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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Dig It EP

A1 Dig It (Main Mix)
A2 Interlude
B1 Dig It (Sambo Jazz Mix)
B2 Interlude (With Spoken Words By K2)
Voice [Spoken Word] - Kad Achouri


Cat No: MK 04
Released: 2001



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

The New Latinaires #11

A1 Casa Forte (Pathless Remix) (7:26)
B1 Oya Ye Ye (UFO's Universo Mix) (7:10)
B2 Oya Ye Ye (UFO's Tender Moments Mix) (5:54)


Cat No: UR12 068
Released: 2000



Format: Vinyl Compilation
Genre: Future Jazz

Cool Struttin' Volume 2

A1 Mistah Bello & Step Three Daddy On The Run (Original Mix) (4:26)
A2 Mighty Truth Rebirth (4:50)
A3 Universal Palace What U Mean (3:24)
A4 Chinyare Realize (4:35)
A5 5 A.M. & Nkishi I Want U Back (3:27)
A6 5 A.M. & Felicia Why Me (4:11)
A7 Gazelle Better Days (4:20)
B1 Batu Seasons Of My Mind (5:20)
B2 Hustlers H. C Big Trouble In Little Asia (7:20)
B3 Chapter 7 (2) Move It Up (4:21)
B4 IV Real & Xavier (12) Peace And Free (4:05)
B5 Paula Davies Love Won't Wait (3:05)
B6 Action People Free Your Mind (3:35)

Amber Records

Cat No: AM 0051-1
Released: 1994


Fertile Ground

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Peace & Love / Let The Wind Blow (Remixes)

A1 Peace & Love (Jazztronik "Mardi Gras" Mix) (8:39)
B1 Let The Wind Blow (Oneness Of Two Mix) (6:09)

Counterpoint Records

Cat No: CRS011
Released: 2001



Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Bossa Très Jazz

A1 Salomé De Bahia Intro (Spoken) (0:52)
A2 Calm People From The Sun And The Earth (6:24)
A3 Modaji Aracaju (7:16)
A4 Limbo Experience Illusion (5:50)
B1 Salomé De Bahia Outro Lugar (6:53)
B2 Chari Chari Black Shrine (9:15)
C1 St. Ernesto Easy In (6:10)
C2 Kyoto Jazz Massive Nacer Do Sol (5:27)
C3 Izuru Utsumi Candomblé (7:31)
D1 Neon Phusion Guarana (6:31)
D2 Jazztronik Ms Loneliness (8:10)

Yellow Productions

Cat No: YP 040
Released: 1999


Boogie Brothers, The

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Boogie Traks Faze 1

A1 Feel Me
A2 Peace Of Mind
AA1 Emerald City Sequence


Cat No: PAN 004
Released: 1997



Format: Vinyl Double Album
Genre: Future Jazz

More Bossa...

A1 Little Big Bee Searchin'
A2 Tom & Joyce Vai Minha Tristeza
B1 Chari Chari Black Shrine
B2 Calm People From The Sun And The Earth (Dixon's ADVC Remix)
C1 Kyoto Jazz Massive Nacer De Sol (Peaktime Mix)
C2 Modaji Aracaju
D1 Jazzanova Très Bien (Original Mix)
D2 St. Ernesto Easy In

Yellow Productions

Cat No: YP 070
Released: 2000


Four Tet

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

A Joy

A1 A Joy (2:55)
A2 A Joy (Part 2) (1:41)
A3 A Joy (Part 2) (Instrumental) (1:41)
A4 A Joy (Koushik's Quick Mix) (1:32)
A5 A Joy (Koushik's Quick Mix Instrumental) (1:32)
B1 A Joy (Album Version) (3:06)
B2 A Joy (Remix) (3:11)
B3 A Joy (Battles Remix) (3:58)


Cat No: rug213t
Released: 2005


Kyoto Jazz Massive

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Eclipse / Silent Messenger

A Eclipse
B Silent Messenger

Compost Records

Cat No: COMPOST 068-1
Released: 2000



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Millennium Jazz Vol. 2

A Aydin The Funki Chile This
B1 Aim Cold Water Music
B2 Anagram Fusion Thing

Millennium Jazz

Cat No: MJ 002-6
Released: 1999



Format: Vinyl Double 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

People... Make The World Go Round Part Two

A1 Electric Soul (2) A New Song
A2 KV5 & Nicky Taylor Church Candles
B1 Likwid Biskit Complete Worries
B2 Ian O'Brien The Funky Apocalypse
C1 Likwid Biskit Sound Orgy
C2 New Sector Movements Voonga Voonge
D1 Soul Tuition Bring Me Down
D2 SK Radicals Reachin' 4 Da Farside (Misa Negra Remix)
Remix - Misa Negra


Cat No: PEOPLE LP 003
Released: 2000


4 Hero

Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Les Fleur / 9 By 9 Remixes

a1 9 By 9 (M.I.S.T Dub) (7:10)
b1 9 By 9 (King Britt's Scuba Mix) (5:33)
b2 Les Fleur (Radio Edit) (3:34)

