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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo


A Stories (I've A Novella Mix)
B1 Stories (Jackanory Mix)
B2 Stories (Stories Mix)


Cat No: none
Released: 1989



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo


A Alleluia (5:42)
B1 Alleluia (Holy Version) (5:40)
B2 Make It Groovy (4:34)


Cat No: PRO: 593


J.T. And The Big Family

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

Moments In Soul

A Moments In Soul (5:12)
B1 Moments In Soul ('AA' Mix) (4:43)
B2 Eden 90 (5:44)


Cat No: CHAMP 12 237
Released: 1990



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

Loving You

A Loving You
B1 Loving You (The Long Hot Summer Mix)
B2 Half Will Do


Cat No: DEBTX 3097
Released: 1990



Format: Vinyl Double 10 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

Moonlight In The Afternoon

A Moonlight In The Afternoon
B1 Spraypaint !
B2 There Is Such A Place...
C1 Moonlight In The Afternoon (Max Tundra Remix)
D1 Moonlight In The Afternoon (Andy Votel's Terayama Rox Remix)
D2 Moonlight In The Afternoon (Show Me) Shogi

Faith & Hope Records Limited

Cat No: FH04510
Released: 2003


Quartz & Dina Carroll

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

It's Too Late

A It's Too Late (Overnight Mix)
B1 It's Too Late (Overnight Dub)
B2 Obsession


Cat No: ITM 312
Released: 1991



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Down Tempo

Diamond Life

A1 Smooth Operator (4:58)
A2 Your Love Is King (3:40)
A3 Hang On To Your Love (5:54)
A4 Frankie\'s First Affair (4:38)
A5 When Am I Going To Make A Living (3:25)
B1 Cherry Pie (6:20)
B2 Sally (5:20)
B3 I Will Be Your Friend (4:43)
B4 Why Can\'t We Live Together (5:27)


Cat No: EPC 26044
Released: 1984


Bryan Adams

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

A1 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (6:37)
A2 She's Only Happy When She's Dancing (Live) (3:26)
B1 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Single Version) (4:06)
B2 Cuts Like A Knife (Live) (5:16)

A&M Records

Cat No: AMY 789
Released: 1991


Spandau Ballet

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

Through The Barricades (Extended Version)

A1 Through The Barricades (Extended Version)
B1 With The Pride (Live In '85)
B2 Through The Barricades (Album Version)


Cat No: SPANS T1
Released: 1986


Petula Clark

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Down Tempo

I Couldn't Live Without Your Love

A1 Strangers In The Night
A2 A Groovy Kind Of Love
A3 Rain
A4 Wasn't It You
A5 There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life
A6 Monday, Monday
B1 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
B2 Homeward Bound
B3 Two Rivers
B4 Come Rain Or Come Shine
B5 Elusive Butterfly
B6 I Couldn't Live Without Your Love

Pye Records

Cat No: NPL 18148
Released: 1966



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

My Telephone (Redial)

A My Telephone (Redial)
B1 Theme From Evil Eddy (Hedmaster Mix)
B2 Brake From Evil Eddy

Ahead Of Our Time

Released: 1989


Loose Ends

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

Choose Me (Rescue Me)

A Choose Me (Rescue Me) (Extended Remix) (5:56)
B Choose Me (Rescue Me) (Dub Mix) (5:30)


Cat No: VS 697-12
Released: 1984



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

How Long Do I Get?

A How Long Do I Get? (Aim Remix)
B How Long Do I Get? (Laj&Quakerman Remix)

Polydor (UK)

Cat No: LONG 3
Released: 0000


Howie B.

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo


A1 Switch (Depth Charge Mix) (6:04)
A2 Switch (Depth Charge Dub) (3:09)
B1 Switch (Vinyl Blair Reworks 2) (6:37)
B2 Switch (Original Version) (4:59)

Polydor (UK)

Cat No: 571 709-1
Released: 1997


The Rollerz

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Down Tempo

All I Wanna Do / None

A All I Wanna Do
AA None

Back 2 Basics

Cat No: B2B 12052
Released: 1997


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Information on the Down Tempo genre

Downtempo (or Downbeat) is a laid-back electronic music style similar to ambient music, but usually with a beat or groove unlike the beatless forms of Ambient music. The beat is sometimes made from loops that have a hypnotic feeling. Sometimes the beats are more complicated and more featured instead of being in the background, but even then they are usually less intense than other kinds of electronic music like Trance. Often the name chill out music is used to refer to songs demonstrative of the genre, but those names also refer to other styles of music, and downtempo encompasses a wider variety of styles than those terms alone would indicate. Another related genre is trip hop, though downtempo usually uses a slower tempo than trip hop. Due to the relaxing and often sensual or romantic feel of most downtempo music, along with the absence or minimal use of lyrics or vocals, it is a popular form of background music in 'chill out rooms' of dance parties, and many alternative cafes.

The 1990s brought on a wave of slower paced music which was played throughout chillout rooms—the relaxation sections of the clubs or dedicated sections at electronic music events. Downtempo music started to surface around Ibiza, when DJs and Promoters would bring down the vibe with slower rhythm and gentler electronic music upon approaching sunrise. In 1994, trip hop emerged from Bristol, which combined elements of hip hop beats, drum and bass breaks, and ambient atmospheres at a lower tempo. At the end of 1990s a more melodic instrumental electronica incorporating acoustic sounds with electronic styles emerged under its own umbrella name of downtempo.

In the late 1990s, the Austrian duo Kruder & Dorfmeister popularized the style with their downtempo remixes of pop, hip-hop, and drum and bass tracks with influences of the 70's soul jazz. The British Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry, producing under the name Fila Brazillia, released a handful of downtempo, electronica and ambient techno albums that propelled the style further. Meanwhile the Washington, D.C. locals Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, better known as Thievery Corporation, have introduced the Brazilian sound into the style after discussing the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, and enriched it further by combining elements of Jamaican dub and reggae.