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Everly Brothers

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

The Golden Hits Of The Everly Brothers

A1 That's Old Fashioned (That's The Way Love Should Be) (2:23)
A2 How Can I Meet Her? (1:48)
A3 Crying In The Rain (1:59)
A4 I'm Not Angry (1:58)
A5 Don't Blame Me (2:16)
A6 Ebony Eyes (2:54)
B1 Cathy's Clown (2:22)
B2 Walk Right Back (2:18)
B3 Lucille (2:29)
B4 So Sad (To Watch Love Go Bad) (2:30)
B5 Muskrat (2:14)
B6 Temptation (2:08)

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: 46 005


Artist Not Known

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Sounds Familiar 1978

A1 Sing
A2 All Day Singing
A3 Mandy
A4 Castles In The Air
A5 Colon Man
A6 Shine Eye Girl
A7 Puff The Magic Dragon
A8 Perrie Merrie Dixie
B1 Keep That Wheel a Turnin'
B2 Island In The Sun
B3 Poverty Knock
B4 Emerald City
B5 Jane And Louisa
B6 Matchstalk Men
B7 So Long (Encore)

Sound News Studios

Cat No: SM 171
Released: 1978



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Golden Hour Of Donovan

A1 Universal Soldier (2:12)
A2 Sunny Goodge Street (2:52)
A3 Josie (3:26)
A4 Little Tin Soldier (3:01)
A5 To Sing For You (2:43)
A6 Gold Watch Blues (2:31)
A7 Donna Donna (2:54)
A8 The Ballad Of Geraldine (4:40)
A9 Colours (2:44)
A10 The War Drags On (3:41)
B1 Catch The Wind (2:12)
B2 Turquoise (3:31)
B3 Candy Man (3:27)
B4 Jersey Thursday (2:13)
B5 Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (2:56)
B6 Ballad Of A Crystal Man (3:15)
B7 Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) (3:11)
B8 The Alamo (3:04)
B9 I'll Try For The Sun (3:37)
B10 Belated Forgiveness Plea (2:56)

Golden Hour

Cat No: GH 506
Released: 1971


Billy Strange & Billy Strange His Guitar Orchestra

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Great Western And Great Railroad Themes

A1 High Chapparal
A2 High Noon
A3 The Magnificent Seven
A4 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
A5 Bonanza
A6 Cowboys And Indians
A7 Gunsmoke
A8 For A Few Dollars More
A9 Paladin
A10 Hang ´em High
A11 Five Card Stud
A12 Showdown At La Mesa
B1 Wabash Cannonball
B2 Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe
B3 This Train
B4 Old Toy Trains
B5 Last Train To Clarksville
B6 Wreck Of The Old ´197
B7 Chatanooga Choo-Choo
B8 Track-Walkin´
B9 Engine, Engine Number Nine
B10 Midnite Special

Golden Hour

Cat No: GH 874


Webb Pierce

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

The Great Songs Of Webb Pierce

A1 I'm Walking The Dog
A2 Slowly
A3 It's Been So Long
A4 There Stands The Glass
A5 Even Tho'
B1 I'm Gonna Fall Out Of Love With You
B2 I'm In The Jailhouse Now
B3 Wondering
B4 You Can't Be True
B5 I'm Not In Love With You

Bulldog Records

Cat No: BDL1026
Released: 1978


Roger Bourque

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Newfie Girl

A1 Newfie Girl (3:40)
A2 Okee From Muskogee (2:48)
A3 Talk Back Tremblin' Lips (2:41)
A4 It's Such A Pretty World Today (2:32)
A5 Seven Lonely Days (2:45)
A6 Wonderful World Of Women (2:05)
B1 Me & Bobby Magee (2:48)
B2 Don't Be Angry (3:40)
B3 Lonesome Drunkard (1:48)
B4 Tonight Carmen (3:11)
B5 Dear John (2:46)
B6 Pickin' Chicken Wishbone (3:42)

Paragon Records

Cat No: ALS 217


Glen Campbell

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Turn Around And Look At Me

A1 It's Over
A2 Elusive Butterfly
A3 I Don't Believe You
A4 Turn Around, Look At Me
A5 Catch The Wind
A6 Mary In The Morning
A7 Impossible Dream
B1 Crying
B2 That's All That Matters
B3 Break My Mind
B4 Just Another Man
B5 Without Her
B6 Gentle On My Mind
B7 You're My World

Ember Records

Cat No: NR 5042
Released: 1968


Rusty Wier

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Don't It Make You Wanna Dance?