Talkin' Loud

Cat No: TLXX 66
Released: 2001



Format: CD Album
Genre: Future Jazz

Animal Magic

1 Intro (0:46)
2 Sleepy Seven (5:22)
3 Dinosaurs (4:01)
4 Kota (5:24)
5 Terrapin (4:39)
6 The Plug (5:18)
7 Shadowtricks (4:08)
8 Gypsy (3:38)
9 Sugar Rhyme (4:47)
10 Silver (6:33)

Tru Thoughts

Cat No: TRU CD 007
Released: 2000
Out Of Stock


Format: Vinyl Triple 12 Album
Genre: Future Jazz

Brazilectro Session 3 (The Fall - Winter Edition) - (Generic Sleeve)

A1 Victor Davies Sound Of The Samba (5:06)
A2 Mo' Horizons Hit The Road Jack (Péna Éstrada) (3:30)
A3 Loqate Miracles (Recloose Mix) (7:50)
A4 Lava (3) Vem Para Ficar (5:29)
B1 Classen Collective New Born (7:17)
B2 Stratospheric Neon Carlita (Bombassa Mix) (6:27)
B3 Praful Teardrop Butterfly (6:34)
B4 Janice & Brown Smith & Grey Acalento (4:53)
C1 Deja-Move Bye Bye (5:53)
C2 Jazztronik Siesta (6:12)
C3 Mr. Hermano Capoeira Love Affair (8:15)
C4 Soulstice Tenderly (4:19)
D1 Marcos Valle Bar Ingles (Roc Hunter Remix) (8:06)
D2 Aaron Bingle & Venom Space Inner Oceanscene (6:46)
D3 Château Flight Prism (Sun Orchestra Remix) (6:22)
E1 New Sector Movements Mysterious Sound (5:08)
E2 The Ipanemas Icarai (3:57)
E3 Hacienda Quizás Quieres Saber (4:53)
E4 Fauna Flash Alone Again (6:05)
F1 King Kooba Fooling Myself (Kooba Batucada Mix) (6:55)
F2 Sound Surgeons Outono No Brasil (6:25)


Cat No: 094-71231
Released: 2001



Format: Vinyl 12 Inch
Genre: Future Jazz

Midnight Session

A Feliz Viaje (From Dusk Till Dawn)
B Midnight Session

Downsall Plastics

Cat No: DSL 022


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Information on the Future Jazz genre

Future jazz ranges from combining live instrumentation with beats of jazz house (exemplified by the French St Germain, the German Jazzanova and Fila Brazillia from the UK) to more band-based improvised jazz with electronic elements (such as that of the The Cinematic Orchestra from the UK, the Belgian PhusionCulture, Mexican duo Kobol, and the Norwegian style pioneered by Bugge Wesseltoft, Jaga Jazzist, Nils Petter Molvær, and others).

Future jazz typically ventures farther into the electronic territory than does its close cousin, acid jazz (or groove jazz), which is generally closer to earthier funk, soul, and rhythm and blues, although releases from noted groove & smooth jazz artists such as the Groove Collective, and Pamela Williams blur the distinction between the styles. Nu jazz can be very experimental in nature and can vary widely in sound and concept. The sound, unlike its cousin Acid Jazz, departs from its blues roots and instead explores electronic sounds and ethereal jazz sensualities. Nu Jazz “is the music itself and not the individual dexterity of the musicians.” Often, Nu Jazz blends elements of traditional Jazz texture with that of modern electronic music and free improvisation, thus, the music can truly evolve into a multitude of sounds and can vary greatly from artist to artist. The style can include broken rhythms, atonal harmonies, and improvised melody. Matthew Shipp and others demonstrate styles coined as “jazztronica” or "electro-jazz".

Nu jazz emerged from the use of electronic instruments in production in the 1970s work of such luminaries as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Ornette Coleman. Hancock's early 1980s work with Bill Laswell, in particular, such as the album Future Shock, anticipated the style in its incorporation of electro and hip-hop rhythms. Beginning in the late '80s, many hip-hop musicians worked in the jazz rap style -- among them, Gang Starr, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, and Nas. Also in the 1980s, many house musicians took inspiration from jazz, particularly post-bop and jazz funk.
In the mid-'90s and early 2000s, musicians from the downtempo scene, St Germain, DJ takemura, Perry Hemus and Jazzanova among them, began to delve more deeply into jazz. In the same period, intelligent dance music producers -- most famously Squarepusher and Spring Heel Jack, and later London Elektricity and Landslide -- took a similar interest. Techno musicians, such as Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig and his Innerzone Orchestra project, have also touched on nu jazz. Some figures from the digital hardcore and breakcore scenes, notably Alec Empire, Nic Endo, and Venetian Snares, have explored a harder, noiser variant on the style. A decade later, some dubstep producers, such as Boxcutter, also explored electronic jazz.

While still embracing the traditional forms of Jazz, pianist Bugge Wesseltoft and trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær are known for their improvisational nu jazz style. The Cinematic Orchestra is also known for incorporating a traditional jazz band while fusing electronic elements into their music production St. Germain, a purveyor of nu jazz music, has sold 1.5 million copies of his Tourist album, thus making it the top-selling jazz album in the United States.