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Ralph Richardson

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Various

The Poetry Of Coleridge

A1 Kubla Khan
A2 Frost At Midnight
A3 This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
A4 Dejection: An Ode
B The Ancient Mariner

Caedmon Records

Cat No: TC 1092
Released: 1958


Winston Churchill

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Various

The Voice Of Winston Churchill

A1 'You Ask What Is Our Policy' ('Without Victory There Is No Survival')
A2 A Proclamation. Washington
A3.1 'Corporal Hitler'
A3.2 Hiroshima And Nagasaki
A4.1 Ribbentrop
A4.2 War, September 1939
A5.1 Fall Of The Government
A5.2 Prime Minister
A5.3 'Whatever Happens At Dunkirk'
A5.4 Dunkirk Evacuation
A5.5 'Fight On The Beaches'
A5.6 'Their Finest Hour'
A5.7 'Never In The Field Of Human Conflict'
A6.1 Invasion Of Britain
A6.2 Battle Of Britain (September 15, 1940)
A6.3 'Like The Mississippi, Let It Roll'
A6.4 Battle Of The Atlantic
A6.5 'Give Us The Tools'
B1.1 Victory V Broadcasts: To The Italian People: To The Polish People: To The French People
B1.2 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall'
B2.1 'Hitler's Corroding Fingers'
B2.2 Invasion Of Russia
B2.3 'Do Your Worst, And We Will Do Our Best'
B3.1 Meeting With Roosevelt
B3.2 'How Near Is The U.S. To War?'
B3.3 Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour
B3.4 'Look At The Londoners'
B3.5 'Some Chicken...Some Neck!'
B3.6 'Blood, Tears, Toil And Sweat'
B3.7 'The Infernal Combustion Engine'
B3.8 Unconditional Surrender
B4.1 The Atomic Bomb
B4.2 The Iron Curtain
B5 'This Is Your Victory'


Cat No: LXT 6200
Released: 1965
Out Of Stock

David Tombs, John F. Burton, Margaret Reese & Michael Smythe

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Various

Bird Spot - More British Wild Birds In Stereo

Some Large Birds Of The Woods
A1a Woodland Edge Morning Chorus
A1b Grey Heron
A1c Buzzard
A1d Buzzard
A1e Pheasant
A1f Pheasant
Collared Dove And Owls
A2a Collared Dove
A2b Barn Owl
A2c Tawny Owl
A2d Tawny Owl
The Woodpeckers
A3a Great Spotted Woodpecker
A3b Great Spotted Woodpecker
A3c Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
A3d Green Woodpecker
A3e Green Woodpecker
The Swallow Tribe And Skylark
A4a Swallow
A4b House Martin
A4c Sand Martin
A4d Skylark
Farmland Crows
A5a Rook
A5b Rook
A5c Carrion Crow
A5d Carrion Crow
A5e Jackdaw
Some Small Birds Of The Woods
B1a Great Tit
B1b Blue Tit
B1c Blue Tit
B1d Treecreeper
B1e Wren
B1f Wren
Thrushes Of The Woods And Farms
B2a Song Thrush
B2b Blackbird
B2c Blackbird
B2d Robin
B2e Robin
B2f Robin
Nightingale And War
B3a Nightingale
B3b Blackcap
B3c Willow Warbler
B3d Chiffchaff
B3e Whitethroat
B3f Sedge Warbler
Two Hole-Nesters
B4a Pied Flycatcher
B4b Starling
B4c Starling
B4d Starling
Finch Tribe
B5a Chaffinch
B5b Yellowhammer
B5c House Sparrow

BBC Records

Cat No: REC 438
Released: 1982


Various Artists

Format: Vinyl Triple 12 Inch
Genre: Various

Urban Street Anthems Vol.1

1.: Beat Goes On - Divine Earth Essence

2.: Dance All Night - Metropolis

3.: Slow It Down - Dixon, Derrick

4.: I'm Leavin' You (David Carden remix) - Jaya

5.: Bop - Burton, Lana

6.: Miss My Flight - Reed, Lafayette

7.: Get Over (remix) - Mosley, Danny

8.: Fantasize - Yost, Shafer

9.: Nobody (remix) - Exyt

10.: Nobody's Fool - Nikki

11.: Callin' All Playas - Flower Girl

12.: Shake It Up - Kornastone

13.: Esta Todo Sobre Mi - Keisha

14.: Lovin' You - Metropolis

15.: Dear Hater - Dixon, Derrick

16.: My Life (remix) - Chanel

17.: Hold On - Selah

18.: Shake It - Austin, Devyn

19.: Red Handed - Ms. Tery

20.: Things You Do - Fowlkes, Duane

21.: Secrets - Ms. Cre

22.: Two Can Play The Same Game - Natalie

23.: In And Out - Samantha & Demetrius

24.: I'm All About You (remix) - O'Brown, Wade

25.: Don't Trust Your Friends - Daniel & Damion

26.: 2yrs - Maynard, Samantha

27.: Spot - Front Street

Music With Attitude

Cat No: mwalp2


American Pie Lazer disc!

Format: Unknown
Genre: Various

American Pie Lazer disc!


