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Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools


A1 Know Jah Break
A2 Total Mix 1
A3 Total Mix 2
A4 Total Mix 3
B1 A Little Bit Of Like
B3 Kill Dem
B3 Mackin' Game

Illegal Broadcasting System

Cat No: SP-SF-006



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Defected Accapellas Volume 4

A1 Stacy Kidd & XL (15) The Movement (Accapella) (0:50)
A2 Hanna Haïs (Je Ne Veux Plus Être) Ta Reine (Accapella) (3:16)
A3 Scott Wozniak Talk Dirty To Me (Accapella) (2:55)
A4 Rise Ashen Second Wind (Accapella) (2:19)
A5 Manijama & Mukupa & L'il T No No No (Accapella) (1:22)
A6 Djaimin & Crystal Re-Clear Give You (Accapella) (3:25)
A7 Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford It's Over (Accapella) (4:08)
A8 Ron Hall & The MuthaFunkaz & Marc Evans The Way You Love Me (Accapella) (3:53)
A9 Wahoo Make Em Shake (Accapella) (2:34)
A10 One Track Minds Voices (Accapella Tool) (2:53)
B1 Oreja Vazilando (Accapella) (2:36)
B2 Junior Jack E Samba (Accapella) (1:34)
B3 Olav Basoski Opium Scumbagz (Accapella) (2:06)
B4 DJ Chus & David Penn & Caterina Baila (Accapella) (2:15)
B5 Awa Band Timba (Accachant) (1:36)
B6 Awa Band Timba (Accapella) (2:37)
B7 Kings Of Tomorrow Young Hearts (Accapella) (3:55)
B8 Kathy Brown Get Another Love (Accapella) (4:51)
B9 Il Padrinos & Jocelyn Brown That's How Good Your Love Is (Intro Accapella) (2:41)
B10 Il Padrinos & Jocelyn Brown That's How Good Your Love Is (Accapella) (4:40)


Cat No: DEFAC04LP1
Released: 2007


DJ Cue

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Broken Fader Breaks Volume 2: Fresh Out The Box

A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
A3 Untitled
A4 Untitled
A5 Untitled
A6 Untitled
A7 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
B3 Untitled
B4 Untitled
B5 Untitled
B6 Untitled

Broken Fader Breaks

Cat No: BFB-02
Released: 1995



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Carry-On Break Beats / DJ Friendly User Definded Grooves

A1 Love A Duck
A2 Carry On Cruising
A3 Penny Panting With Massive Mickey McGee
A4 Dynamite Dan
A5 Carry On Dick
A6 OO ER! Missus
A7 Sergeant Tilly Willing
A8 Carry On Girls (Private Alice Easy)
A9 Sergeant Major Tiger Blommer
A10 Corporal Copping
A11 The Khasi Of Khalabar
A12 Cor! Strike A Light
A13 The British Position In India
A14 Gunner Shorthouse & Sergeant Able
A15 Carry On Regardless
B1 Carry On Rodger
B2 Drop Your Trousers
B3 Follow That Camel
B4 Brother Belcher & Citizen Camembert
B5 Carry On Up The Khyber
B6 Captain S. Melly Feat. Arthur Upmore
B7 Dr. Tinkle Meets Cecil Gaybody
B8 The Bowels Are Ringing
B9 The Ringo Kid
B10 Carry On Henry
B11 Sidney Fiddler & Agusta Prodworthy
B12 Miserable Little Pleader
B13 Carry On At Your Convience
B14 Mind My Chopper
B15 Carry On Drinking

Not On Label

Cat No: BOOLP001


The Rhythm Killers

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Breakin And Entering Volume 03

A1 To This Roots (117 BPM)
A2 Riding Low (95.5 BPM)
A3 Different Strokes (147 BPM)
A4 Murder She Wrote (95.5 BPM)
A5 Lookin' Back (89.5 BPM)
B1 Death In The Arena (138 BPM)
B2 Skin Tight (112 BPM)
B3 Swell Head (112 BPM)
B4 Finders Keepers (82 BPM)
B5 After Dark (88 BPM)

Drum Drops

Cat No: DDBE1003
Released: 2001


Skratch Weapons

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Skratch Weapons V.2 Battle Tools

A Untitled
B Untitled

SWV Records

Cat No: SWV2-1


Skratchy Seal

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

SuperSeal Breaks

A1 Aaah
A2 Fresh
A3 Fr Fr Fresh
A4 It's Fresh
A5 Aaaaaaaa
A6 The Bass Drop
A7 One, Two, Three, Four, Hit It
A8 Rockit
A9 Car Crash
A10 Electro Drums
A11 Yo, Cut, Say What
A12 Funky Fresh, Ah Yeah
A13 Pump It Up
A14 Planet Rock Beat
B1 Intro Bits
B2 Beat 2
B3 Beat 3
B4 Beat 4
B5 Tone

Dirt Style Records (2)

Cat No: SEAL 002
Released: 2000


DJ Hertz

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Enter The Scratch Game

A 11 Skip Proof + 1 Soundbank (Vitesse Classique)
B 11 Skip Proof + 1 Soundbank (Vitesse Accélérée)

