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The Stone Roses

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Sally Cinnamon

A Sally Cinnamon
B1 Here It Comes
B2 All Across The Sands


Cat No: 12 REV 36
Released: 1989


Alternative Radio

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Valley Of Evergreen

A1 Valley Of Evergreen (Long Version)
B1 Valley Of Evergreen (Short Version)
B2 What A Dream
B3 Summer '85

Cold Harbour Records

Cat No: COLD 3T
Released: 1984



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie


A Crystaline (Full Version) (3:23)
B1 Gold Wrapper (4:33)
B2 Marineville 69 (2:50)

Nude Records

Cat No: NUD 7T
Released: 1993


Everything But The Girl

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Each & Every One

A Each And Every One (2:45)
B1 Laugh You Out The House (1:45)
B2 Never Could Have Been Worse (2:39)

Blanco Y Negro

Cat No: NEG 1-T
Released: 1984


Jesus Jones

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Real Real Real

Other Side
A1 Real Real Real ("Raw" 12" Mix - Rhythm (1))
A2 Dead People's Lives
This Side
B1 Real Real Real ("Raw" 7" Mix - Rhythm (1))
B2 Info Freako


Cat No: 12 FOOD 24
Released: 1990


Chris Sheehan

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Fly Like An Eagle

A Fly Like An Eagle (Shivic Time Flight) (5:29)
B Fly Like An Eagle (Hookah Mix) (7:29)

Anxious Records

Cat No: SAM 1670
Released: 1995



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Perfumed Paperback

A1 Force Of Habit
A2 Perfumed Paperback
B1 Kari Mon Amour
B2 Affairs Of The State

HT Records

Cat No: HT 001T
Released: 1987


The Apples

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Eye Wonder

A Eye Wonder (The Big Main Mix) (8:08)
B1 Eye Wonder (Slow Bongo Floyd Mix) (5:14)
B2 Eye Wonder (Bounce Up Mix) (6:17)


Cat No: XPR 1595
Released: 1991


The Violet Hour

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie


A Falling (3:14)
B1 The House (4:22)
B2 In Control (4:25)


Cat No: 657287 6
Released: 1991


The Bluetones

Format: CD Album
Genre: Indie

Slight Return

1 Slight Return (3:23)
2 Don't Stand Me Down (4:51)
3 Nae Hair On't (2:45)

Superior Quality Recordings

Cat No: BLUE 003CD
Released: 1996


Ted Chippington & Top Entertainment

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

She Loves You (And You Know That Can't Be Bad)

A1 She Loves You (And You Know That Can't Be Bad)
A2 Rockin' With Rita
B Weirdness Oh No

Vindaloo Records

Cat No: UGH12T
Released: 1986



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Through The Roof

A Through The Roof (4:00)
B1 Undoubtedly Thomas (4:00)
B2 Prime Cut (3:16)

A&M Records

Cat No: AMY 857
Released: 1992



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Indie

Bleach - New inc download card ;)

A1 Blew
A2 Floyd The Barber
A3 About A Girl
A4 School
A5 Love Buzz
A6 Paper Cuts
A7 Negative Creep
B1 Scoff
B2 Swap Meet
B3 Mr. Moustache
B4 Sifting
B5 Big Cheese
B6 Downer

New inc download card ;)
New inc download card ;)
New inc download card ;)
New inc download card ;)

Sub Pop

Cat No: SP034
Released: 2011


Manic Street Preachers & The Fatima Mansions

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Indie

Theme From M.A.S.H. / Everything I Do

A1 Manic Street Preachers Theme From M.A.S.H.
AA1 The Fatima Mansions Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
AA2 Manic Street Preachers Sleeping With The N.M.E.


Cat No: 658382 6
Released: 1992


Gay Dad

Format: Vinyl 10 Inch
Genre: Indie

To Earth With Love

A To Earth With Love (Full Version)
B US Roach

London Records

Cat No: LONT 413
Released: 1999


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Information on the Indie genre

Indie pop is a genre of alternative rock music that originated in the United Kingdom in the mid 1980s, with its roots in the Scottish post-punk bands on the Postcard Records label in the early '80s such as Orange Juice and Josef K and the dominant UK independent band of the mid eighties, The Smiths. While the term 'indie' had been used for some time to describe artists on independent labels (and the labels themselves), the key moment in the naming of the genre was the release of NME's C86 tape in 1986. Although featuring a wide range of bands including Primal Scream, Bogshed, Half Man Half Biscuit, and The Wedding Present, it over time became shorthand for a genre known by a variety of terms. Initially it was dubbed 'C86' (after the tape itself), the more ambiguous indie pop, Cutie or a term coined by John Peel: shambling bands. Retrospectively, especially in the United States, the terms twee and twee pop were used, initially ironically, due to what commentators called the "revolt into childhood" of its followers. Musically its key characteristics were jangling guitars, a love of sixties pop and often fey, innocent lyrics. The UK label Sarah Records and its most popular band The Field Mice, although more diverse than the label indicates, were probably its most typical proponents. It was also inspired by the DIY scene of punk and there was a thriving fanzine, label and club and gig circuit. Scenes later developed in the United States particularly around labels such as K Records. Genres such as Riot Grrrl and bands as diverse as Nirvana, Manic Street Preachers, and Belle and Sebastian have all acknowledged its influence.