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Carl Smith

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

The Way I Lose My Mind

A1 The Way I Lose My Mind (2:17)
A2 Lost Highway (2:31)
A3 Not Once But A Hundred Times (2:20)
A4 I Ain't Getting Nowhere With You (2:34)
A5 Dreaming Again (3:00)
A6 Me And My Broken Heart (2:37)
B1 Everything I Touch Turns To Sugar (2:19)
B2 Happy Birthday My Darling (2:40)
B3 Candy And Roses (2:26)
B4 Half As Much (2:35)
B5 Remembered By Someone (Remembered By Me) (2:26)

Hickory Records

Cat No: H3G 4518
Released: 1974


Marvin Rainwater & Stuart Hamblen & Webb Pierce

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

Country And Western Favorites

A1 Groovy Boy
A2 I Saw You Face In The Moon
A3 Hawaiian Echoes
A4 I've Love You Forever It Seems
A5 I Gotta Do Get My Baby
A6 Daddy's Glad You Came Home
B1 Korea's Mountain Northland
B2 Tainted Gold
B3 Ace In The Hole
B4 Blue Bonnets (in Her Golden Hair)
B5 My Old Hound Dog
B6 Our Anniversary

Ember Records

Cat No: Emb 3346


Everly Brothers

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Country and Western

The Everly Brothers' Original Greatest Hits

A1 Bye, Bye Love (2:20)
A2 Problems (1:57)
A3 Let It Be Me (2:34)
A4 Maybe Tomorrow (2:05)
A5 Be-Bop-A-Lula (2:17)
B1 Bird Dog (2:15)
B2 Love Of My Life (2:02)
B3 Keep A-Knockin' (2:16)
B4 Leave My Woman Alone (2:34)
B5 A Brand New Heartache (2:15)
C1 Wake Up Little Susie (2:00)
C2 Like Strangers (2:00)
C3 Rockin' Alone (2:58)
C4 Long Time Gone (2:21)
C5 All I Have To Do Is Dream (2:19)
D1 'Til I Kissed You (2:22)
D2 Poor Jenny (2:08)
D3 Should We Tell Him (2:05)
D4 Lightning Express (4:48)
D5 Rip It Up (2:12)


Cat No: 66255
Released: 1970



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Country and Western

Nashville's Greatest Instrumentalists

A1 Floyd Cramer Sugerfoot Rag (2:08)
A2 Roddy Bristol And The Nashville String Quartet I'm Movin' On (2:13)
A3 Buck Trent Mistery Mountain (2:03)
A4 Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed Limehouse Blues (2:33)
A5 Homer And Jethro Take The "A" Train (2:47)
B1 Albert Coleman Sophisticated Hoe-Down (1:55)
B2 Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass I'll Fly Away (2:10)
B3 Chet Atkins Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man (2:35)
B4 Lester Flatt Feudin' Banjos (1:43)
B5 The Nashville String Band Dixie (2:36)


Cat No: APL1-0167
Released: 1973


Canned Heat

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Country and Western

Let's Work Together

A Let's Work Together (2:54)
B I'm Her Man (3:29)


Cat No: LBF 15302
Released: 1969


Frank Ifield

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Country and Western

I Remember You

A I Remember You
B I Listen To My Heart


Cat No: 45-DB 4856
Released: 1962


Dolly Parton

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

Dolly, Dolly, Dolly

A1 Starting Over Again (3:55)
A2 Same Old Fool (3:20)
A3 Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You (3:28)
A4 You're The Only One I Ever Needed (2:57)
A5 Say Goodnight (4:04)
B1 Fool For Your Love (3:05)
B2 Even A Fool Would Let Go (3:18)
B3 Sweet Agony (3:40)
B4 I Knew You When (3:09)
B5 Packin' It Up (3:30)


Cat No: PL 13546
Released: 1980



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

Lady In Waiting

A1 Breaker - Breaker
A2 South Carolina
A3 Ain't So Bad
A4 Freeborn Man
A5 Girl From Ohio
B1 Lover Boy
B2 Just For You
B3 Prisoner
B4 Stick Around For Rock & Roll


Cat No: ARTY 126
Released: 1976
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John Cassidy

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

Johnny Cash Greatest Hits

A1 San Quentin
A2 A Boy Named Sue
A3 Wreck Of The Old '97
A4 Daddy Sang Bass
A5 Sunday Morning Coming Down
A6 Forty Shades Of Green
B1 Folsom Prison Blues
B2 I Got Stripes
B3 Birmingham Jail
B4 I Still Miss Someone
B5 Wildwood Flower
B6 I Walk The Line

