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Beats International

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: UK House

Let Them Eat Bingo

A1 Burundi Blues (5:07)
A2 Dub Be Good To Me (3:37)
A3 Before I Grow Too Old (4:05)
A4 Ragged Trousered Percussionist (4:05)
A5 For Spacious Lies (4:08)
A6 Blame It On The Bassline (4:50)
B1 Won't Talk About It (4:36)
B2 Dance To The Drummer's Beat (5:33)
B3 Babies Makin' Babies (Stoop Rap) (4:00)
B4 The Whole World's Down On Me (5:03)
B5 Tribute To King Tubby (3:38)

London Records

Cat No: 842 196-1
Released: 1990


Heaven 17

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Temptation (Special Dance Mixes)

A1 Temptation (4:37)
A2 Who'll Stop The Rain (6:12)
B We Live So Fast (6:01)


Cat No: VS 570-12
Released: 1983


Beat Foundation

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House


A1 Virginia (Golden Mix)
B1 Virginia (Drum Dub)
B2 Guzzle

Skinnymalinky Records

Cat No: SMR01797
Released: 1997


Mary Kiani

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Let The Music Play

A1 Let The Music Play (Union Jack Mix) (6:27)
Remix - Union Jack
A2 Let The Music Play (Perfecto Dub) (5:00)
Remix - Perfecto
B1 Let The Music Play (Mr Spring Contrary Mary Mix) (5:34)
Remix - Mr. Spring
B2 Let The Music Play (Argonauts Kiani Do This Mix) (5:42)
Remix - Argonauts
C1 Let The Music Play (Motiv 8 Club Mix) (6:33)
Remix - Motiv 8
C2 Let The Music Play (Motiv 8 Dub Mix) (6:36)
Remix - Motiv 8
D1 Let The Music Play (Perfecto Vocal Mix) (8:01)
Remix - Perfecto
D2 Let The Music Play (Mr Spring Club Edit) (4:29)
Remix - Mr. Spring

Mercury (UK)

Cat No: LET DJ 1/2
Released: 1996



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

The Ultimate (Remix)

A The Ultimate (Remix)
B The Ultimate (Original)

Hooj Choons

Cat No: HOOJ 47
Released: 1996


Miss Stuck-Up

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Stick Together

A Stick Together (Stuck-Up Mix)
B1 Stick Together (Sticky Dub)
B2 Stick Together (Sleeze Queen Remix)
Remix - Sleeze Queen

Higher State Records

Cat No: 12 HIMP 3
Released: 1995



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Could It Be Magic

A Could It Be Magic (6:35)
Composed By - Adrienne Anderson , Barry Manilow
B Is This A Dream (6:45)
Composed By - Ian Anthony Stephens

Klone Records

Cat No: KLONE 7
Released: 1993


Chris Mattock

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Thinking About You

A1 Thinking About You (Commercial Vocal Mix) (4:59)
A2 Thinking About You (A Shiney Happy Picnic With My JD990 Mix) (6:24)
B1 Thinking About You (Underground Vocal Mix) (5:55)
B2 Thinking About You (Drill Dub) (5:09)

Blue Village

Cat No: BV 3044


Junior Vasquez

Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Reap (What You Sow)

A Reap (What You Sow) (Sound Factory Mix)
B Reap (What You Sow) (Extended Play)
C Reap (What You Sow) (Welcome)
Remix - Welcome
D1 Reap (What You Sow) (Hipnotic)
Remix - Nicolas Scaravilli , Richard Cusens
D2 Reap (What You Sow) (Turturro)
Remix - Nicolas Scaravilli , Richard Cusens

Sound Proof Recordings

Cat No: SPT 004
Released: 1995


Izit & Sam Edwards

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Don't Give Up Now

A Don't Give Up Now
B1 Don't Give Up Now (Never To Late Mix)
B2 Don't Give Up Now (Acoustic Mix)

