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Gipsy Kings

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Folk

Bamboléo (The Arthur Baker Remixes)

A Bamboléo (Club Mix) (6:58)
B1 Bamboléo (Latin Mix) (7:15)
B2 Bamboléo (Radio Edit) (3:45)


Cat No: 12 a1 313 (1101296)
Released: 1988


10,000 Maniacs

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

In My Tribe

A1 What's The Matter Here (4:51)
A2 Hey Jack Kerouac (3:26)
A3 Like The Weather (3:57)
A4 Cherry Tree (3:14)
A5 The Painted Desert (3:39)
A6 Don't Talk (5:04)
B1 Peace Train (3:27)
B2 Gun Shy (4:12)
B3 My Sister Rose (3:13)
B4 A Campfire Song (3:15)
B5 City Of Angels (4:17)
B6 Verdi Cries (4:21)


Cat No: 960 738-1
Released: 1987



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Dúlamán
A2 Cumha Eoghain Rua Uí Neill
A3 Two Sisters
A4 Éirigh Suas A Stóirín
A5 The Galtee Hunt
B1 Éirigh Is Cuir Ort Do Chuid Éadaigh
B2 Siúil A Rún
B3 Mo Mháire
B4 DTigeas A Damhsa
B5a Cucanandy
B5b The Jug Of Brown Ale


Cat No: CEF058
Released: 1976


Shane MacGowan And The Popes

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Folk

That Woman's Got Me Drinking

A1 That Woman's Got Me Drinking (3:24)
A2 Roddy McCorley (2:21)
B1 Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (4:02)
B2 Minstrel Boy (2:15)


Cat No: ZANG56T
Released: 1994


Gérard Seiler

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Folk

Spécial Danse Orgue Hammond

A1 C'Est Si Bon
A2 Its Impossible
A3 Bluesette
A4 Stardust
A5 Elisabeth
B1 Satin Doll
B2 Stranger In Paradise
B3 Hammond Swing
B4 Samba Sur Une Note
B5 Bimbo Samba
B6 St Raphael Swing
C1 Est-Ce Par Hasard
C2 La Belle Vie
C3 In Love Paris
C4 The Shadow Of Your Smile
C5 Tea For Two
D1 La Mer
D2 The Girl From Ipanama / O Barquinbo / Recado
D3 Summertime
D4 Meditation
D5 Cosmic Blues


Cat No: 67269


Don McLean

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Don McLean

A1 Dreidel (3:45)
A2 Bronco Bill's Lament (3:36)
A3 Oh My What A Shame (3:30)
A4 If We Try (3:30)
A5 The More You Pay (The More It's Worth) (2:51)
B1 Narcisissma (3:53)
B2 Falling Through Time (3:44)
B3 On The Amazon (3:17)
B4 Birthday Song (2:34)
B5 The Pride Parade (4:31)

United Artists Records

Cat No: UAS 29399
Released: 1972


Simon & Garfunkel

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits

A1 Mrs. Robinson (4:02)
A2 For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (2:04)
A3 The Boxer (5:07)
A4 The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (1:43)
A5 The Sound Of Silence (3:02)
A6 I Am A Rock (2:50)
A7 Scarborough Fair / Canticle (3:08)
B1 Homeward Bound (2:30)
B2 Bridge Over Troubled Water (4:52)
B3 America (3:34)
B4 Kathy's Song (3:16)
B5 El Condor Pasa (If I Could) (3:06)
B6 Bookends (1:16)
B7 Cecilia (2:55)


Cat No: S 69003
Released: 1974


Tom Newman

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Bayou Moon

A1 Concierto De Mango In E Major (8:36)
A2 Straw Dogs (1:42)
A3 Gumbo Fling I (2:10)
A4 Fur Traders Descending The Missouri (5:10)
A5 Gumbo Fling II (1:10)
B1 Moonrise (7:13)
B2 Voodoo De Bayou (5:40)
B3 Gumbo Fling III (1:23)
B4 Alligator Walk (5:18)
B5 Gumbo Fling IV (0:25)

Coda Records

Cat No: NAGE 2
Released: 1985


Paul Brady

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Back To The Centre

A1 Walk The White Line
A2 Wheel Of Heartbreak
A3 Deep In Your Heart
A4 To Be The One
A5 Follow On
B1 Soulbeat
B2 Airwaves
B3 The Island
B4 The Homes Of Donegal


