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Master A-K

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown


A Drumalogue Pt.1
B Ratso Rizzo


Cat No: MEN-003


Kreative Force

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

Tear It Up, Turn Around

A Tear It Up (5:11)
B Turn Around (4:37)



Cat No: UPHORIA 003
Released: 1994


No Artist

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Unknown

Spectacular Sound Effects In Stereo

A1 DC-8 Engines Starting Up
A2 DC-8 Taking Off
A3 Lockheed Electra II Taxi-ing
A4 Douglas DC-7 Flying Over
A5 Caravelle Landing
A6 Helicopter Landing
A7 Noises On The Tarmac
A8 Engineering Workshop
A9 Pneumatic Riveting-Hammer
A10 Circular Saw
A11 Pigs And Piglets
A12 Feeding Pigs And Piglets
A13 Cockerels And Hens
A14 Cackling Hens
A15 Breakers
A16 Children Playing On The Beach
A17 Children Playing
A18 Children In Indoor Swimming-pool
B1 8-Inch Gun
B2 Mortar (Firing) And Shell Bursting
B3 Machine-gun (.30)
B4 US I-gun
B5 Pistol
B6 Hand-grenades
B7 Centurion Tank (Passing)
B8 Tumult Of Modern War
B9 Slamming Of Cab-door; Truck Starting-up And Driving-off
B10 Volkswagen Taking A Bend And Skidding
B11 Volkswagen Starting Up
B12 Fire-brigade
B13 Ambulance
B14 Mo-ped Starting Up And Driving Off
B15 Fiat Starting-up And Driving-off
B16 Two-Stroke Car Starting-up And Driving-off
B17 General Traffic
B18 Electric Train (Arrival And Departure)
B19 Express Passing
B20 Rolling Shutter - Opening And Closing
B21 Billiards
B22 In A Restaurant
B23 Buzz Of Audience In Hall
B24 Orchestra Tuning-up
B25 Birds In The Forest
B26 Bells


Cat No: 6440 034
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Unknown

Saving Mary

Fused club mix, sounds of life full vocal mix, sounds of life dub


Cat No: xpr2570


No Artist

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Unknown

Deep Voices - The Second Whale Record

A1 Whales Charging A Boat
A2 Left Over Sea Running
A3 Herd Noises
A4 Drifting Off
B1 Deep Voices
B2 Blue Whales In Range
B3 Right Whales
B4 Surrounded By Snoring
B5 Deep Breathing

Capitol Records

Cat No: E-ST 11598
Released: 1977
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

Hellraiser Vol 1

A1 Raybone
A2 String
B1 New Improved Shit
B2 Whiplash


Cat No: URBAN EP 06
Released: 1991
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown


White Label

Cat No: TRI001


Roger Goode feat. Tasha

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

In The Beginning

A In The Beginning.... (Mix 1)
B In The Beginning.... (Mix 2)


Cat No: DFXDJ 004
Released: 2002


PDQ Style

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

I don?t want it

mickey b underground
jazz voice mix
sax version

Special Underground

Cat No: SU 12
Released: 1993


Victor Romeo

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

You Can't Fight My Love

A1 You Can't Fight My Love (Radio Mix)
A2 You Can't Fight My Love (Elementary Mix)
B1 You Can't Fight My Love (Children Of The Dance Floor)
B2 You Can't Fight My Love (The Razz Mix)

Bright Star Records

Cat No: BR-004
Released: 1987
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

We Gotta Make It Right


Cat No: LU1002
Released: 1992


Trazz Sounds Int'l

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

House Your Body


Cat No: UN3007
Released: 1989


Dave Lee Travis

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Unknown

The 1977 Suzuki Grand Prix - (Generic Sleeve)

A Barry Sheene, Pat Hennen And Steve Parrish Ride The Suzuki GS And GT Range At Branfs Hatch, With Interviews By Dave Lee Travis
B Barry Sheene, Pat Hennen And Steve Parrish Ride The Suzuki GS And GT Range At Branfs Hatch, With Interviews By Dave Lee Travis

Heron Suzuki GB Limited

Cat No: SRTS/CUS 77071
Released: 1977
Out Of Stock

Joe Dolce

Format: Vinyl 7 Inch
Genre: Unknown

Shaddap You Face / Ain't In No Hurry

A Shaddap You Face (3:10)
B Ain't In No Hurry (2:50)


Cat No: S EPC 9518
Released: 1980
Out Of Stock

Paul D.C featuring Helena

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Unknown

Get on to you


Solid Music

Cat No: SM 300


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Information on the Unknown genre

Lots of different genres in this section!

