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The Oak Ridge Boys

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Seasons
A2 What Are You Doing In My Dream
A3 Bedtime
A4 Hidin' Place
A5 Don't Break The Code
B1 Juliet
B2 You Made A Rock Of A Rolling Stone
B3 Take A Step (Yesterday Waltz)
B4 What You Do To Me
B5 Everybody Wins

MCA Records

Cat No: MCF-3307
Released: 1986


The Shannon Castle Entertainers & Caitriona Yeats & Douglas Gunn

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Mediaeval Banquet Bunratty Castle

A1 Bímís Ag Ól (1:47)
A2 My Singing Bird (2:00)
A3 Carrickfergus (Harp Solo) (2:52)
A4 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (2:06)
A5 Sreath Saothar-Amhrán (Group Of Work Songs) (2:33)
A6 The Coolin (Slow Air) / Lark In The Morning (Jig) (3:69)
A7 Buachaill Ó'n Eirne (2:17)
A8 Caleno Custurame (2:20)
B1 Maidin I Mbéarra (Derry Air) (3:07)
B2 Bhios-Sa Lá I Bportlairge (1:29)
B3 Last Rose Of Summer (3:17)
B4 Blind Mary (Slow Air) / Mason's Apron (Reel) (3:52)
B5 My Lagan Love (3:00)
B6 Fuaireas-sa Cuireadh (1:18)
B7 Fill, Fill A Rún Ó (3:33)
B8 Eileen Aroon (1:52)
B9 The Jug Of Punch (1:33)

Dolphin Records

Cat No: DOL 1007
Released: 1975


Walter Forbes

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Folk Song Festival

A1 Little Margaret (3:45)
A2 Darlin' Corey (2:49)
A3 Spring Song (2:41)
A4 Jack Daniels (2:19)
A5 Nicodemus (3:36)
A6 Craw-dad Song (2:07)
B1 Jane, Jane (1:41)
B2 The Hangman (3:12)
B3 Hulabaloo (1:26)
B4 The Traveler (2:20)
B5 Abilene Blues (2:08)
B6 Pastures Of Plenty (2:19)

RCA Victor

Cat No: LSP-2670
Released: 1963


Phil Coulter

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Peace & Tranquility

A1 If I Were A Blackbird
A2 The Gentle Maiden
A3 Dear Little Town In The Old County Down
A4 Harry's Game
A5 Lament For The Wild Geese
A6 The Old Refrain
A7 The Lark In The Clear Air
The Dublin Medley
B1 Hero!
B2 The Meeting Of The Waters / The Rose Of Mooncoin
B3 Slievenamon
B4 The Water Babies
B5 From Clare To Here
B6 The Sally Gardens
B7 To Hell Or To Van Diemen's Land
The Cork Medley


Cat No: HM 1
Released: 1985


Paul Cherrington & Pamela Ward

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Hand Of Fate

A1 Yarmouth Town (2:37)
A2 Sandgate Dandling Song (3:22)
A3 I Live Not Where I Love (5:00)
A4 The Grinders' Hardships (2:26)
A5 Victory Rag (2:22)
A6 There But For Fortune (4:21)
B1 Freight Train (2:44)
B2 Sportin' Life Blues (3:52)
B3 Delia (3:07)
B4 Fairytale Lullaby (3:17)
B5 When I Was In My Prime (2:41)
B6 The Greenwood Laddie (3:32)
B7 Dargai (1:39)

Brewhouse Music

Cat No: BH 8804
Released: 1989


K.T. Oslin

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

This Woman

A1 This Woman (4:45)
A2 Money (5:12)
A3 Round The Clock Lovin' (4:04)
A4 Where Is A Woman To Go (3:23)
A5 Hold Me (4:40)
B1 Hey Bobby (4:23)
B2 Jealous (4:47)
B3 Didn't Expect It To Go Down This Way (4:00)
B4 Truly Blue (3:05)


Cat No: PL88369
Released: 1988


John Conlee

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Folk


A1 Before My Time (2:39)
A2 Let's Keep It That Way (3:40)
A3 Forever (3:03)
A4 You Never Cross My Mind (2:46)
A5 I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again (2:58)
B1 Baby, You're Something (2:57)
B2 No Relief In Sight (2:36)
B3 The In Crowd (2:46)
B4 Crazy (2:55)
B5 Somebody's Leavin' (2:38)

MCA Records

Cat No: MCA-3174
Released: 1979


Barbary Coast

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Did it Rain
A2 Fool Such As I
A3 Leave Them With A Smile
A4 Living On Sunshine
A5 Gve My Love To Rose
B1 If This Is Just A Game
B2 Blowin' Away
B3 You Only Live Once In A While
B4 Old Five And Dimers Like Me
B5 Long Gone

Champ Records

Cat No: KO 1004
Released: 1979


Roberto Delgado & His Orchestra

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

The Peanut Vendor

A1 Rumba Tambah (Rumba Negra)
A2 Besame Mucho
A3 Navidad Negra
A4 In A Little Spanish Town
A5 Moliendo Café
A6 Macarenas
B1 The Peanut Vendor
B2 Tres Palabras
B3 Amapola
B5 Mucho Mucho
B6 Marinella
B7 Taboo


Cat No: 2414-003
Released: 1966


The Notting Hillbillies

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Folk

Feel Like Going Home

A Feel Like Going Home (4:51)
B1 Lonesome Wind Blues (2:37)
B2 One Way Gal (3:11)


