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Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Universal Soldier

A1 Universal Soldier (2:15)
A2 To Sing For You (2:45)
A3 Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (2:56)
A4 Turquoise (3:31)
A5 Colours (2:11)
B1 Catch The Wind (2:56)
B2 Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) (3:08)
B3 The Ballad Of A Crystal Man (3:19)
B4 Do You Hear Me Now (1:50)
B5 The War Drags On (3:44)

Marble Arch Records

Cat No: MAL 718
Released: 1967



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Fast Food For Thought

A1 Mindfield (1:34)
A2 Wartime (5:46)
A3 Right To Life (7:43)
B1 The Whole Truth (5:50)
B2 Franklin's Tower (7:38)


Cat No: CHM 1753
Released: 1990


Jerry Lee Lewis

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Southern Roots

A1 Meat Man (2:40)
A2 When A Man Loves A Woman (4:20)
A3 Hold On I'm Coming (4:20)
A4 Just A Little Bit (3:05)
A5 Born To Be A Loser (2:54)
B1 The Haunted House (2:50)
B2 Blueberry Hill (2:48)
B3 The Revolutionary Man (2:52)
B4 Big Blue Diamond (4:21)
B5 That Old Bourbon Street Church (3:27)


Cat No: 6338 452
Released: 1974


Daryl Hall & John Oates

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Rock 'N Soul Part 1

A1 Say It Isn't So (4:17)
A2 Sara Smile (3:07)
A3 She's Gone (3:24)
A4 Rich Girl (2:23)
A5 Kiss On My List (3:48)
A6 You Make My Dreams (3:10)
A7 Private Eyes (3:29)
B1 Adult Education (5:22)
B2 I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (3:39)
B3 Maneater (4:34)
B4 One On One (3:53)
B5 Wait For Me (Live Version) (6:09)


Cat No: PL 84858
Released: 1983


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Breaking The Girl

A1 Breaking The Girl (LP Version) (5:03)
A2 Fela's Cock (5:10)
B1 Suck My Kiss (Live) (3:45)
B2 I Could Have Lied (Live) (4:33)

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: 9362-40516-0
Released: 1992



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Rock

Dance On

Dance On (Medley)
A1 Apache
A2 Man Of Mystery
A3 Foot Tapper
A4 Dance On
A5 Atlantis
A6 Wonderful Land
A7 Stingray
A8 The Rise And Fall Of Fingel Bunt
A9 Fbi
B It's A Game

Creole Records

Cat No: CR 12-17
Released: 1981


Daryl Hall & John Oates

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 Maneater
A2 Crime Pays
A3 Art Of Heartbreak
A4 One On One
A5 Open All Night
B1 Family Man
B2 Italian Girls
B3 Guessing Games
B4 Delayed Reaction
B5 At Tension
B6 Go Solo


Cat No: RCALP 6056
Released: 1982



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

...This Year's Model

A1 Holding On (First Love) (5:22)
A2 Fallin' (4:03)
A3 Warriors (4:54)
A4 How Do I Get You? (5:38)
B1 Wings Of Love (4:38)
B2 Power Of God (4:07)
B3 Outlander (6:47)
B4 Get Ready (4:38)
B5 Devoted To You (3:44)


Cat No: MYRR 1232
Released: 1987



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

The Other Side Of The Road

A1 The Other Side Of The Road (3:51)
A2 Do To Me (3:20)
A3 Belinda (3:00)
A4 Big Fat Momma (2:46)
A5 Don't Take Your Love Away This Time (3:14)
A6 London Is Burning (5:15)
B1 Babe It's Up To You (3:45)
B2 You Don't Care (3:20)
B3 All Alone (3:55)
B4 I Can't Stop Loving You (3:35)
B5 Too Many Pennies In Hell (1:17)
B6 Samantha Elizabeth (3:58)
B7 San Francisco Bay (3:20)


Cat No: SRAK 539
Released: 1979
Out Of Stock

Tanita Tikaram

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Ancient Heart

A1 Good Tradition
A2 Cathedral Song
A3 Sighing Innocents
A4 I Love You
A5 World Outside Your Window
A6 For All These Years
B1 Twist In My Sobriety
B2 Poor Cow
B3 He Likes The Sun
B4 Valentine Heart
B5 Preyed Upon


