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The Avalanches

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Electricity EP- (DISC 2 ONLY)

C Electricity (DJ Sneak's Electrix Remix) (8:53)
D A Different Feeling (Ernest St. Laurent Remix) (6:07)

XL Recordings

Cat No: XLT 137
Released: 2001


Pistol Grip

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Blaze It Up

A1 Blaze It Up (Club Radio Edit)
A2 Blaze It Up (Original Club Mix)
B1 Blaze It Up (Live Guitar Mix/Radio Edit)
B2 Blaze It Up (Live Guitar Mix/Original)

Deph Tone Recordings

Cat No: DTPG/114504-6
Released: 2001


Aphex Twin

Format: CD Album
Genre: Experimental

...I Care Because You Do

Side a
1 Acrid Avid Jam Shred (7:38)
2 The Waxen Pith (4:49)
3 Wax The Nip (4:18)
Side b.
4 Icct Hedral (Edit) (6:07)
5 Ventolin (Video Version) (4:29)
6 Come On You Slags! (5:44)
Side 3.
7 Start As You Mean To Go On (6:05)
8 Wet Tip Hen Ax (5:17)
9 Mookid (3:51)
Side 4
10 Alberto Balsalm (5:10)
11 Cow Cud Is A Twin (5:33)
12 Next Heap With (4:43)

Warp Records

Cat No: WARP CD 30
Released: 1995



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

On One E.P.

A1 Star
A2 Release It (Ant Swing)
B1 Eedi Beedi Conga
B2 Love Want

Discolated Hip Recordings

Cat No: ON-ONE-E.P.
Released: 1992


Andreas Vollenweider

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

White Winds

A1 The White Winds
A2 Hall Of The Stairs
A3 The Glass Hall (Choose The Crystal)
A4 The Woman&The Stone
B1 The Stone (Close Up)
B2 Phases Of The 3 Moons
B3 Flight Feet&Root Hands
B4 Brothership
B5 Sisterseed
B6 Trilogy (At The White Magic Gardens)


Cat No: CBS 39963
Released: 1984



Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Experimental


A Torerot
B Pluma

Certificate 18

Cat No: CERT1850
Released: 2001


Yanni (2)

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Experimental

Out Of Silence

A1 Sand Dance (5:10)
A2 After The Sunrise (4:40)
A3 Standing In Motion (5:20)
A4 The Mermaid (3:46)
A5 Within Attraction (4:12)
B1 Street Level (4:18)
B2 Secret Vows (3:55)
B3 Point Of Origin (6:05)
B4 Acroyali (5:05)
B5 Paths On Water (3:51)

Private Music

Cat No: 2024-1P
Released: 1987



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Creature In The Classroom

A1 Creature In The Classroom (2:57)
A2 Poem To The Hospital (2:11)
B1 Neo Geo (2:52)
B2 Poem To The Hospital (Instrumental) (2:11)


Cat No: abr0039
Released: 2004



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Dangerous Sex

A1 Dangerous Sex (Sex Remix)
A2 Dangerous Sex (Melle Mel Rap)
Featuring - Melle Mel
B1 Dub Sex
B2 Repetition (Dub)
Featuring - Mark E. Smith

SBK Records

Cat No: 12SBKX 7014
Released: 1990



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental


A Take Your Clothes Off
B The 'N' Word

Under 5's

Cat No: Under 01
Released: 1997


The Art Of Noise & Max Headroom

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Paranoimia (Extended Version)

A The Art Of Noise & Max Headroom Paranoimia (Extended Version)
B1 The Art Of Noise & Max Headroom Paranoimia
B2 The Art Of Noise Why Me?
B3 The Art Of Noise A Nation Rejects

China Records

Cat No: WOK X9
Released: 1986



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Experimental

Stories Of A Broken Heart And Recovering - DISC 1 ONLY

A1 Devil You (6:29)
A2 A New Day (6:25)
B1 You Gave Away My Everything (6:12)
B2 Nartia (5:56)
B3 l Why The Pain (3:46)


Cat No: NUX 160
Released: 2001



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Stay In The Sun

A Stay In The Sun
B Stay In The Sun

EMI Records (UK)

Cat No: 12EMDJS 520
Released: 1998


Sluts'n'Strings & 909

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Experimental

Carrera Remixed Vol 2

C1 Past The Gates
C2 Dig This! (Lijersrastertäthet Mix)
D1 Dear Trevor
D2 Puta


Cat No: 12 CHEAP 27
Released: 1998
Out Of Stock


Format: CD Single
Genre: Experimental

Groove Approved - Groove.Audio / Groove.Data

1 Various No Title / Data Track (0:33)
2 Unknown Artist DJ2000 - Sasha (8:25)
3 Unknown Artist JX 305 - Headjam (3:19)
4 Unknown Artist JP8080 (2:51)
5 Unknown Artist MC505 Groovebox (7:31)
6 Unknown Artist SP202/DR202 (1:36)
7 Unknown Artist SP808 Groovesampler - Mars (4:36)
8 Unknown Artist JV1080 Techno Board - Mars (5:35)
9 Unknown Artist MC303 Groovebox (4:14)
10 Unknown Artist JV1080 Hip Hop Board - Mars (4:54)

DJ Magazine

Cat No: DJ2
Released: 1998
Out Of Stock
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Information on the Experimental genre

At the beginning of the British rave era a number of UK based electronic musicians were inspired by the underground dance music of the time and started to explore experimental forms of EDM production. By the early 1990s the music associated with this experimentation had gained prominence with releases on a variety of record labels including Warp Records (1989), Black Dog Productions (1989), R & S Records (1989), Carl Craig's Planet E, Rising High Records (1991), Richard James's Rephlex Records (1991), Kirk Degiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology (1991), Eevo Lute Muzique (1991), General Production Recordings (1989), Soma Quality Recordings (1991), Peacefrog Records (1991), and Metamorphic Recordings (1992).

By 1992 Warp Records was marketing the musical output of the artists on its roster using the description electronic listening music, but this was quickly replaced by intelligent techno. In the same period (1992–93), other names were also used, such as armchair techno, ambient techno, and electronica, but all were attempts to describe an emerging offshoot of electronic dance music that was being enjoyed by the "sedentary and stay at home". Steve Beckett, co-owner of Warp, has said that the electronic music the label was releasing at that point was targeting a post-club home listing audience. In 1993 a number of new record labels emerged that were producing intelligent techno geared releases including New Electronica, Mille Plateaux, 100% Pure, and Ferox Records.