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Status Quo

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 Backwater (4:21)
A2 Just Take Me (3:39)
A3 Break The Rules (3:40)
A4 Drifting Away (5:05)
B1 Don't Think It Matters (4:55)
B2 Fine Fine Fine (2:30)
B3 Lonely Man (5:00)
B4 Slow Train (7:55)


Cat No: 9102 001
Released: 1974


The Dave Clark Five

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

25 Thumping Great Hits

A1 Glad All Over
A2 Do You Love Me
A3 Bits And Pieces
A4 Can't You See That She's Mine
A5 Catch Us If You Can
A6 Because
A7 Over And Over
A8 Reelin' & Rockin'
A9 You've Got What It Takes
A10 Everybody Knows
B1 Good Old Rock 'n' Roll (Medley Of Six Songs)
B2 Wild Weekend
B3 Here Comes Summer
B4 Live In The Sky
B5 Red Balloon
B6 Come Home
B7 Sweet City Woman
B8 Sha-Na-Na
B9 Put A Little Love In Your Heart
B10 Everybody Get Together


Cat No: POLTV 7
Released: 1978


Justin Hayward & John Lodge

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Blue Jays

A1 This Morning (5:55)
A2 Remember Me, My Friend (5:27)
A3 My Brother (3:27)
A4 You (4:34)
A5 Nights, Winters, Years (3:36)
B1 Saved By The Music (6:08)
B2 I Dreamed Last Night (4:27)
B3 Who Are You Now (2:30)
B4 Maybe (5:36)
B5 When You Wake Up (5:19)


Cat No: THS 12
Released: 1975


Tina Turner

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Foreign Affair

A1 Steamy Windows (4:03)
A2 The Best (5:28)
A3 You Know Who (Is Doing You Know What) (3:45)
A4 Undercover Agent For The Blues (5:20)
A5 Look Me In The Heart (3:42)
A6 Be Tender With Me Baby (4:18)
B1 You Can't Stop Me Loving You (4:00)
B2 Ask Me How I Feel (4:46)
B3 Falling Like Rain (4:03)
B4 I Don't Wanna Lose You (4:20)
B5 Not Enough Romance (4:04)
B6 Foreign Affair (4:27)

Capitol Records

Cat No: ESTU 2103
Released: 1989


Gary U.S. Bonds

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

On The Line

A1 Hold On (To What You Got) (3:05)
A2 Out Of Work (2:56)
A3 Club Soul City (3:38)
A4 Soul Deep (3:18)
A5 Love's On The Line (3:41)
A6 Turn The Music Down (3:37)
B1 Rendezvous (3:38)
B2 Angelyne (4:08)
B3 All I Need (5:08)
B4 Bring Her Back (3:44)
B5 Last Time (4:36)

EMI America

Cat No: AML 3022
Released: 1982


Status Quo

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Blue For You

A1 Is There A Better Way (3:30)
A2 Mad About The Boy (3:32)
A3 Ring Of A Change (4:21)
A4 Blue For You (4:15)
A5 Rain (4:20)
B1 Rolling Home (3:05)
B2 That's A Fact (4:22)
B3 Ease Your Mind (3:30)
B4 Mystery Song (6:44)


Cat No: 9102 006
Released: 1976


Rita Coolidge

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 One Fine Day (4:00)
A2 The Fool In Me (4:21)
A3 Trust It All To Somebody (4:11)
A4 Let's Go Dancin' (5:19)
B1 Pain Of Love (4:00)
B2 I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love (3:29)
B3 Sweet Emotion (4:08)
B4 Crime Of Passion (4:57)
B5 Can She Keep You Satisfied (4:46)

A&M Records

Cat No: SP-4781
Released: 1979


Judie Tzuke

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Sports Car

A1 Sports Car
A2 Nightline
A3 Chinatown
A4 Understanding
B1 The Choices You've Made
B2 The Rise Of Heart
B3 Living On The Coast
B4 Molly
B5 Rain On The Hills

The Rocket Record Company

Cat No: TRAIN 9
Released: 1980


Buddy Holly

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 Love Is Strange (3:02)
A2 Good Rockin' Tonight (1:59)
A3 Blue Monday (2:00)
A4 Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) (1:25)
A5 Slippin' And Slidin' (2:31)
B1 You're The One (2:01)
B2 (Umm, Oh Yeah) Dearest (1:51)
B3 Smokey Joe's Cafe (2:12)
B4 Ain't Got No Home (2:02)
B5 Holly Hop (1:41)

MCA Records

Cat No: MCL 1825


The Doobie Brothers

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Livin' On The Fault Line

A1 You're Made That Way (3:30)
A2 Echoes Of Love (2:57)
A3 Little Darling (I Need You) (3:24)
A4 You Belong To Me (3:04)
A5 Livin' On The Fault Line (4:42)
B1 Nothin' But A Heartache (3:05)
B2 Chinatown (4:55)
B3 There's A Light (4:12)
B4 Need A Lady (3:21)
B5 Larry The Logger Two-Step (1:16)

