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Black Kiss - The Orgasm - Who's That Beat? - New Beat

Black Kiss - The Orgasm - Who's That Beat? - New Beat
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Track Listing

A The Orgasm (Part 1) (5:25)
B The Orgasm (Part 2) (7:40)

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Artist Black Kiss
Title The Orgasm
Label Who's That Beat?
Catalogue WHOS 12
Format Vinyl 12 Inch
Released 1988
Genre New Beat

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The OrgasmThe Orgasm

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Information on the New Beat Genre

The New Beat sound, mostly originated in Belgium and the productions date in the late 1980s and especially between the years 1987 and 1988 (and upto 1991). The British labeled it "Agreppo" for not confusing it with their local version of the term. "Agreppo" comes from "Aggressive Pop". This term also used in Europe around the same time, to describe the late 80s Electronic Body Music (EBM) music style.

The Belgium New Beat, was an underground danceable music style, well known at Clubs and Discos around Europe. It is a local crossover of EBM, Acid & mid 80s underground House music. The 80s Dark Wave also became an aesthetic influence (especially the Depeche Mode's videos from 1985-1989). At the time, EBM was popular in German speaking countries & The Netherlands, Acid / Acid Trance was popular on the UK and House Music (in a 80s Eurodisco French twist) was popular in France. Belgium, a small land in the Center of all those areas, influenced from all and created this unique music sound, with huge underground success all over Europe.

Legend has it that the Belgian New Beat genre was invented in the nightclub Boccaccio in Destelbergen near Ghent when DJ Marc Grouls played a 45rpm EBM record at 33rpm, with the pitch control set to +8. The track in question was Flesh by A Split-Second.

In addition to A Split Second, the genre was also heavily influenced by other EBM acts such as Front 242 and The Neon Judgement, as well as the likes of Fad Gadget, Gary Numan and Anne Clark.

In 1989–1990, the genre spawned some short-lived sub-genres or successor genres Hard Beat and Schizzo - the latter being a techno-influenced style, considerably faster than the original slow new beat style.

There were two popular New Beat groups, with some commercial success: Confetti's and The Lords of Acid. Those groups are among the very few New Beat ones, that produced Music Videos and during the late 80s, they had a heavy airplay on the original MTV Europe, through the show "Party Zone". MTV Europe's VJ Steve Blame was a great fan of New Beat and through his position on MTV News, promoted the Belgium's New Beat sound through his reports.

Many Europeans consider New Beat as a forerunner of European House (Euro-House). Others, consider that "New Beat" was the first true European dance music style, without any Euro disco (Italo Disco - Eurobeat) influences. New Beat incorporated more Techno and Acid house influences. Euro House had Euro disco influences and for sure is not a New Beat / "Euro Disco" crossover. So for them, "Euro Beat" was a music style, that faded in 1990, for unknown reasons.


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Record labels

* Antler-Subway Records
* Music Man Records
* R&S Records

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