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The Chemical Brothers

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electronica

Hey Boy Hey Girl (DJ L.E.D. Remix)

A Hey Boy Hey Girl (DJ L.E.D. Remix)

DEL Records

Cat No: DEL004
Released: 2005


DJ Andy Smith

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Electronica

The Document

A1 Jungle Brothers How Ya Want It (4:38)
A2 Jeru The Damaja Come Clean (4:15)
A3 The Meters Cissy Strutt (3:16)
B1 James Gang Funk #49 (4:12)
B2 Barry White & Love Unlimited Can't Seem To Find Him (1:31)
B3 Jeep Beat Collective Stop Ya Skemes (2:37)
C1 Marvin Gaye "T" Plays It Cool (3:16)
C2 Tom Jones Looking Out My Window (2:24)
C3 Clockwork Voodoo Freaks Deaf Mick's Throwdown (5:22)
D1 Grandmaster Flash The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel (5:46)
D2 Peggy Lee Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay (2:24)
D3 S.L. Troopers Movement (1:58)
D4 The Spencer Davis Group I'm A Man (2:44)

Phase 4 Records

Cat No: 314-555 669-1
Released: 1998
Out Of Stock

Reach & Spin

Format: CD Single
Genre: Electronica

Hype The Funk

1 Hyper! Hype The Funk (Vocal Version) (5:35)
2 Hyper! Hype The Funk (Original Mix) (5:34)
3 Hyper! Hype The Funk (Stanton Warriors Remix) (7:10)

Go! Beat

Cat No: GOBCD46
Released: 2001



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Electronica


A Up With People (Album Version)
B1 Up With People (Zero 7 Remix)
B2 Up With People (Zero 7 Reprise Mix)

City Slang

Cat No: 20159-6
Released: 2000
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Electronica

The Bermuda Triangle

A Space Ship Lands Emitting Silvery Light (2:22)
A1 The Arrival Of A UFO
Electromagnetic Waves Descend (1:29)
A2 "Romeo And Juliet" Suite No. 2 - Montagues And Capulets
A World Of Different Dimensions (2:04)
A3 Valse Triste
The Giant Pyramid And Its Ancient People (6:36)
A4 Scythian Suite - The Adoration Of Veles And Ala
Venus In A Space Uniform Shining In Fluorescent Light (5:15)
A5 Close Encounter Of The Third Kind
Space Children In The Underground Kingdom Called Agharta (5:46)
A6 Symphonie No. 5: Second Movement - Allegro Marcato
The Earth - A Hollow Vessel (4:38)
A7 Dororo
The Song Of Venus (3:52)
B1 Violin Concerto No. 1: First Movement - Andantino
Dawn Over The Triangle And Mysterious Electric Waves (2:22)
B2.1 Symphonie No. 6: First Movement - Allegro Moderato
B2.2 Computer Data Signals
The Dazzling Cylinder That Crashed In Tunguska, Siberia (7:28)
B3 Symphony No. 6: First Movement - Allegro Moderato
The Harp Of The Ancient People With Songs Of Venus And Space Children (7:51)
B4 Violin Concerto No. 1: Third Movement - Moderato; Allegro Moderato
The Visionary Flight To The 1448 Nebular Group Of The Bootes (3:53)
B5.1 Departure Of The UFO
B5.2 Scythian Suite: The Adoration Of Veles And Ala
B5.3 Vocoder

RCA Red Seal

Cat No: RL 12885
Released: 1979


The Micronauts

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electronica

The Jag

A The Jag (10:58)
B The Jag (Speedy J Remix) (5:33)


Cat No: QEDT7
Released: 1999


Jean-Michel Jarre

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Electronica

Les Chants Magnétiques

Les Chants Magnétiques

Disques Dreyfus

Cat No: FDM 18108
Released: 1981
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Electronica


A1 End Titles From "Bladerunner" (4:52)
A2 Main Theme From "Missing" (3:59)
A3 L'Enfant (5:00)
A4 Hymn (2:45)
A5 Chung Kuo (5:32)
A6 The Tao Of Love (2:44)
A7 Theme From "Antarctica" (3:52)
B1 Love Theme From "Bladerunner" (4:54)
B2 Opening Titles From "Mutiny On The Bounty" (4:15)
B3 Closing Titles From "Mutiny On The Bounty" (4:58)
B4 Memories Of Green (5:32)
B5 La Petite Fille De La Mer (5:53)
B6 Chariots Of Fire (3:29)


Cat No: VGTV-1
Released: 1989
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Electronica

Stacked Up

A1 States Of Mind (5:10)
A2 The Key (5:22)
A3 Switch (4:33)
B1 Age Of Panic (4:08)
B2 What's Going On (5:07)
B3 One Touch One Bounce (3:24)
C1 Stubborn (5:46)
C2 Door Game (6:39)
C3 Peanut Head (5:40)
D1 Peace (5:50)
D2 Eject (5:19)
D3 No Comply (2:37)
D4 Worth (3:04)