* Ambient
o Ambient house
o Ambient techno
o Dark ambient
o Drone music
o Psybient

* Breakbeat
o Baltimore Club
o Big beat
o Broken beat
o Florida breaks
o Nu skool breaks
o Progressive breaks
o Rap

* Disco
o Cosmic disco
o Eurodance
o Euro disco
o Hi-NRG
o Italo dance
o Italo disco
o Nu-disco
o Spacesynth

* Downtempo
o Acid jazz
o Balearic Beat
o Chill out
o Dub music
o Ethnic electronica
o Glitch
o Illbient
o Minimal Electronica
o New Age music
o Nu jazz
o Trip hop

* Electronic music
o Berlin School
o Electroacoustic

* Electro
o Electro backbeat
o Electro-hop
o Electro-grime
o Freestyle music
o Techno bass

* Electronica
o Electropop
o Folktronica
o Glitch
o Nu Jazz
o Post-disco
o Trip hop

* (UK) Garage (UKG)
o 2-step
o 4x4
o Bassline
o Breakstep
o Dubstep
o Funky
o Grime
o Speed garage

* Hardcore/Hard dance
o Bouncy techno
o Breakbeat Hardcore
o Breakcore
o Darkcore
o Digital hardcore
o Doomcore
o Freeform
o Gabber
o Happy hardcore
o Hardstyle
o Jumpstyle
o Makina
o Noisecore
o Speedcore
o Terrorcore
o UK Hardcore

* House
o Acid house
o Boogie
o Bubblegum dance
o Chicago house
o Crack house
o Dark house
o Deep house
o Disco house
o Dream house
o Electro house
o Euro house
o Fidget house
o French house
o Freestyle house
o US garage
o Ghetto house
o UK Hard house
o Hard NRG
o Hi-NRG
o Hip house
o Italo house
o Jackin' house
o Kwaito
o Latin house
o Merenhouse
o Minimal house/Microhouse
o Progressive house
o Scouse house
o Swing house
o Electronica
o Tribal house
o Tech house

* Hi-NRG
o Eurobeat
o Eurodance
o Hard NRG
o Italo Disco
o Nu-NRG
o New Beat
o Techno

* Industrial
o Aggrotech
o Ambient industrial
o Cybergrind
o Dark ambient
o Dark electro
o Death industrial
o Electronic body music
o Electro-Industrial

* Industrial (part 2)
o Industrial rock
o Industrial metal
o Coldwave
o Noise
+ Japanoise
+ Power noise

* Jungle/Drum and bass
o Clownstep
o Darkcore
o Darkstep
o Drumfunk
o Hardstep
o Intelligent drum and bass
o Jump-Up
o Liquid funk
o Neurofunk
o Oldschool jungle
+ Ragga-jungle
+ Darkside jungle
o Raggacore
o Sambass
o Techstep
o Trancestep

* Rock/Punk influenced electronic music (Dance-rock)
o Alternative dance
o Coldwave
o Cyber metal
o Dance-punk
o Dark Wave
o Digital hardcore
o Electroclash
o Electro rock
o Electropunk
o Ethereal Wave
o Industrial rock
o Industrial metal
o New Rave
o New Wave
o Synthpop
o Post-disco
o Progressive rock
o Synthpunk

* Techno
o Acid techno
o Detroit techno
o Free tekno
o Ghettotech
o Minimal
o New beat
o Nortec
o Schranz / Hardtechno
o Tech house
o Tech trance
o Techno-DNB
o Techstep
o Yorkshire Techno

* Trance
o Acid trance
o Ambient trance
o Classic trance
o Dream trance
o Euro-trance
o Hard trance
o Hardstyle
o Nu-NRG
o Progressive trance
o Psychedelic trance/Goa trance
+ Dark psy
+ Full on
+ Nitzhonot
+ Psyprog
+ Psybient
+ Psybreaks
+ South African psytrance
+ Suomisaundi
o Tech trance
o Uplifting trance
o Vocal trance

* Post-disco
o Dance-pop
o Boogie

* Nu rave
o Hardcore breaks
o Rave breaks
o Jungle techno

* Chiptune
o 8-bit
o Bitpop
o Demoscene music
o Picopop
o Scoobycore
o Game Boy music
o Gamewave