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: K56383
Released: 1977


Jennifer Rush

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Jennifer Rush (Intl Version)

A1 Madonna's Eyes (3:30)
A2 25 Lovers (3:37)
A3 Come Give Me Your Hand (3:49)
A4 Nobody Move (3:32)
A5 Never Gonna Turn Back Again (3:28)
B1 Ring Of Ice (3:50)
B2 Into My Dreams (4:00)
B3 I See A Shadow (Not A Fantasy) (4:20)
B4 Surrender (3:15)
B5 The Power Of Love (6:00)


Cat No: CBS 26488
Released: 1985


The Moody Blues & The London Festival Orchestra & Peter Knight

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Days Of Future Passed

A1 The Day Begins (5:45)
A2 Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling (3:50)
A3 The Morning: Another Morning (3:40)
A4 Lunch Break: Peak Hour (5:21)
B1 The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) / Time To Get Away (8:25)
B2 Evening: The Sun Set: Twilight Time (6:39)
B3 The Night: Nights In White Satin (7:41)


Cat No: SML 707
Released: 1967
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 Arms Of Love (3:40)
A2 Only The Lonely (4:54)
A3 Running Away (3:28)
A4 Between The Lines (3:40)
A5 Road To Our Dream (4:52)
B1 Island (4:45)
B2 Heaven (3:29)
B3 Taking Time Out (4:00)
B4 Secret Garden (4:06)
B5 Time Will Tell (3:35)


Cat No: SRNLP 20
Released: 1988


José Feliciano

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 Fireworks (From Handel's "Fireworks Suite") (2:07)
A2 Destiny (2:28)
A3 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (3:18)
A4 Norwegian Wood (4:32)
A5 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (3:18)
B1 Pegao (2:45)
B2 Once There Was A Love (3:23)
B3 Blackbird (2:23)
B4 Susie-Q (5:14)
B5 Yesterday (2:57)
B6 Let It Be (4:00)

RCA Victor

Cat No: SF 8124
Released: 1970


Steve Winwood

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Talking Back To The Night

A1 Valerie (4:03)
A2 Big Girls Walk Away (3:50)
A3 And I Go (4:10)
A4 While There's A Candle Burning (3:08)
A5 Still In The Game (4:48)
B1 It Was Happiness (4:58)
B2 Help Me Angel (5:04)
B3 Talking Back To The Night (5:42)
B4 There's A River (4:38)

Island Records

Cat No: ILPS 9777
Released: 1982


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Information on the Rock genre

Rock music is a genre of popular music that entered the mainstream in the 1950s. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country music and also drew on folk music, jazz and classical music. The sound of rock often revolves around the electric guitar, a back beat laid down by a rhythm section of electric bass guitar, drums, and keyboard instruments such as Hammond organ, piano, or, since the 1970s, synthesizers. Along with the guitar or keyboards, saxophone and blues-style harmonica are sometimes used as soloing instruments. In its "purest form", it "has three chords, a strong, insistent back beat, and a catchy melody."

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, rock music developed different subgenres. When it was blended with folk music it created folk rock, with blues to create blues-rock and with jazz, to create jazz-rock fusion. In the 1970s, rock incorporated influences from soul, funk, and Latin music. Also in the 1970s, rock developed a number of subgenres, such as soft rock, glam rock, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and punk rock. Rock subgenres that emerged in the 1980s included new wave, hardcore punk and alternative rock. In the 1990s, rock subgenres included grunge, Britpop, indie rock, and nu metal.

Some of the many rock genres

# 1 Background (1950s-early 1960s)

* 1.1 Rock and roll
* 1.2 The "in-between years"
* 1.3 Surf music

# 2 Golden Age (1963-1974)

* 2.1 The British Invasion
* 2.2 Garage rock
* 2.3 Pop rock
* 2.4 Blues-rock
* 2.5 Folk rock
* 2.6 Psychedelic rock
* 2.7 Roots rock
* 2.8 Progressive rock
* 2.9 Glam rock
* 2.10 Soft rock, hard rock and early heavy metal
* 2.11 Christian rock

# 3 Punk and its aftermath (mid-1970s to the 1980s)

* 3.1 Punk rock
* 3.2 New wave
* 3.3 Post-punk
* 3.4 New waves and genres in heavy metal
* 3.5 Heartland rock
* 3.6 The emergence of alternative rock

# 4 Alternative goes mainstream (the 1990s)

* 4.1 Grunge
* 4.2 Britpop
* 4.3 Post-grunge
* 4.4 Pop punk
* 4.5 Indie rock
* 4.6 Alternative metal, rap rock and nu metal
* 4.7 Post-Britpop

# 5 The new millenium (the 2000s)

* 5.1 Emo
* 5.2 Garage rock/Post-punk revival
* 5.3 Metalcore and contemporary heavy metal
* 5.4 Digital electronic rock