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Rae & Christian & Bobby Womack

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

Get A Life

A1 Get A Life (Album Mix) (3:37)
A2 Wake Up Everybody (Rae&Christian Remix) (4:28)
B Get A Life (D Swing Remix) (6:37)

Studio !K7

Cat No: !K7096EP
Released: 2000


Agent Provocateur

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop


A1 Sabotage (Album Version) (5:01)
A2 Sabotage (Mekon Remix) (5:52)
B1 Sabotage (Roni Size Remix) (5:37)
B2 Sabotage (Mekon Dub) (4:01)


Cat No: XPR 3047
Released: 1996



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

Come Down / Write A List

A Come Down
AA Write A List

Angel's Egg

Cat No: AE0117-1T
Released: 1999



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Trip Hop


A1 Cowboys (4:38)
A2 All Mine (3:59)
B1 Undenied (4:18)
B2 Half Day Closing (3:49)
B3 Over (4:00)
C1 Humming (6:02)
C2 Mourning Air (4:11)
C3 Seven Months (4:15)
D1 Only You (4:59)
D2 Elysium (5:54)
D3 Western Eyes (3:57)

Go! Beat

Cat No: 314-539 189-1


DJ Shadow

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Trip Hop


A1 Best Foot Forward
A2 Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
A3 The Number Song
B1.1 Changeling
B1.2 **Transmission 1
B2 Stem/Long Stem
C1.1 **Transmission 2
C1.2 Mutual Slump
C2 Organ Donor
C3 Why Hip Hop Sucks In 96
C4 Midnight In A Perfect World
D1 Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
D2.1 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1 - Blue Sky Revisit)
D2.2 **Transmission3

Mo Wax

Cat No: 0600753351604
Released: 2011


Massive Attack

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Trip Hop


A1 Angel (6:18)
A2 Risingson (4:58)
A3 Teardrop (5:29)
B1 Inertia Creeps (5:56)
B2 Exchange (4:11)
B3 Dissolved Girl (6:07)
C1 Man Next Door (5:55)
C2 Black Milk (6:20)
C3 Mezzanine (5:54)
D1 Group Four (8:13)
D2 (Exchange) (4:08)


Cat No: 0602537540433
Released: 2014


DJ Shadow

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Trip Hop

Reconstructed | The Best Of DJ Shadow

A1 DJ Shadow Midnight In A Perfect World (Extended Vision) (9:48)
A2 DJ Shadow High Noon (3:58)
A3 DJ Shadow I've Been Trying (3:03)
A4 DJ Shadow This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) (3:12)
B1 DJ Shadow You Can't Go Home Again (Radio Edit) (3:03)
B2 DJ Shadow & Little Dragon Scale It Back (Single Edit) (3:39)
B3 DJ Shadow & Terry Reid Listen (2:59)
B4 DJ Shadow Stem (Single Edit) (3:26)
C1 DJ Shadow Six Days (5:00)
C2 DJ Shadow Won't You Be (3:36)
C3 DJ Shadow Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul Re-Edit) (4:27)
C4 UNKLE & Richard Ashcroft Lonely Soul (7'' Version) (4:20)
D1 DJ Shadow Blood On The Motorway (8:16)
D2 DJ Shadow & Chris James (6) You Made It (2:44)
D3 DJ Shadow Redeemed (4:26)

Island Records

Cat No: 3712862
Released: 2012



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop


A1 Fish (4:33)
B1 I Can't Comprehend (6:13)
B2 Ivanhoe (5:18)

Mo Wax

Cat No: MWR154
Released: 2002



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

2000 / Sortie Des Ombres

A 2000
B1 Sortie Des Ombres
B2 Sortie Des Ombres (Dub Version)

Mo Wax

Cat No: MW018
Released: 1996


Slick Sixty

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

Hilary. Last Of The Pool Sharks

A1 Hilary. Last Of The Pool Sharks
B1 Hilary. Last Of The Pool Sharks (Electro Dub)
B2 Someone Else's Square

Cup Of Tea Records

Cat No: COT 043
Released: 1997



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

All I Ask

A1 All I Ask (4:06)
B1 Premonition (5:35)
B2 All I Ask (DJ Spinna Mix) (4:27)

Grand Central Records

Cat No: GC 120
Released: 1999


Tony Bryan

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

Love Is The Only Way.

