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Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Słynne Tanga I Walce

A1 Orkiestra Taneczna Piotra Szymanowskiego Violetta
A2 Orkiestra Taneczna Ryszarda Damrosza Tango Capriccio
A3 Orkiestra Taneczna Ryszarda Damrosza Crescendo
A4 Polish Radio Orchestra Of Krakow La Cumparsita
A5 Zespół Instrumentalny Wiesława Machana Niebo Południa
A6 Orkiestra Taneczna Piotra Szymanowskiego Ramiro
A7 Zespół Instrumentalny Wiesława Machana Marzenia I Sny
B1 Polish Radio Orchestra Of Krakow Francois
B2 Orkiestra Salonowa Stanisława Łódzkiego Wiedeńska Krew
B3 Orkiestra Salonowa Stanisława Łódzkiego Fale Dunaju
B4 Orkiestra Taneczna Piotra Szymanowskiego Na Wzgórzach Mandżurii
B5 Orkiestra Salonowa Stanisława Łódzkiego Łyżwiarze
B6 Orkiestra Salonowa Stanisława Łódzkiego Walc Skarb
B7 Orkiestra Salonowa Stanisława Łódzkiego Walc


Cat No: XL 0197
Released: 1965


The Pipes And Drums Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers And Greys)

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Farewell To The Greys

A1 Jubilant
Trot & Canter (Royal Scots Dragoon Guards)
A2.i The Keel Plow
A2.i Bonnie Dundee
A3.i The Back O' Bennachie
A3.ii The Drunken Piper
A3.iii 72nd's Farewell To Aberdeen
A3.iv Corriechoillie
A3.v My Love She's But A Lassie Yet Rantin', Rovin', Robin
A4 Cornet Carillon
Slow Air & Jigs
A5.i Leavin Rhu Vaterniish
A5.ii Nameless
A5.iii The Duck
A5.iv Eleanor's
A5.v Drummer's Salute
A6 Scotland The Brave (Combined Bands)
Slow Air
A7 Amazing Grace (Combined Bands)
B1 Russian Imperial Anthem
Slow March & Waltz (Royal Scots Dragoon Guards)
B2.i Garb Of Old Gaul
B2.ii Men Of Harlech
March, Strathspeys, Reels & March
B3.i Achany Glen
B3.ii Craig-A-Bhodaich
B3.iii Dalnahasaig
B3.iv MacFarlane's
B3.v Dancing Feet Dr. Ross
Slow Air
B4 Going Home (Combined Bands)
Evening Hymn
B5 Abide With Me
B6 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Quick Marches
B7.i Third Dragoon Guards
B7.ii Highland Laddie


Cat No: INTS 1279
Released: 1971


Georg Friedrich Händel, The London Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir & Douglas Gamley

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical


Favourite Choruses And Arias From "The Messiah"
A1 Overture (3:15)
A2 Comfort Ye My People - Ev'ry Valley (7:35)
A3 And The Glory Of The Lord (3:06)
A4 For Unto Us A Child Is Born (4:06)
B1 Hallelujah! (4:10)
B2 I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (7:25)
B3 Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain - Amen (7:00)

Stereo Gold Award

Cat No: MER 368
Released: 1972


Deanna Durbin

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Sweetheart Of Song

A1 Waltzing In The Clouds
A2 My Own
A3 More And More
A4 Californ-I-Ay
A5 Brindisi
A6 Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
A7 My Blue Danube Dream
A8 Any Moment Now
A9 It's Raining Sunbeams
A10 Beneath The Lights Of Home
B1 Can't Help Singing
B2 Amapola
B3 When April Sings
B4 Love Is All
B5 Le Filles De Cadiz
B6 Perhaps
B7 One Fine Day
B8 Always
B9 Spring In My Heart
B10 The Turntable Song

MCA Records

Cat No: MCFM 2579


Gustav Holst & Wiener Philharmoniker & Wiener Staatsopernchor & Herbert Von Karajan

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

The Planets

A1 Mars, The Bringer Of War (6:55)
A2 Venus, The Bringer Of Peace (7:20)
A3 Mercury, The Winged Messenger (4:55)
A4 Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity (7:45)
B1 Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age (8:30)
B2 Uranus, The Magician (5:45)
B3 Neptune, The Mystic (7:35)