Tongue And Groove Records

Cat No: TNG12003
Released: 1992


Sweet Tee

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Let's Dance

A1 Let's Dance (Hip House Mix) (5:32)
A2 Let's Dance (Hip House Instrumental) (3:48)
B1 Let's Dance (Hip Hop Remix) (4:14)
B2 Let's Dance (Hip Hop Instrumental) (4:14)

Profile Records

Cat No: PROFT 246 DJ
Released: 1989



Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: UK House

The Best Of Hip House - generic sleeve

A1 "Fast" Eddie Smith Hip House (4:24)
A2 Tyree Cooper Hardcore Hip House (Double Trouble Mix) (4:43)
A3 Humanoid Slam (Hip House) (3:50)
A4 Tyree Cooper Oh Yeah (4:09)
B1 "Fast" Eddie Smith YoYo Get Funky (5:02)
B2 M & M (5) Get Off Your Butt (4:32)
B3 Kool Rock Steady I'll Make You Dance (4:58)
B4 K.G.B. Respect Rap (5:49)

Street Sounds

Cat No: HIHO 1
Released: 1989


Chad Jackson

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)

A Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (Extended Version) (6:36)
B1 Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (Radio Edit) (3:43)
B2 High On Life (Live From Manchester) (6:46)

Big Wave

Cat No: BWRT 36
Released: 1990


Vince Ailey

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Frequency Sweep E.P.

A1 Show Ya
A2 A Moment
B Strong House Music

Vinyl Peace

Cat No: VPR 001
Released: 1996


Supermen Lovers, The

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: UK House

Starlight (Derrick L. Carter Mixes)

A Starlight (B. H. Q Club)
B Starlight (B. H. Q Rub)


Cat No: SMLX2
Released: 2001


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Information on the UK House genre

UK House contains records released on UK labels fromthe birth of house to the present day

late 1980s – early 1990s

In Britain the growth of house can be divided around the "Summer of Love" in 1988/9. House had a presence in Britain almost as early as it appeared in Chicago. House grew in northern England, the Midlands and the South East. Founded in 1982 by Factory Records, The Haçienda in Manchester became an extension of the "Northern Soul" genre and was one of the early, key English dance music clubs.

Until 1986 the club was financially troubled; the crowds only started to grow when the resident DJs (Pickering, Park and Da Silva) started to play house. Many underground venues and DJ nights also took place across the UK, such as the private parties hosted by an early Miss Moneypenny's contingent in Birmingham and many London venues. House was boosted in the UK by the tour in the same year of Knuckles, Jefferson, Fingers Inc. (Heard) and Adonis as the DJ International Tour. One of the early anthemic tunes, "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth, was covered and charted within a week by the Style Council. The first English house tune came out in 1986 - "Carino" by T-Coy. Europeans embraced house, and began booking legendary American house DJs to play at the big clubs, such as Ministry of Sound, whose resident, DJ Harvey brought in Larry Levan.

The house scene in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and London were also provided with many underground Pirate Radio stations and DJs alike which helped bolster an already contagious, but otherwise ignored by the mainstream, music genre. One of the earliest and most influential UK house and techno record labels was Network Records (otherwise known as Kool Kat records) who helped introduce Italian and U.S. dance music to Britain as well as promoting select UK dance music acts.

But house was also developing on Ibiza. In the 1970s Ibiza was a stop-over for the rich party crowd. By the mid-1980s a distinct Balearic mix of house was discernible. Several clubs like Amnesia with DJ Alfredo were playing a mix of rock, pop, disco and house. These clubs, fueled by their distinctive sound and Ecstasy, began to have an influence on the British scene. By late 1987, DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling were bringing the Ibiza sound to UK clubs like the Hacienda in Manchester, and in London clubs such as Shoom in Southwark, Heaven, Future and Spectrum.

Associated genres
Acid • Ambient • Balearic • Dark • Deep • Disco • Diva • Dream • Electro • Fidget • Funky • Garage • Ghetto • Hard • Hardbag • Hip • Latin • Micro • Madchester • Nu jazz • Progressive • Rave • Swing • Tech • Tribal • Vocal