Cat No: NHB 212
Released: 1990


Deben Bhattacharya

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Portrait Of Andalusia

A1 Saetas And Muffled Drums
A2 Solea
A3 Easter Procession At The Temple
A4 Serrana
B1 Cantinas De Cadiz
B2 Solea
B3 Alegrias De Cadiz
B4 Saeta Mozarabe
B5 Guitar Improvisation
B6 Solea Apola


Cat No: ZFB 45


Richie Havens

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Open Your Eyes (2:48)
A2 Ministrel (3:28)
A3 It Could Be The First Day (2:15)
A4 Ring Around The Moon (2:05)
A5 Baby Blue (4:50)
B1 There's A Hole In The Future (1:59)
B2 I Started A Joke (2:51)
B3 Prayer (2:54)
B4 Tiny Little Blues (1:57)
B5 Shouldn't All The World Be Dancing (7:58)

Verve Forecast

Cat No: SVLP 6021
Released: 1970


Arthur Scott Robertson

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Champion's Choice

A1 The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord/Tulchan Lodge/The Burn Of Forgue
A2 Mrs. Maj. Stewart Of Java/25 KOSBs Farewell To Meerut/Jenny Dang The Weaver
A3 Capt. Campbell/Mrs. McPherson Of Inveran
A4 Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr. McDonald/Sandy Cameron/Gavin McMillan
A5 Lament For Sir Harry Lumsden/The Fiddler's Cramp
A6 Mull Of The High Mountains/Whistle O'er The Lave O't/The Flowers Of Edinburgh
A7 The College Hornpipe/The Rocket Hornpipe/Adrian Stuart
B1 The Blackthorn Stick/The Rollicking Irishman/The Irish Washerwoman
B2 Rose Wood/Leaving Lismore/The 74th's Farewell To Edinburgh
B3 The Rakes Of Kildare/Robbie's Wedding/Tom O' Browland
B4 Morag Of Dunvegan/Mrs. Charles Sutherland/Charles Sutherland
B5 The Mason's Apron/
B6 Fyvie Castle/Johnny Cope With Var.
B7 J. O. Forbes Of Carse/The Champion Hornpipe
B8 Farewell To Huntly/Blair Drummond/The Marquis Of Tullybardine


Cat No: FLP 5020


Pete Skoglund

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Huskies And The Sleighs
A2 There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall
A3 Lullaby Yodel
A4 Song Of The Dandenongs
A5 Sweet Home Yodel
A6 Mystery Of The Mountain
B1 Wee Wee Tot
B2 Sunrise Youdel
B3 His Last Ride
B4 When It's Springtime In The Rockies
B5 Memories Yodel
B6 Swiss Echo Yodel
C1 Lang Lang Rodeo
C2 Old Time Yodel
C3 Wahine's Farewell
C4 Cuckoo Call Yodel
C5 The Merry Swiss
C6 Lazy Man's Yodel
D1 Muddy Old Yarra
D2 I'm Coming Home To You
D3 Twilight Yodel
D4 Dreams Of Switzerland
D5 Wanderer's Yodel
D6 Hills Of Gippsland
D7 With The Bushland Beckoning Me

Hadley Records

Cat No: HLP 1232/3-D
Released: 1977



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Live At Bunjies

A1 Hratch For The Days Gone By (4:20)
A2 Jez Wenham Maiden's Lament (2:50)
A3 Russ Shipton Cakes For Tea (4:05)
A4 Jez Wenham You (3:25)
A5 Keith Wilson Dusty (2:32)
A6 Murray Ewan Ego Beaver (3:37)
A7 Andy Rahere Marvo (4:19)
B1 Russ Shipton & Kieran Fogarty & Jerry Devine Long Term Ladies (4:16)
B2 Hratch Dusty Bluebells (3:26)
B3 Andy Rahere P.45 (5:17)
B4 Rick Kulak & Jim Howden Spirals (1:53)
B5 Murray Ewan Nemesis (4:37)
B6 Jez Wenham & Clive Buckingham Everlasting Day (4:08)
B7 Unknown Artist Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (3:20)

Bunjie Records

Cat No: BUN 1
Released: 1980


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Information on the Folk genre

Folk music is a term for musical folklore. The term, which originated in the 19th century, has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted by word of mouth, as music of the lower classes, and as music with unknown composers. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. Since the middle of the 20th century, the term has also been used to describe a kind of popular music that is based on traditional music. Fusion genres include folk rock, electric folk, folk metal, and progressive folk music.

The post World War 2 folk revival in America and in Britain brought a new meaning to the word. Folk was seen as a musical style, the ethical antithesis of commercial "popular" or "pop" music, while the Victorian appeal of the "Volk" was often regarded with suspicion. The popularity of "contemporary folk" recordings caused the appearance of the category "Folk" in the Grammy Awards of 1959: in 1970 the term was dropped in favour of "Best Ethnic or Traditional Recording (including Traditional Blues)", while 1987 brought a distinction between "Best Traditional Folk Recording" and "Best Contemporary Folk Recording". The term "folk", by the start of the 21st century, could cover "singer song-writers, such as Donovan and Bob Dylan, who emerged in the 1960s and much more" or perhaps even "a rejection of rigid boundaries, preferring a conception, simply of varying practice within one field, that of 'music'.