Cat No: JB 30
Released: 1977


James Last

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Non Stop Dancing 14

A1.a Silver Machine
A1.b Children Of The Revolution
A1.c School's Out
A2.a Hello-A
A2.b Black And White
A2.c Standing In The Road
A3.a Easy Livin'
A3.b Coming Closer
A3.c Popcorn
A4.a Run To Me
A4.b The Guitar Man
A5.a I'm On My Way
A5.b Michaela
A5.c Viva España
B1.a Mama Weer All Crazee Now
B1.b Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
B1.c Pop That Thang
B2.a Sylvia's Mother
B2.b Join Together
B2.c Bottoms Up
B3.a Nothing
B3.b Theme From 'Shaft'
B3.c Thunder And Lightning
B4.a Goodbye To Love
B4.b Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
B5.a Wig-Wam-Bam
B5.b Let's Dance
B5.c Rock And Roll, Part 2


Cat No: 2371 319
Released: 1972



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

The World Of Mantovani

A1 Some Enchanted Evening
A2 Hava Nagila
A3 Cara Mia
A4 Jealousy
A5 Fiddler On The Roof
A6 The Merry Widow Waltz
A7 Onward Christian Soldiers
B1 More
B2 The Big Country
B3 Ebb Tide
B4 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
B5 Catari, Catari
B6 Village Swallows
B7 Can Can (La Boutique Fantasque)


Cat No: SPA 1
Released: 1968


The Billy May Orchestra

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Marrakesh Express

A1 Marrakesh Express
A2 Baby I Need Your Loving
A3 Pepito
A4 The Stripper
A5 Pass Me By
A6 Hold Me
A7 Theme From 'A Summer Place'
A8 Blues In The Night
B1 Little Green Apples
B2 Come Back To Me
B3 Soulful Strut
B4 Walk On By
B5 Some Of These Days
B6 It's Getting Better
B7 Come Rain Or Come Shine
B8 Spanish Harlem

Warwick Records

Cat No: WW 2070
Released: 1987


John Tagger Collection

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Musical Boxes, Street & Barrel Organs From Paris

Musical Box (Polyphon)
A1a Romance (les Noces De Jeanette)
A1b Duet (La Mascotte)
A1c Waltz (Gypsy Baron)
A2a Waltz: La Vague
A2b Bal Bourée
A2c Berceuse De Jocelyn
A3a Valse Des Pierreuses
A3b Valse Bleue
A3c The Blue Danube
A3d Dororès
Musical Box (Stella)
A4 Valse Op. 64/1
A5 Soldiers' Chorus (Faust)
A6 Una Voce Poco Fa (Barber Of Seville)
A7 Polonaise (Mignon)
A8 Shadow Song (Dinorah)
A9 Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin)
A10 Prayer (William Tell)
A11 Quartet (Rigoletto)
Barrel Organ
B1 Airs Enfantine (Pot Pourri)
Street Organ
B2 Les Saltimbanques (Grande Fantaisie)
B3 Overture: Si J'etais Roi
B4 La Fille De Madame Angot (Fantaisie)
B5 Quadrille: Orpheus In The Underworld
Barrel Organ
B6 Patriotic Airs


Cat No: EMD 5516
Released: 1974


B.M.C. Concert Band

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Burnished Brass

A1 Overture On Famous Airs
A2 Three Dale Dances
A3 Hailstorm - Euphonium Solo
A4 Red Musketeer
B1 The Bronze Horse - Overture
B2 Rondo From Horn Concerto No.3 - Horn Solo
B3 Fanfare Polka
B4 High Spirits - Cornet Feature
B5 Paperchase - Trombone Feature
B6 The Padstow Lifeboat

E.M.I. Records Limited

Cat No: CLP 3650
Released: 1968


William Davis Construction Group Band

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

The Spice of Life

A1 Blenheim Flourishes (3:19)
A2 One Voice (2:59)
A3 One fine day from Madame Butterfly (4:31)
A4 Meridian (4:42)
A5 Norwegian Dance (2:23)
A6 Mack and Mabel - Overture (5:51)
B1 Pop Looks Bach (1:24)
B2 Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah (4:17)
B3 Deep Inside the Sacred Temple from The Pearlfishers (3:35)
B4 Tritsch Tratsch Polka (2:56)
B5 Greensleeves (3:01)
B6 Orient Express (8:05)

Polyphonic Reproductions Ltd.

