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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Suddenly / Tribal Thang

A Suddenly (6:38)
B Tribal Thang (7:10)

Cartel Recordings

Cat No: Cartel004
Released: 2004


Distorted Minds

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Formation 100 Part 1

A Distorted Minds Warriors
B Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith Fallin'

Formation Records

Cat No: FORM12100 PT1
Released: 2003


Distorted Minds

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Fight Club / Lookin For Us VIP

A Fight Club
AA Lookin For Us VIP

D-Style Recordings

Cat No: DSR003
Released: 2003


Artful Dodger

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass


A Ladies (6:32)
B Ladies (Instrumental) (6:30)

Public Demand

Cat No: PPDT 93
Released: 2002


Origin Unknown

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Sound In Motion disc 1 only!!!!!

A Origin Unknown Sound In Motion
B DJ Freedom The Zone
C Andy C & Shimon Live Line
D Origin Unknown Emotion =
E Origin Unknown Broken Road
F Red One Hard Edge
G Moving Fusion Turbulence
H Andy C & Shimon In Session
I Origin Unknown Termination
J Moving Fusion Deep Minds

RAM Records

Cat No: RAMM LP2
Released: 1998


4 Hero

Format: Coloured Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

9x9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Mixes)

A 9x9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Vocal Mix) (6:25)
B 9x9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Dub Mix) (7:08)

Reinforced Records

Cat No: rivet 183
Released: 2002



Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Drum & Bass

Storm From The East

A1 PFM Language Of Love
A2 JMJ & Richie True Colours
A3 Hyper On Experience East Coast Vibes
B1 E-Z Rollers Believe (Photek Remix)
B2 PFM Cruising Detroit
C1 Tekniq Razzmatazz
C2 JMJ & Richie Universal Horn (Flytronix Remix)
C3 E-Z Rollers Walk This Land (Lock Stock Full Length Mix)
D1 Flytronix NRG & Conciousness
D2 JMJ & Flytronix Set The Tone

Moving Shadow

Released: 1996


High Contrast

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Music Is Everything (Remixes)

A Music Is Everything (Influx Datum UK Remix)
B Music Is Everything (Danny Byrd Remix)

Hospital Records

Cat No: NHS49
Released: 2002



Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Versions EP

A Turn It Over
B Gonna Show You
C Versions
D Jazz Juice

True Playaz

Cat No: TPR 12035
Released: 2001


James Hardway

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Welcome To The Neon Lounge

A1 Neon
A2 Going Downtown
B1 Theo Steps In
B2 No Can Do
C1 Vibe Merchant
C2 Silverlake
D1 Heavy Heart
D2 Velocity Curves

Recordings Of Substance

Cat No: HEMP 13 DJV
Released: 1997


PR & DJ Shaggy

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Look Out / Ghost 21

A PR Look Out
B DJ Shaggy Ghost 21

5HQ Recordings

Cat No: HQ012
Released: 1999


The Underwolves

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Under Your Sky (Remixes)

A Under Your Sky (Heavy Manners Mix)
B Under Your Sky (Origin Unknown Mix)
C Prema Redentor
D Under Your Sky (Spacek Remix)

Blue (Island)

Cat No: 12PFA2DJ
Released: 1999


The Bluefoot Project

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Experiment (Acetate Rmx) / Soma (Ill Logic & Raf Rmx)

A Experiment (Acetate Rmx)
AA Soma (Ill Logic & Raf Rmx)

Emotif Recordings

Cat No: EMF2044
Released: 2002


Twisted Individual

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Tooled Up! - The Remixes

A Gimp Mask (Remix)
B Crap Rinse Out (Twisted Individual And APB Remix)
C Trench Foot (Influx UK Remix)
D Bitch Muzzle

Formation Records

Cat No: FORM12104
Released: 2003



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Drum & Bass

Jungle Hits Vol 1

A1 M-Beat & General Levy Incredible (4:11)
A2 UK Apachi & Shy FX Original Nuttah (4:07)
A3 Buju Banton & Miami (3) Champion (4:04)
A4 DJ Monk (2) & Tico & Buju Banton Good Body Girl (4:04)
B1 M-Beat Surrender (3:23)
B2 Angie Angel & Don Lloydie & Lewi Agony (4:05)
B3 Shy FX & Gunsmoke Gangster Kid (4:05)
B4 Bagga Worries Ride The Punanny (4:06)
C1 Leviticus The Burial (4:07)
C2 M-Beat & Nazlyn Sweet Love (3:58)
C3 Maximum Style Lover To Lover (4:05)
C4 The Underworld (2) Murder Dem (4:04)
D1 Ibiza Have No Fear (4:04)
D2 Lloydie Crucial Ribbon In The Sky (4:03)
D3 Ibiza Warning (Remix) (3:59)
D4 Remarc & Lewi Ricky (4:05)

Street Tuff Records

Cat No: STRLP 1
Released: 1994
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Information on the Drum & Bass genre

Drum and bass (commonly abbreviated to D&B or DnB) is a type of electronic dance music which emerged in the mid 1990s. The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats (typically between 160–190 bpm, occasional variation is noted in older compositions), with heavy bass, sub-bass lines, and occasional infra-bass lines. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the United Kingdom rave scene of the very early 1990s. Over the first decade of its existence, the incorporation of elements from various musical genres led to many permutations in its overall style.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a growing nightclub culture gave birth to a new electronic music style called Rave music, which combined regular beats alongside broken, syncopated beats, strong basslines and a faster tempo than that of house music. By 1991, musical tracks made up of only "broken" beats began to be known as "jungle", branching off into a separate musical genre (circa 1991-1992) popular at raves and on pirate radio in urban Britain.

These tracks often combined ragga vocal tracks with broken beats and bass lines. By 1994 jungle began to gain mainstream popularity and fans of the music (known as junglists) became a recognizable part of British youth subculture. After being further developed, the sound took on a very urban, raggamuffin sound, incorporating dancehall ragga-style MC chants, dub basslines, but also increasingly complex, high tempo rapid fire breakbeat percussion. At this time jungle began to be associated with criminals and criminal activity and perhaps as a reaction or perhaps independently of this, producers began to draw away from the ragga style and create what they labeled drum and bass. There is no clear point at which jungle became drum and bass, though most jungle producers continue to produce what they call drum and bass.

As the music style became more polished and sophisticated, it began to shift from pirate to commercial radio and gain widespread acceptance (circa 1995-1997). It also began to split into recognizable subgenres such as jump-up. As a lighter sound of drum and bass began to win over the musical mainstream, many producers continued to work on the other end of the spectrum. This resulted in a series of releases offering a dark, technical sound which drew more influence from techno music and the soundscapes of science fiction and anime films, this subgenre became known as techstep (circa 1997-1998).

Towards the turn of the millennium, the UK garage sound emerged and quickly eclipsed drum and bass in popularity. Drawing a key part of its inspiration from drum and bass, it was commonly believed that UK garage was a replacement of the genre and statements were made to the effect that "drum and bass is dead". However, consistent development of the genre proved otherwise. The appearance of the liquid funk and other subgenres brought a wave of new artists with new ideas and techniques, supporting continual evolution of the genre. Drum and bass is perhaps not well-known as a genre, but makes frequent, unrecognized appearances in the mainstream such as in television commercials, as well as being a major influence for other musical styles and some of its artists (notably Goldie).