Stereo Gold Award

Cat No: MER 387
Released: 1974



Format: CD Double Album
Genre: Country and Western

The Complete Greatest Hits

1-1 Take It Easy (3:30)
1-2 Witchy Woman (4:11)
1-3 Peaceful Easy Feeling (4:16)
1-4 Desperado (3:33)
1-5 Tequila Sunrise (2:52)
1-6 Doolin-Dalton (3:26)
1-7 Already Gone (4:15)
1-8 The Best Of My Love (4:34)
1-9 James Dean (3:38)
1-10 Ol' 55 (4:22)
1-11 Midnight Flyer (3:58)
1-12 On The Border (4:22)
1-13 Lyin' Eyes (6:20)
1-14 One Of These Nights (4:50)
1-15 Take It To The Limit (4:47)
1-16 After The Thrill Is Gone (3:56)
1-17 Hotel California (6:29)
2-1 Life In The Fast Lane (4:45)
2-2 Wasted Time (4:54)
2-3 Victim Of Love (4:10)
2-4 The Last Resort (7:28)
2-5 New Kid In Town (5:05)
2-6 Please Come Home For Christmas (2:58)
2-7 Heartache Tonight (4:25)
2-8 The Sad Café (5:33)
2-9 I Can't Tell You Why (4:53)
2-10 The Long Run (3:41)
2-11 In The City (3:44)
2-12 Those Shoes (4:56)
2-13 Seven Bridges Road (Live) (3:04)
2-14 Love Will Keep Us Alive (4:02)
2-15 Get Over It (3:30)
2-16 Hole In The World (4:19)

Rhino Records

Cat No: 8122-79933-7
Released: 2008


Johnny Cash

Format: CD Album
Genre: Country and Western

Sings The Ballads Of The True West

1 Hawatha's Vision (2:25)
2 The Road To Kaintuck (2:44)
3 The Shifting, Whispering Sands (Part l) (2:55)
4 The Ballad Of Boot Hill (3:49)
5 I Ride An Old Paint (2:58)
6 Hardin Wouldn't Run (4:19)
7 Mister Garfield (4:36)
8 The Streets Of Laredo (3:39)
9 Johnny Reb (2:51)
10 A Letter From Home (2:35)
11 Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (2:27)
12 Mean As Hell (3:08)
13 Sam Hall (3:45)
14 25 Minutes To Go (3:14)
15 The Blizzard (3:54)
16 Sweet Betsy From Pike (3:57)
17 Green Grow The Lilacs (2:47)
18 Stampede (4:01)
19 The Shifting, Whispering Sands (Part ll) (2:28)
20 Reflections (2:48)
Bonus Tracks
21 Rodeo Hand (2:28)
22 Stampede (Alternative Instrumental) (1:07)


Cat No: COL 509411 2
Released: 2002


Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson

Format: CD Album
Genre: Country and Western

The Highwayman Collection

1 Highwayman (3:03)
2 The Last Cowboy Song (3:10)
3 Jim, I Wore A Tie Today (3:21)
4 Big River (2:46)
5 Committed To Parkview (3:18)
6 Desperados Waiting For A Train (4:33)
7 Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) (3:44)
8 Welfare Line (2:34)
9 Against The Wind (3:47)
10 The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over (3:34)
11 Silver Stallion (3:12)
12 Born And Raised In Black And White (4:01)
13 Two Stories Wide (2:34)
14 We're All In Your Corner (3:04)
15 American Remains (4:07)
16 Anthem '84 (2:44)
17 Angels Love Bad Men (3:33)
18 Songs That Make A Difference (2:55)
19 Living Legend (3:59)
20 Texas (2:42)


Cat No: 500917 2
Released: 2000


Don Williams

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

Greatest Hits Volume One

A1 Amanda (3:08)
A2 Come Early Morning (3:08)
A3 The Shelter Of Your Eyes (2:58)
A4 Atta Way To Go (2:47)
A5 She's In Love With A Rodeo Man (3:10)
A6 Down The Road I Go (3:07)
B1 I Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Love Me (2:57)
B2 We Should Be Together (3:02)
B3 The Ties That Bind (2:36)
B4 Ghost Story (2:41)
B5 Don'y You Believe (2:39)
B6 I Recall A Gypsy Woman (3:20)

ABC Records

Cat No: ABCL 5147
Released: 1975


Duane Eddy

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

The Best Of Duane Eddy

A1 Fireball Mail
A2 Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar
A3 The Ballad Of Paladin
A4 Wildwood Flower
A5 Boss Guitar
B1 (Dance With The) Guitar Man
B2 High Noon
B3 Rebel Rouser
B4 Your Baby's Gone Surfin'
B5 Deep In The Heart Of Texas

RCA Camden

Cat No: CDS 1109
Released: 1972


Jim Reeves

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Country and Western

Jim Reeves' Golden Records

A1 The Wreck Of The Number Nine
A2 Welcome To My World
A3 Bimbo
A4 (There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover
A5 I Won't Forget You
A6 Mexican Joe
A7 A Letter To My Heart
B1 Just Walking In The Rain
B2 The Streets Of Laredo
B3 I Love You Because
B4 Missing Angel
B5 Danny Boy
B6 Blue Side Of Lonesome
B7 Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart

RCA International (Camden)

Cat No: INTS 1070
Released: 1970
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Information on the Country and Western genre

Country music is a genre of American popular music that originated in the rural regions of the Southern United States in the 1920s and 20th century Canada. It takes its roots from southeastern American folk music, Western cowboy. Blues mode has been used extensively throughout its recorded history.Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments such as banjoes, electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, and harmonicas.
The term country music gained popularity in the 1940s in preference to the earlier term hillbilly music; it came to encompass Western music, which evolved parallel to hillbilly music from similar roots, in the mid-20th century. The term country music is used today to describe many styles and subgenres. In 2009 country music was the most listened to rush hour radio genre during the evening commute, and second most popular in the morning commute in the United States.