Cat No: MERH 86
Released: 1986



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Theme From Harry's Game (2:28)
A2 Closer To Your Heart (3:28)
A3 Almost Seems (Too Late To Turn) (4:47)
A4 The Hunter (4:43)
A5 Lady Marian (3:20)
A6 Sirius (5:33)
A7 Coinleach Glas An Fhómair (5:53)
B1 World Of Difference (3:55)
B2 In A Lifetime (3:07)
B3 Robin (The Hooded Man) (2:47)
B4 Something To Believe In (4:46)
B5 Newgrange (3:57)
B6 Buachaill An Eirne (3:03)
B7 White Fool (4:38)


Cat No: PL74074
Released: 1989


Iain Matthews

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Stealin' Home

A1 Gimme An Inch Girl
A2 Don't Hang Up Your Dancing Shoes
A3 King Of The Night
A4 Man In The Station
A5 Let There Be Blues
B1 Carefully Taught
B2 Stealin' Home
B3 Shake It
B4 Yank & Mary / Smile
B5 Slip Away
B6 Sail My Soul

Rockburgh Records

Cat No: ROC 106
Released: 1978


The Jock Strapp Ensemble

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Why Was He Born So Beautiful And Other Traditional Rugby Songs

A If I Were The Marrying Kind / Dinah, Dinah / Show Us Your Leg / The Major Of Bayswater / The Red Flag / If I Give You Half A Crown
B Mary From The Mountain Glen / The Whoredean School Song / I Don't Want To Join The Army / Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Surprise Records

Cat No: ILP 1009


Joan Armatrading

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

To The Limit

A1 Barefoot And Pregnant
A2 Your Letter
A3 Am I Blue For You
A4 You Rope You Tie Me
A5 Baby I
B1 Bottom To The Top
B2 Taking My Baby Up Town
B3 What Do You Want
B4 Wishing
B5 Let It Last

A&M Records

Cat No: AMLH 64732


Fairport Convention

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

The Bonny Bunch Of Roses

A1 Jams O'Donnell Jig (2:33)
A2 The Eynsham Poacher (2:24)
A3 Adieu Adieu (2:26)
A4 The Bonny Bunch Of Roses (12:27)
B1 The Poor Ditching Boy (3:57)
B2 General Taylor (3:10)
B3 Run Johnny Run (4:35)
B4 The Last Waltz (3:00)
B5 Royal Seleccion No.13 (4:12)

Woodworm Records

Cat No: WR011


Cantorion Ingli

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Cantorion Ingli

A1 Daeth Iesu Grist I'n Byd I Fyw
A2 Mair Gafodd Faban
A3 Mwy Am Yr Iesu
A4 Hwiangerdd Y Dail
A5 Parrog
A6 Ar Lan Y Mor
A7 Mochyn Du
A8 Y Ffrog
B1 Rwy'n Teithio Tuag Adre
B2 Llong Yr Efengyl
B3 Hoff Cilgerran
B4 Anti Henrietta
B5 Sam
B6 Afon Nyfer
B7 O Angau


Cat No: SYWD 207
Released: 1978


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Information on the Folk genre

Folk music is a term for musical folklore. The term, which originated in the 19th century, has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted by word of mouth, as music of the lower classes, and as music with unknown composers. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. Since the middle of the 20th century, the term has also been used to describe a kind of popular music that is based on traditional music. Fusion genres include folk rock, electric folk, folk metal, and progressive folk music.

The post World War 2 folk revival in America and in Britain brought a new meaning to the word. Folk was seen as a musical style, the ethical antithesis of commercial "popular" or "pop" music, while the Victorian appeal of the "Volk" was often regarded with suspicion. The popularity of "contemporary folk" recordings caused the appearance of the category "Folk" in the Grammy Awards of 1959: in 1970 the term was dropped in favour of "Best Ethnic or Traditional Recording (including Traditional Blues)", while 1987 brought a distinction between "Best Traditional Folk Recording" and "Best Contemporary Folk Recording". The term "folk", by the start of the 21st century, could cover "singer song-writers, such as Donovan and Bob Dylan, who emerged in the 1960s and much more" or perhaps even "a rejection of rigid boundaries, preferring a conception, simply of varying practice within one field, that of 'music'.