A 1 Love Is The Only Way (Norman Cook Mix)
A 2 Love Is The Only Way (Dub Mix)
AA Love Is The Only Way (MaxiTone Mix)

Ultrasonic Records

Cat No: USR T 004
Released: 1992


Lonesome Echo Strings

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Trip Hop

Meets The World

A1 Someday (Kyoto Jazz Massive Somewhere Mix) (8:04)
Remix - Kyoto Jazz Massive
A2 Someday (Kyoto Jazz Massive Unreleased Mix) (7:31)
Remix - Kyoto Jazz Massive
B Certain Peace (Rainer Trüby Trio Remix) (7:03)
Remix - Trüby Trio

Yellow Productions

Cat No: YP 063
Released: 2000



Format: CD Album
Genre: Trip Hop


1 Overcome (4:30)
2 Ponderosa (3:30)
3 Black Steel (5:40)
4 Hell Is Round The Corner (3:47)
5 Pumpkin (4:30)
6 Aftermath (7:38)
7 Abbaon Fat Tracks (4:26)
8 Brand New You're Retro (2:54)
9 Suffocated Love (4:53)
10 You Don't (4:39)
11 Strugglin' (6:38)
12 Feed Me (4:03)

4th & Broadway

Cat No: BRCD 610
Released: 1995



Format: CD Album
Genre: Trip Hop


1 Mysterons (4:56)
2 Sour Times (4:05)
3 Strangers (3:49)
4 It Could Be Sweet (4:10)
5 Wandering Star (4:46)
6 Numb (3:43)
7 Roads (4:56)
8 Pedestal (3:30)
9 Biscuit (4:34)
10 Glory Box (4:49)

Go! Beat

Cat No: 828 522 - 2
Released: 1994


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Information on the Trip Hop genre

Trip-hop is a music genre also known as the Bristol sound. The trip-hop description was applied to the musical trend in the mid-1990s of downtempo electronic music that grew out of England's hip hop and house scenes. It has been described as "Europe's alternative of choice in the second half of the '90s", and a one-up fusion "of Hip-Hop and Electronica until neither genre is recognizable." It is thus categorized as a fairly experimental genre, and sometimes with elements of Dance.

The style is characterized by the reliance on breakbeats and a sample-heavy, often moody sound pioneered by Coldcut's remix of Eric B. & Rakim's Paid in Full. Trip hop gained notice via popular artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Björk, Goldfrapp, Moloko, Thievery Corporation, Amon Tobin, and rock-influenced sound groups such as Ruby, Bristol's band Ilya, California's DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Unkle, and the UK's Gorillaz, Howie B., Morcheeba, originating from Hythe in Kent, Londoners Glideascope, New York's Bowery Electric, and Seattle's Anomie Belle are also often associated with this sound. Massive Attack's debut album Blue Lines, is seen as the "blueprint" for the genre. Various American hip hop artists and albums have been influenced by trip hop. Examples include the Deltron 3030 (album), artists Cannibal Ox, Mos Def, DJ Two14, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and producers Dan The Automator and Madlib.

Trip hop originated in the mid '90s in Bristol, England, during a time when American hip hop started to gain increasing popularity in Europe along with the then well established House music and dance scene.[citation needed] British DJs decided to put a local spin on the international phenomenon and developed hip hop into a different style, marking the birth of trip hop. The name is meant to suggest the spacey, down-tempo feeling of trip hop music. Originators in Bristol modified hip hop by adding a laid-back beat ("down tempo") – Bristol's signature sound in hip hop (trip hop's predecessor) was characterized by its emphasis on slow and heavy drum beats and a sound drawing heavily on acid jazz, Jamaican and dub music. Trip hop took root in Bristol partly because of its deeply rooted sound system culture and its relationship with a black identity. It is important to note that, as an important slave-trading centre in the 18th century, Bristol's black community has influenced black British identity for centuries. Under the influence of American hip hop from the 1980s both black and white British youth became consumers of hip hop. Hip hop in the UK was immediately fused with black soul and elements of dancehall.

The term "Trip hop" was coined by music journalist Andy Pemberton in the June 1994 issue of UK magazine Mixmag to describe the hip hop instrumental "In/Flux", a 1993 single by DJ Shadow, and other similar tracks released on the Mo' Wax label and being played in London clubs at the time. "In/Flux", with its mixed up bpms, spoken word samples, strings, melodies, bizarre noises, prominent bass, and slow beats, gave the listener the impression they were on a musical trip, according to Pemberton. James Brendall termed the experience of trip-hop with the combination of "computers and dope".

Massive Attack's first album Blue Lines in 1991, is often seen as the first manifestation of the "Bristol hip hop movement" (known as the "First Coming of Bristol Sound"). 1994 and '95 saw trip hop near the peak of its popularity. Massive Attack released their second album entitled Protection. Those years also marked the rise of Portishead, Tricky and Red Snapper (although from London). Portishead's female lead singer Beth Gibbons' sullen voice was mixed with samples of music from the '60s and '70s, as well as sound effects from LPs, giving the group a distinctive style. Tricky's style was characterized by murmuring and low-pitched singing. Artists and groups like Portishead and Tricky led the second wave of the Bristol Movement. This second wave produced music that was dreamy and atmospheric, and sometimes deep and gloomy.