Scratch Science

Cat No: SC009
Released: 2009


Le Jad & Ligone

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Around The World

A1 Skip Proof 1
A2 Skip Proof 2
A3 Skip Proof 3
A4 Skip Proof 4
A5 Skip Proof 5
A6 Skip Proof 6
A7 Skip Proof 7
A8 Skip Proof 8
A9 Skip Proof 9
A10 Skip Proof 10
A11 Skip Proof 11
B1 Skip Proof 12
B2 Skip Proof 13
B3 Skip Proof 14
B4 Skip Proof 15
B5 Skip Proof 16
B6 Skip Proof 17
B7 Skip Proof 18
B8 Skip Proof 19
B9 Skip Proof 20
B10 Skip Proof 21
B11 Skip Proof 22

Scratch Science

Cat No: none
Out Of Stock

Vand Vand

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Daily Thrill

A1 Leap Seconds (D# Harmonic Minor)
A2 Bank 1 (D# Harmonic Minor)
A3 Oklahoma (A Natural Minor)
A4 Bank 2 (A Natural Minor)
A5 Failure Notice (A Natural Minor)
B1 Bank 3 (A Natural Minor)
B2 S.U.Y.T. (D# Natural Minor)
B3 Bank 4 (D# Natural Minor)
B4 Easter Egg (C# Natural Minor)
B5 Bank 5 (C# Natural Minor)
B6 Happy End (D# Harmonic Minor)

Scratch Science

Cat No: SC015
Released: 2012
Out Of Stock

Dj Hertz

Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Enter The Scratch Game Volume 2

A Skip Proofs Level 1
B Skip Proofs Level 2

Scratch Science

Cat No: SQ 601111
Released: 2011
Out Of Stock

Vinyl Toolbox vol1

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Vinyl Toolbox vol1


Cat No: VT-1


Nuyorican Soul

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools


A Runaway (Don't Sample This!) Acapella
B Runaway (Don't Sample This!) Acapella

Talkin' Loud

Cat No: TLDJ 67
Released: 1996


The Original Unknown DJ's

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Break Beats 4

A1 New Style (3:00)
A2 Apache I (3:00)
A3 Apache II (3:00)
A4 Hardcore House I (3:00)
A5 Hardcore House II (3:00)
A6 Strong Island (3:00)
A7 Bass Beats III (3:00)
A8 Bass Beats IV (3:00)
B1 Kid 'N' Drums (3:00)
B2 Philosophy (3:00)
B3 Latin Jazz I (3:00)
B4 Human Beat Box I (3:00)
B5 Rock Drums I (3:00)
B6 Puma Beats (3:00)
B7 Beat Bop (2:00)
B8 Samples & Effects (4:59)

Warrior Records

Cat No: WRRLP 015
Released: 1991
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: DJ Turntablist Tools

Acapella Anonymous Vol. 3

A1 Rhythm Controll My House (2:30)
A2 The It Donnie (1:20)
A3 Hanson & Davis Tonight (Love Will Make It Right) (1:50)
A4 Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie & Robert Owens Tears (1:15)
A5 Coldcut & Lisa Stansfield People Hold On (2:05)
A6 Fourplay Make 'Em Rock (Our Way) (1:05)
A7 Serious Intention You Don't Know (1:30)
A8 Funky 4 + 1 Feel It (The Mexican) (0:30)
A9 Orbit (3) & Carol Hall The Beat Goes On (1:00)
A10 Weeks & Co. Rock Your World (1:05)
B1 Rockers Revenge & Donnie Calvin Walking On Sunshine (2:35)
B2 Colonel Abrams Trapped (1:15)
B3 Rainy Davis Sweetheart (2:15)
B4 Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal Saturday Love (2:45)
B5 J.M. Silk Music Is The Key (1:40)
B6 Sweet Sensation & Romeo J.D. Sincerely Yours (2:10)
B7 The S.O.S. Band Just Be Good To Me (1:00)
B8 Musical Youth Pass The Dutchie (0:05)
B9 ABC How To Be A Millionaire (3:30)

DJ Essentials Inc.

Cat No: DJ 5003
Out Of Stock
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Information on the DJ Turntablist Tools genre

Vinyl records with samples and beats for use creative turntablist DJ's. Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating music using phonograph turntables or digital turntables and a DJ mixer. The word 'turntablist' was coined in 1995 by DJ Babu to describe the difference between a DJ who just plays records, and one who performs by touching and moving the records, stylus and mixer to manipulate sound. The new term co-occurred with a resurgence of the art of hip hop style DJing in the 1990s.

John Oswald described the art: "A phonograph in the hands of a 'hiphop/scratch' artist who plays a record like an electronic washboard with a phonographic needle as a plectrum, produces sounds which are unique and not reproduced -- the record player becomes a musical instrument."

Hip-hop turntablist DJs use turntable techniques like beat mixing/matching, scratching, and beat juggling. Some turntablists seek to have themselves recognized as legitimate musicians capable of interacting and improvising with other performers. Some focus on turntable technique while others craft intricate compositions by focusing on mixing.