Cat No: TOPPLP008
Released: 1994


Geezers Of Nazareth

Format: CD Single
Genre: Electronica

The Hard Bloke EP

1 Hard Bloke
2 The Gee Gees
3 Money On The Side
4 6:00am

Circus Records

Cat No: FYL005
Released: 2002


Big Audio Dynamite

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electronica

E = MC²

A E = MC² (Extended Remix) (6:18)
B This Is Big Audio Dynamite (5:53)


Cat No: TA 6963
Released: 1986


My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electronica

Sex On Wheelz

A1 Sex On Wheelz (Motor City Remix)
A2 Sex On Wheelz (Freak Street Remix)
B1 Sex On Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Mix)
B2 Leathersex... Where's The Action? (Rip Me Remix)

Interscope Records

Cat No: A7471T
Released: 1992



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electronica


A1 Hoscuro (Progressive) (5:40)
A2 Hoscuro (Tribal) (5:40)
B Hoscuro (Trance) (5:40)


Cat No: VGT 002
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Triple 12 Album
Genre: Electronica

Deeper Concentration

A1 Siah & Yeshua daPoED The Cure For Stagnation
A2 Ming & FS Manhattan Bound
A3 DJ Sole & John Carmichael What It Is
B1 DJ Apollo (2) & Fluid Motion Interstellar Hydroponics
B2 Beat Junkies They Don't Understand
B3 J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science Ritual Of The Nile
C1 DJ Spooky & Organized Konfusion Murder By Syntax
C2 Mix Master Mike Schwartz Via Aghaarta
C3 Part 2 Wireless 2012
D1 Mass Influence Demo Type Shit
D2 DJ Ill Media Brother In The Back
D3 DJ Saga & Mei Lwun Def Con 2.01
D4 Rob Swift The Age Of Television
E1 Eddie Def Eddie Def Land
E2 Scratch Perverts Course Of Action
E3 Push Button Objects Yambooze
F1 Task Force (2) Liquidized Language
F2 The 5th Platoon 5th Line Of Defense

OM Records

Cat No: OM 016
Released: 1998
Out Of Stock


Format: Coloured Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Electronica

Makina Old EP Vol. 4

A1 2 Worlds Sweet Melody
A2 Arterial Evolution
B1 Attica (3) Out Of Europe (Free!! Warp)
B2 Juan Cruz & DJ Urban's Els Segadors

Elite Old

Cat No: ELTOLD-014
Released: 2006
Out Of Stock
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Information on the Electronica genre

Electronica was made possible by advancements in music technology, especially electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, music sequencers, drum machines, and digital audio workstations. Early forms of electronic music required large amounts of complex equipment and multiple operators for live performances, and multiple engineers to record the music at high quality. As the technology developed, it became possible for individuals or smaller groups to produce electronic songs and recordings in smaller studios, even in project studios. At the same time, computers facilitated the use of music "samples" and "loops" as construction kits for sonic compositions. This led to a period of creative experimentation and the development of new forms, some of which became known as electronica.

In the mid-1990s, electronica began to be used by MTV and major record labels to describe mainstream electronic dance music made by such artists as Orbital (who had previously been described as ambient) and The Prodigy.[citation needed] It is currently used to describe a wide variety of musical acts and styles, linked by a penchant for overtly electronic production; a range which includes more popular acts such as Björk, Goldfrapp and IDM artists such as Autechre, and Aphex Twin to dub-oriented downtempo, downbeat, and trip-hop. Madonna and Björk are said to be responsible for electronica's thrust into mainstream culture, with their albums Ray of Light (Madonna), Post and Homogenic (Björk). Electronica artists that would later become commercially successful began to record in this early 1990s period, before the term had come into common usage, including for example Fatboy Slim, Fœtus, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Moby, Underworld and Faithless. A focus on "songs", a fusion of styles and a combination of traditional and electronic instruments often sets apart musicians working in electronic-styles over more straight-ahead styles of house, techno and trance. Electronica composers often create alternate versions of their compositions, known as "remixes"; this practice also occurs in related musical forms such as ambient, jungle, and electronic dance music. Wide ranges of influences, both sonic and compositional, are combined in electronica recordings.

The more abstract Autechre and Aphex Twin around this time were releasing early records in the "intelligent techno" or so-called intelligent dance music (IDM) style, while other Bristol-based musicians such as Tricky, Leftfield, Massive Attack and Portishead were experimenting with the fusion of electronic textures with hip-hop, R&B rhythms to form what became known as trip-hop. Later extensions to the trip hop aesthetic around 1997 came from the highly influential Vienna-based duo of Kruder & Dorfmeister, whose blunted, dubbed-out, slowed beats became the blueprint for the new style of downtempo. Roni Size, Goldie and Omni Trio commanded attention in the UK as exemplars of the drum and bass genre.

It could be noted that older bands such as New Order and Depeche Mode had built on the new wave music of the 1980s and added more dance and electronic instrumentation and alternative rock influences to become early pioneers of "electronica" music. These two groups are very commonly cited as being hugely influential to the first generations of underground and later, alternative electronica artists.