Cat No: PRL 034D
Released: 1987


John Williams

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical


A1 Cavatina (Theme From 'The Deer Hunter')
A2 Because
A3 Air On A 'G' String
A4 J.S.B.
A5 Portrait
A6 Bach Changes
B1 Romanza
B2 Woodstock
B3 The Swagman
B4 Sheep May Safely Graze
B5 From The Top
B6 New Rising Sun


Cat No: WH 5015
Released: 1979


Aled Jones

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical


A1 Sailing
A2 Scarborough Fair Canticle
A3 Reverend Eli Jenkins Prayer (Troytes Chant)
A4 Puff The Magic Dragon
A5 Trees
A6 Watching The Wheat (Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn)
A7 Sea Fever
B1 Bright Eyes
B2 To Music (An Die Musik)
B3 David Of The White Rock (Dafyddy Garreg Wen)
B4 The Little Horses
B5 At The River (Hymn Tune)
B6 Simple Gifts (Shaker Song)
B7 Christopher Robin

10 Records

Cat No: AJ4
Released: 1987


Barbra Streisand

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

Classical ... Barbra

A1 Beau Soir (2:37)
A2 Brezairola ("Berceuse" From "Songs Of The Auvergne") (3:44)
A3 Verschwiegene Liebe (2:55)
A4 Pavane (Vocalise) (5:29)
A5 Après Un Rêve (3:22)
B1 In Trutina (From "Carmina Burana") (2:08)
B2 Lascia Ch'io Pianga (From "Rinaldo") (3:38)
B3 Mondnacht (3:55)
B4 Dank Sei Dir, Herr (3:42)
B5 I Loved You (2:16)


Cat No: S 73484
Released: 1976


The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Classical

A Sound Spectacular Stereo Space Odyssey

A1 Theme From 2001
A2 Mercury
A3 Venus
A4 Mars
A5 Stellar Caprice
B1 1812 Overture Op. 49—Finale
B2 Hallelujah Chorus
B3 Dance Of The Tumblers

Stereo Gold Award

Cat No: MER 372
Released: 1973


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Information on the Classical genre

Classical music, strictly defined, means music produced in the western world between 1750 and 1820. This music included opera, chamber music, choral pieces, and music requiring a full orchestra. To most, however, classical music refers to all of the above types of music within most time periods before the 20th century.

Classical music in its limited definition includes the works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. From Mozart, a huge range of pieces offer us a chance to enjoy. Mozart wrote symphonies, music for quartets and quintets, chamber orchestra pieces, choral pieces, piano concertos, and entire operas. In total, he wrote over 600 musical pieces. He is perhaps best known for his opera, The Magic Flute . Most also recognize Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, as well as a number of his symphonies and concertos.

Classical music would not be quite the same without Beethoven, who is particularly known for his symphonies. Beethoven’s sixth symphony is probably most recognized because of its pastorale, a section of music used in the Disney film Fantasia. The achingly beautiful Moonlight Sonata is also Beethoven. Beethoven wrote only one opera, Fidelio. His genius rests in his symphonies and piano concertos, and some Beethoven must be in the catalog of anyone who loves classical music.

Haydn has often been referred to as the “father of classical music.” His work during this era forms the basis of influence for others who wrote classical music. Ironically, though he is considered the progenitor of classical music, he is less familiar to most audiences than the composers mentioned above. His Symphony no. 94, The Surprise Symphony, is among his best known works.

Classical music in the broader definition evokes such composers as Bach, who preceded the more rigidly defined classical music era and is more rightly classed in the Baroque period. Vivaldi, perhaps best remembered for The Four Seasons is also of the Baroque period. Handel’s Messiah is well known to the many who participate in sing-alongs during the Christmas season.

The Romantic Period, which follows directly after the classical period, is known for its emotive qualities. Mahler and Sibelius stand out and tend to be familiar to most. Wagner is perhaps the most frequently recognized of the Romantic composers, his work stormy and grand, and his many operas still performed regularly today.

Classical music may also refer to the native and folk music of any country. The styles vary greatly depending upon available instruments. For example, the classical music of Indonesia, with its use of the gamelan, is vastly different from what most would consider classical music of the western world. Folk traditions in other countries may seem more influential to western classical music. Musicians of the baroque and classical periods often adapted their works from folk music.