne' Deep

Cat No: KD22
Released: 2002



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno


A Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled


Cat No: CE 3
Released: 2001


Ade Fenton & Christian Wünsch

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno

The Mark Has Been Made

A1 Ade Fenton Untitled
A2 Ade Fenton Untitled
B1 Christian Wünsch Untitled
B2 Christian Wünsch Untitled


Cat No: ADV 010
Released: 2001


Gene Hunt

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Techno


A1 Spazzed
A2 Relieved
B1 Spazzed (DJ Rush Remix)
B2 Relieved (DJ Rush Remix)

High Octane Recordings

Cat No: HOR025
Released: 2001


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Information on the Techno genre

Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan in the United States during the mid to late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno, in reference to a genre of music, was in 1988. Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built.

The initial take on techno arose from the melding of European electronic music by artists such as Kraftwerk with African American music including funk, electro, Chicago house and electric jazz. Added to this is the influence of futuristic and fictional themes that are relevant to life in American late capitalist society—particularly the book The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler. Pioneering producer Juan Atkins cites Toffler's phrase "techno rebels" as inspiring him to use the word techno to describe the musical style he helped to create. This unique blend of influences aligns techno with the aesthetic referred to as afrofuturism. To producers such as Derrick May, the transference of spirit from the body to the machine is often a central preoccupation; essentially an expression of technological spirituality. In this manner: "techno dance music defeats what Adorno saw as the alienating effect of mechanisation on the modern consciousness".

Music journalists and fans of techno are generally selective in their use of the term; so a clear distinction can be made between sometimes related but often qualitatively different styles, such as tech house and trance. "Techno" is also commonly confused with generalized descriptors, such as electronic music and dance music.