A1 Don't It Make You Wanna Dance? (3:38)
A2 I Believe In The Way That You Love Me (2:46)
A3 Trouble (3:24)
A4 Blue Haze (3:34)
A5 Aqua Dulce (3:44)
A6 Relief (2:22)
B1 Sing Me (2:29)
B2 Sally Mae (5:39)
B3 I Heard You Been Layin' My Old Lady (Apologies To Susie) (5:00)
B4 Tulsa Turnaround (3:08)
B5 Cloudy Days (2:28)

20th Century Records

Cat No: T-469
Released: 1975


José Feliciano

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

A Bag Full Of Soul (Folk, Rock And Blues)

A1 If I Really Bug You, Then You Don't Love Me
A2 You're Takin' Hold Of Me
A3 Help!
A4 A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
A5 A Happy Guy
A6 Masters Of War
B1 Go On Your Way
B2 Spoonful
B3 Goin' To Chicago Blues
B4 Work Song
B5 That's The Way It's Gonna Be
B6 Where I'm Goin'

RCA International (Camden)

Cat No: INTS 1025
Released: 1969



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Donovan's Greatest Hits

A1 Epistle To Dippy (3:10)
A2 Sunshine Superman (4:30)
A3 There Is A Mountain (2:38)
A4 Jennifer Juniper (2:40)
A5 Wear Your Love Like Heaven (2:24)
A6 Season Of The Witch (4:46)
B1 Mellow Yellow (3:42)
B2 Colours (4:20)
B3 Hurdy Gurdy Man (3:18)
B4 Catch The Wind (5:04)
B5 Lalena (2:52)

Pye Records

Cat No: NPL.18283
Released: 1969


Lonnie Donegan

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Puttin' On The Style

A1 Rock Island Line
A2 Have A Drink On Me
A3 Ham 'N Eggs
A4 I Wanna Go Home
A5 Diggin' My Potatoes
B1 Nobody's Child
B2 Puttin' On The Style
B3 Frankie & Johnny
B4 Drop Down Baby
B5 Lost John


Cat No: CHR 1158
Released: 1978


Joan Baez

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk

Diamonds & Rust

A1 Diamonds & Rust (4:44)
A2 Fountain Of Sorrow (4:31)
A3 Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer (2:45)
A4 Children And All That Jazz (3:07)
A5 Simple Twist Of Fate (4:46)
B1 Blue Sky (2:54)
B2 Hello In There (3:04)
B3 Jesse (4:28)
B4 Winds Of The Old Days (3:53)
B5 Dida (3:20)
B6 I Dream Of Jeannie / Danny Boy (Medley) (4:13)

A&M Records

Cat No: AMLH 64527
Released: 1975


André Thivet

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Folk

L'auvergne Chante Et Danse N°2

A1 La Campagnarde
A2 Au Plaisir Des Bois
A3 Le Tango Du Paysan
A4 Genets D'or
A5 la Java Auvergnate
B1 Rusticanella
B2 Les Amoureux de la Saint Martin
B3 Le Patre Des Montagnes
B4 L'aveyronnaise
B5 Chantent Mes Regrets


Cat No: ST 26.027 P



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Folk

All Good Folk

A1 Don Duke The Folk Singer
A2 The Starlings Greenback Dollar
A3 Paul Rich The Foggy Foggy Dew
A4 The Starlings Where Have All The Flowers Gone
A5 Marilyn Lee Allentown Jail
B1 Paul Rich Lonesome Traveller
B2 Kenny Bardell Scarlet Ribbons
B3 The Starlings 500 Miles
B4 Les Carle The Blue Tail Fly
B5 Marilyn Lee Careless Love

Allegro Records

Cat No: ALL 865
Released: 1967


Gram Parsons

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Folk


A1 Still Feeling Blue (2:38)
A2 We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning (3:13)
A3 A Song For You (4:57)
A4 Streets Of Baltimore (2:50)
A5 She (4:55)
B1 That's All It Took (2:57)
B2 The New Soft Shoe (3:52)
B3 Kiss The Children (2:50)
B4 Cry One More Time (3:55)
B5 How Much I've Lied (2:27)
B6 Big Mouth Blues (3:52)

Reprise Records

Cat No: K 44228
Released: 1973


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Information on the Folk genre

Folk music is a term for musical folklore. The term, which originated in the 19th century, has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted by word of mouth, as music of the lower classes, and as music with unknown composers. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. Since the middle of the 20th century, the term has also been used to describe a kind of popular music that is based on traditional music. Fusion genres include folk rock, electric folk, folk metal, and progressive folk music.

The post World War 2 folk revival in America and in Britain brought a new meaning to the word. Folk was seen as a musical style, the ethical antithesis of commercial "popular" or "pop" music, while the Victorian appeal of the "Volk" was often regarded with suspicion. The popularity of "contemporary folk" recordings caused the appearance of the category "Folk" in the Grammy Awards of 1959: in 1970 the term was dropped in favour of "Best Ethnic or Traditional Recording (including Traditional Blues)", while 1987 brought a distinction between "Best Traditional Folk Recording" and "Best Contemporary Folk Recording". The term "folk", by the start of the 21st century, could cover "singer song-writers, such as Donovan and Bob Dylan, who emerged in the 1960s and much more" or perhaps even "a rejection of rigid boundaries, preferring a conception, simply of varying practice within one field, that of 'music'.