Cat No: ld84436
Released: 1999



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Various

Defected Accapellas Vol. 3

A1 King Unique Look Ahead
A2 Masters At Work To Be In Love
A3 Eddie Amador Riseapella
A4 Eddie Amador Preachapella
A5 Cleptomaniacs Time Out
B1 Olav Basoski Scumapella
B2 Powerhouse What You Need
B3 King Unique Go To Hell
B4 Loleatta Holloway Loleattapella
B5 Loleatta Holloway Dreamapella


Released: 2000
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Various

The World Of Mantovani Vol. 2

A1 Those were the days
A2 Lara's theme from Dr Zhivago
A3 Take The A Train
A4 Beautiful Dreamer
A5 Hernando's Hideaway
A6 The Legened Of The Glass Mountain
B1 Tonight From West Side Story
B2 Secret Love
B3 What Now My Love
B4 April In Portugal
B5 Air On The G-String
B6 Exodus Main Theme


Cat No: PA36
Released: 1969



Format: CD Album
Genre: Various

The Bedroom Sessions

1 Nuyorican Soul Black Gold Of The Sun (5:08)
2 Dillinger Cocaine In My Brain (Groove Corporation Mix) (5:53)
3 Wayne Smith Under Me Sleng Teng (3:45)
4 A Man Called Adam Estelle (6:17)
5 Cry Sisco! Afrodizziact (Oakenfold's Raid Mix) (5:47)
6 Bent Swollen (7:15)
7 Tom McRae You Cut Her Hair (2:24)
8 Jestofunk Can We Live (6:13)
9 Fallout Morning After (Sunrise Mix) (6:29)
10 Orr-Some We Can Make It (Hardcore Remix) (4:54)
11 MJ Cole Sincere (5:36)
12 Nick Drake River Man (4:19)


Cat No: MM 020
Released: 2001


Ortofon Slipmats

Format: Slipmats
Genre: Various

x 2



Bob Newhart

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Various

The Best Of Bob Newhart

A1 Introducing Tobacco To Civilisation
A2 Edison's Most Famous Invention
A3 Bus Driver's School
A4 Kruschev Landing Rehearsal
B1 Driving Instructor
B2 Defusing A Bomb
B3 An Infinite Number Of Monkeys
B4 Nudist Camp Expose

Warner Bros. Records

Cat No: K46001



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Various

Pure Gold On EMI

A1 T. Rex Solid Gold Easy Action
A2 Jackson 5, The Lookin' Through The Windows
A3 Mud Crazy
A4 Bruce Ruffin Mad About You
A5 Diana Ross Doobedood'NDoobe, Doobedood'NDoobe, Doobedood'NDoo
A6 Wizzard (2) Ball Park Incident
A7 Blue Mink Stay With Me
A8 Cliff Richard Living In Harmony
A9 Stevie Wonder Heaven Help Us All
A10 Geordie All Because Of You
B1 Cliff Richard Power To All Our Friends
B2 Temptations, The Psychedelic Shack
B3 Hurricane Smith Who Was It?
B4 T. Rex 20th Century Boy
B5 Cilla Black Step Inside Love
B6 Electric Light Orchestra Roll Over Beethoven
B7 Four Tops Keeper Of The Castle
B8 New World (3) Sister Jane
B9 Deep Purple Strange Kind Of Woman
B10 Kenny (3) Heart Of Stone


Cat No: EMK 251
Released: 1973


No Artist

Format: Vinyl Album
Genre: Various

How To Give Yourself A Stereo Check-Out

A1 Introduction
A2 Left-Right Channel Identification, Loudspeaker Balance, And Channel Phasing
A3 Monophonic Music (For Loudspeaker Balance And Phasing) (Aldrich)
A4 Tone Controls
A5 Sound Colouration
A6 Stereophonic Music (Aldrich)
A7 Groove-Jumping And Distortion
A8 Silent Grooves
B1 Live Versus Recorded Sound
B2 Wow And Flutter
B3 Anti-Skating Band (With Ungrooved Section)
B4 Crosstalk
B5 Musical Show-Piece; Extract From "Háry János" (Kodály), Istvan Kertesz Conducting The LSO.


Cat No: SKL 4861
Released: 1967
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Various

Quality Produce

A1 Shara Nelson Uptight
A2 Guru No Time To Play
A3 Arrested Development Mr Wendal
A4 Juliet Roberts I Want You
A5 Djaimin Give You
A6 Aly-Us Follow Me
B1 Sound Of One As I Am
B2 Monie Love The Power
B3 River Ocean Love And Happiness
B4 Tyrrel Corporation April In Kings Cross
B5 Clusterfunk Do Me Right
B6 Gang Starr Mass Appeal
C1 Real Roxanne, The & Howie Tee Bang Zoom (Let's Go-Go)
C2 Sweet Tee It's Like That Y'all
C3 Brand New Heavies, The Got To Give
C4 Nitro Deluxe This Brutal House
C5 Chanelle One Man
C6 Urban Soul Alright
D1 Adeva Respect
D2 Monie Love & True Image It's A Shame (My Sister)
D3 Kenny Thomas Thinking About Your Love
D4 Innocence Natural Thing
D5 Tyrrel Corporation Six O'Clock
D6 Arrested Development Tennessee


Cat No: CTLP 40
Released: 1994
Out Of Stock

Bob Dylan

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Various

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

A1 Blowin' In The Wind
A2 Girl From The North Country
A3 Masters Of War
A4 Down The Highway
A5 Bob Dylan's Blues
A6 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
B1 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
B2 Bob Dylan's Dream
B3 Oxford Town
B4 Talking World War III Blues
B5 Corrina, Corrina
B6 Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance
B7 I Shall Be Free


Cat No: BPG 62193
Released: 1963
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Various

FFRR: Spring Collection EP

A1 Plastika Disco Dancin
A2 Brand New Heavies, The Back To Love (Graeme Park Club Mix)
B1 Johnny Dangerous Beat That Bitch (Whiplash 4 - 98 Mix)
B2 Mighty Dub Katz Magic Carpet Ride (Fatboy Slim Latin Ska Acid Breakbeat Mix)



Cat No: FXEP 01
Released: 1998
Out Of Stock
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