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No Artist - BBC Sound Effects No. 3 - BBC Records - Soundtracks

No Artist - BBC Sound Effects No. 3 - BBC Records - Soundtracks
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Track Listing

Band 1. African Atmosphere (Central, And south Of Sahara)
A1a Dawn On South African Farm (1:30)
A1b Weaver Birds, Village Atmosphere (1:00)
A1c Tsetse Fly (1:00)
A1d Night Atmosphere (1:30)
A1e Tropical Forest, Night (1:30)
Band 2. Nigerian Crowds
A2a Crowd, With Tomtoms (1:15)
A2b Large, Mixed Crowd (1:15)
A2c Village Chatter (1:15)
A2d Village Welcome (0:58)
A2e Excited Crowd (0:30)
A2f Traffic And People, Lagos (1:30)
Band 3. Motor Launch
A3a Start; Reverse; Manoeuvre (0:55)
A3b Start; Tickover (0:30)
A3c Start; Run At Medium Speed; Stop (1:20)
A3d Start; Fast Run; Stop (1:20)
A3e (In Cabin) Start; Reverse; Fast Run (1:20)
Band 4. 19ft. Cabin Sloop
A4a Sailing Against The Wind (1:20)
Marine Siren F45
A4b 1, 2, 3 & 4 Blasts (0:30)
A4c \"Lee Ho!\" (0:16)
A4d Mooring Chain Hauled In (0:32)
Club Boatyard
A4e General Atmosphere (1:15)
A4f Winch (0:20)
Band 5. Rowing Boat
A5a Boarding And Stowing Gear (0:25)
A5b Rowing (1 Pair Oars) (1:20)
A5c 1st Century Slave Gallery (1:15)
Band 1. Hovercraft, SRN 6
B1a Start Up; Manoeuvre (0:45)
B1b Fast Departure (1:00)
B1c (INT) Warm Up; Constant Run (1:15)
B1d Approach; Slow Down; Switch Off (1:45)
Band 2. Sail Training Ship \'Malcolm Miller\' (Calm Or Light Sea)
B2a Creaking And Flapping Boom (1:17)
B2b Light Sea Heard From Halliards (1:17)
B2c Bow Wave, From Lee Quarter (1:17)
B2d Tacking (0:50)
Band 3. Sail Training Ship \'Malcolm Miller\' (Average/Rough Sea)
B3a Bow Wave From Bowsprit At 4 Knots (9 Knot Wind) (1:17)
B3b Tackles Clanking And Sails Flapping (0:50)
B3c Average Sea From Halliards (1:17)
B3d Wind Howling In The Rigging (1:17)
Band 4. Clipper Sailing Ship
B4a \"Trade Winds\" (1:17)
B4b \"Roaring Forties\" (1:17)
Naval Battles
B4c 18th Century - General Conflict (1:15)
B4d Cannon Fire : Single (0:03)
B4e Cannon Fire : Double (0:04)
B4f Cannon Fire : Triple (0:06)
B4g Cannon Fire : Quadruple (0:05)
B4h Vietnam : Naval Bombardment
Band 5. Ships In Fog
B5a Foghorn And Ships (1:20)
B5b Bell Buoy (1:15)
B5c High-Pitched Oscillator (0:30)
B5d Medium-Pitched Oscillator (0:30)
B5e Low-Pitched Oscillator (0:30)
Band 6. Harbour Wall Atmosphere
B6a Day, With Gulls (1:20)
B6b Night, With Force 5 Wind (1:20)

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Artist No Artist
Title BBC Sound Effects No. 3
Label BBC Records
Catalogue RED 102M
Format Vinyl Album
Released 1970
Genre Soundtracks

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Information on the Soundtracks Genre

A soundtrack can be recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, television program or video game; a commercially released soundtrack album of music as featured in the soundtrack of a film or TV show; or the physical area of a film that contains the synchronized recorded sound.

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