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Michael Jackson

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Soul & Funk

Billie Jean

A Billie Jean (Extended Re-Mix) (6:20)
B1 Billie Jean (Instrumental) (6:20)
B2 It's The Falling In Love (3:46)


Cat No: EPC A13 3084
Released: 1983


Hot Chocolate

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

Going Through The Motions

A1 Going Through The Motions
A2 I Just Love What You're Doing
A3 Dreaming Of You
A4 Dance (Get Down To It)
B1 Mindless Boogie
B2 Night Ride
B3 Congas Man


Cat No: SRAK 536
Released: 1979



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Soul & Funk


A1 F.U.N.K. 7" Mix
A2 F.U.N.K. (Sure Is Pure Mix)
Remix - Sure Is Pure
B1 F.U.N.K. (Only Child Mix)
Remix - Only Child
B2 Original 12" mIX


Cat No: 12 pharm2
Released: 1997


Ray Charles

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

Star Collection

A1 I Got A Woman
A2 Let The Good Times Roll
A3 The Ray
A4 Loosing Hand
A5 Mess Around
B1 Mary Ann
B2 This Little Girl Of Mine
B3 TalkinĀ“ About You
B4 Undecided
B5 Alexanders Ragtime Band
B6 DonĀ“t Let The Sun Catch You Crying


Cat No: K 20015
Released: 1973


Staple Singers, The

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

Turning Point

A1 This Is Our Night (4:03)
A2 Slippery People (4:19)
A3 Bridges Instead Of Walls (3:48)
A4 The Turning Point (3:22)
B1 Right Decision (5:30)
B2 H-A-T-E (Don't Live Here Anymore) (4:19)
B3 On My Own Again (4:30)
B4 That's What Friends Are For (3:30)

Private Records

Cat No: FZ 39460
Released: 1984



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Soul & Funk

Man Size Love

A1 Man Size Love (Extended Remix) (4:43)
A2 Man Size Love (Instrumental) (4:00)
B1 Man Size Love (Man Size Mix) (8:40)
B2 Man Size Love (Son Of Man Size Mix) (6:00)

MCA Records

Cat No: MCA-23642
Released: 1986


George Benson

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

The Love Songs

A1 Give Me The Night
A2 Lady Love Me (One More Time)
A3 Love X Love
A4 New Day
A5 Feel Like Making Love
A6 20 / 20
B1 Never Give Up On A Good Thing
B2 Inside Love (So Personal)
B3 No One Emotion
B4 In Your Eyes
B5 Turn Your Love Around
B6 The Greatest Love Of All


Cat No: NE 1308
Released: 1985


George Benson

Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

The George Benson Collection

A1 Turn Your Love Around
A2 Love All The Hurt Away
A3 Give Me The Night
A4 Cast Your Fate To The Wind
B1 Never Give Up On A Good Thing
B2 On Broadway
B3 White Rabbit
B4 This Masquerade
C1 Love Ballad
C2 Nature Boy
C3 Last Train To Clarksville
C4 Livin' Inside Your Love
D1 Here Comes The Sun
D2 Breezin'
D3 Moody's Mood
D4 We Got The Love
D5 The Greatest Love Of All

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: K 66107
Released: 1981


Stevie Wonder

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

Hotter Than July

A1 Did I Hear You Say You Love Me (4:07)
A2 All I Do (5:06)
A3 Rocket Love (4:40)
A4 I Ain't Gonna Stand For It (4:39)
A5 As If You Read My Mind (3:37)
B1 Master Blaster (Jammin') (5:07)
B2 Do Like You (4:26)
B3 Cash In Your Face (4:01)
B4 Lately (4:04)
B5 Happy Birthday (5:57)


Cat No: IM-46.037
Released: 1980


The Stylistics

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

The Best Of The Stylistics Volume II - Weekend

A1 Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)
A2 Hey Girl, Come And Get It
A3 Sixteen Bars
A4 The Miracle
A5 Love Is The Answer
A6 You Are Beautiful
B1 Can't Help Falling In Love
B2 Sing Baby Sing
B3 Star On A T.V. Show
B4 Na Na Is The Saddest Word
B5 Thank You Baby
B6 Funky Weekend

H & L Records

Cat No: 9109 010
Released: 1976


The Stylistics

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

You Are Beautiful

A1 Funky Weekend (3:27)
A2 Jenny (3:46)
A3 That Don't Shake Me (3:15)
A4 Na-Na Is The Saddest World (2:58)
A5 Michael Or Me (3:39)
B1 The Day The Clown Came To Town (3:02)
B2 You Are Beautiful (4:08)
B3 To Save My Rock 'n' Roll Soul (3:01)
B4 If You Are There (3:21)
B5 We Just Can't Help It (3:31)


Cat No: 9109 006
Released: 1975


Barry White

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

Can't Get Enough

A1 Mellow Mood (Pt. I) (1:53)
A2 You're The First, The Last, My Everything (4:37)
A3 I Can't Believe You Love Me (10:23)
B1 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe (4:31)
B2 Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It (3:54)
B3 I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl) (5:02)
B4 Mellow Mood (Pt. II) (1:23)

20th Century Records

Cat No: BT 444
Released: 1974


Hot Chocolate

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

20 Hottest Hits

A1 So You Win Again
A2 You Sexy Thing
A3 Put Your Love In Me
A4 Love Is Life
A5 You'll Always Be A Friend
A6 Rumours
A7 I Believe (In Love)
A8 A Child's Prayer
A9 Don't Stop It Now
A10 I'll Put You Together Again
B1 Emma
B2 Brother Louie
B3 Man To Man
B4 Cheri Babe
B5 Mindless Boogie
B6 You Could've Been A Lady
B7 Going Through The Motions
B8 Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac
B9 Disco Queen
B10 Every 1's A Winner


Cat No: EMTV 22
Released: 1979


Whitney Houston

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk


A1 I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (4:50)
A2 Just The Lonely Talking Again (5:30)
A3 Love Will Save The Day (5:20)
A4 Didn't We Almost Have It All (5:05)
A5 So Emotional (4:53)
B1 Where You Are (4:10)
B2 Love Is A Contact Sport (4:16)
B3 You're Still My Man (4:15)
B4 For The Love Of You (5:29)
B5 Where Do Broken Hearts Go (4:37)
B6 I Know Him So Well (4:26)


Cat No: 208 141
Released: 1987


The Drifters

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Soul & Funk

Love Games

A1 Love Games (3:04)
A2 Like Sister And Brother (3:20)
A3 I'm Ready (To Make A Fool Of Myself Again) (3:00)
A4 If You're Gonna Love Me (3:41)
A5 The Cut Is Deep (3:58)
A6 I Can't Get Away From You (2:20)
B1 Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies (3:27)
B2 I'm Free (For The Rest Of Your Life) (3:11)
B3 I Can't Live Without You (3:06)
B4 If It Feels Good (Do It) (3:24)
B5 A Blessing In Disguise (2:52)
B6 Down On The Beach Tonight (3:00)

Bell Records

Cat No: BELLS 246
Released: 1975


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