Cat No: 243877-1
Released: 1988


Peter Straker

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 D-D-D-D-D- Danger (3:35)
A2 Doesn't Give A Damn (2:41)
A3 Believer (4:08)
A4 Sweet, Sweet Music (2:23)
A5 Legs (4:19)
B1 Star Circus (3:45)
B2 Tear Down The Walls (4:42)
B3 The Fab Samba (A Cautionary Tale) (3:20)
B4 The Black Swan (5:02)
B5 Talk About Me (2:07)


Cat No: OC 062-61 604
Released: 1978


Julian Lennon

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

The Secret Value Of Daydreaming

A1 Stick Around (4:03)
A2 You Get What You Want (4:05)
A3 Let Me Tell You (4:17)
A4 I've Seen Your Face (3:27)
A5 Coward Till The End? (6:08)
B1 This Is My Day (3:54)
B2 You Don't Have To Tell Me (4:55)
B3 Every Day (3:50)
B4 Always Think Twice (3:57)
B5 Want Your Body (3:26)


Cat No: CAS 1171
Released: 1986



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock

Albedo 0.39

A1 Pulstar
A2 Freefall
A3 Mare Tranquillitatis
A4 Main Sequence
A5 Sword Of Orion
B1 Alpha
B2 Nucleogenesis (Part One)
B3 Nucleogenesis (Part Two)
B4 Albedo 0.39

RCA Victor

Cat No: RS 1080
Released: 1976


Paul Simon

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Rock


A1 The Boy In The Bubble (3:59)
A2 Graceland (4:48)
A3 I Know What I Know (3:13)
A4 Gumboots (2:42)
A5 Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (5:34)
B1 You Can Call Me Al (4:39)
B2 Under African Skies (3:34)
B3 Homeless (3:45)
B4 Crazy Love, Vol II (4:17)
B5 That Was Your Mother (2:51)
B6 All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints (3:15)

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: 925 447-1
Released: 1986


Danny Wilson

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Rock

The Second Summer Of Love

A The Second Summer Of Love
B1 Growing Emotional
B2 I'll Be Waiting


Cat No: VST 1186
Released: 1989


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Information on the Rock genre

Rock music is a genre of popular music that entered the mainstream in the 1950s. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country music and also drew on folk music, jazz and classical music. The sound of rock often revolves around the electric guitar, a back beat laid down by a rhythm section of electric bass guitar, drums, and keyboard instruments such as Hammond organ, piano, or, since the 1970s, synthesizers. Along with the guitar or keyboards, saxophone and blues-style harmonica are sometimes used as soloing instruments. In its "purest form", it "has three chords, a strong, insistent back beat, and a catchy melody."

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, rock music developed different subgenres. When it was blended with folk music it created folk rock, with blues to create blues-rock and with jazz, to create jazz-rock fusion. In the 1970s, rock incorporated influences from soul, funk, and Latin music. Also in the 1970s, rock developed a number of subgenres, such as soft rock, glam rock, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and punk rock. Rock subgenres that emerged in the 1980s included new wave, hardcore punk and alternative rock. In the 1990s, rock subgenres included grunge, Britpop, indie rock, and nu metal.

Some of the many rock genres

# 1 Background (1950s-early 1960s)

* 1.1 Rock and roll
* 1.2 The "in-between years"
* 1.3 Surf music

# 2 Golden Age (1963-1974)

* 2.1 The British Invasion
* 2.2 Garage rock
* 2.3 Pop rock
* 2.4 Blues-rock
* 2.5 Folk rock
* 2.6 Psychedelic rock
* 2.7 Roots rock
* 2.8 Progressive rock
* 2.9 Glam rock
* 2.10 Soft rock, hard rock and early heavy metal
* 2.11 Christian rock

# 3 Punk and its aftermath (mid-1970s to the 1980s)

* 3.1 Punk rock
* 3.2 New wave
* 3.3 Post-punk
* 3.4 New waves and genres in heavy metal
* 3.5 Heartland rock
* 3.6 The emergence of alternative rock

# 4 Alternative goes mainstream (the 1990s)

* 4.1 Grunge
* 4.2 Britpop
* 4.3 Post-grunge
* 4.4 Pop punk
* 4.5 Indie rock
* 4.6 Alternative metal, rap rock and nu metal
* 4.7 Post-Britpop

# 5 The new millenium (the 2000s)

* 5.1 Emo
* 5.2 Garage rock/Post-punk revival
* 5.3 Metalcore and contemporary heavy metal
* 5.4 Digital electronic rock